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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seed radio. It is March 3 2020. And you're on my 13 mile commute to work. Welcome to the show. Yes, I thought I would do a morning show one had some interesting things to talk about and to I like doing shows in the morning every now and then it changes up the live listening audience potential. And, you know, some days just going to work is a drag and you just want to take your mind off going to work so the show lets me do that. So hey, it's it's Tuesday. I am counting down the days until my Vegas trip next weekend. Well, not this coming weekend but the weekend after. Very excited about that. So you know how those last few work days are before you go On vacation, you just, you know, you gotta suffer through them. So that's what I'm doing anywho from a health point of view on my side, I think I am improving. I don't know if it's the testosterone kicking in or if I'm just shaking off whatever sort of Ed thing I've got going on. But even though I've used still, probably here, I'm still congested, I'm sure I'll snort once or twice during this and I apologize. But that sort of oddball feeling seems to be a lot less and it seems to be less frequent. So I'm hoping I am on the mend. Because the last thing you want to do is go on vacation and be sick. So I am I'm excited about that. That also is another reason why I'm recording a show because I happen to feel pretty good right now and feel that I have all my faculties amongst me that I may properly drive and do the show at the same time. If I'm not feeling well. You can also tell by my picture I'm wearing my glasses, which you never see by the way because I don't like glasses on me. I don't think it makes me look good. My wife loves it. My wife loves anything that makes me not look good. Right? She likes me. unshaven she likes my beard to be gray. You know, my she likes to see gray hairs on me. She loves me in glass, anything that might make me less attractive to the other females of our species. She's interested in me looking that way. I guess I suppose it's a protective mode on her part. She doesn't want me looking good. Because, you know, she already has me. So it's not like she has to fetch me. And that way nobody else gets to look at me. So anyhow. So let's see. So what's going on? I wanted to take a quick moment to shout out to Project Blue Book that it's been an amazing season this season. I wasn't sure they were going to be able to pull off a good second season. But quite frankly, they're tapping into some of the lower like Hulu, we In a hurry, like men in black and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, right, there was a whole conspiracy theory that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was actually, when we know it was a movie starring Richard Dreyfuss, but it was actually a real event that Steven Spielberg taps the members of the government to get inspiration for it's actually supposed to be sort of a kind of based on a true story type scenario. So, let me get on the freeway here. So that's been really, really good. I did take in a documentary recently that I thought I'd share with you called Power Glove. And, of course, it's about the Nintendo Power Glove, and I've been finding myself I'm really, really interested in these video gaming documentaries. Hey, holy hell, somebody get the calendar out Chris Henschel. Chris Henschel is actually on the channel. Live. Yes funded by the government to ease us into the knowledge of aliens. Yeah, that's one of those things that a lot of people a lot of people theorize about and speculate about is they did the government while covering up the aliens covering up our knowledge of flying saucers is trickling holy hell look at this Chris's brothers in here Tim. And but we have a all star cast in here today. Yeah, I was in your time zone of course. Yeah, you're getting you're probably getting ready to come home from work. You're probably on your commute home now. Right now being late. Anyway, so Project Blue books been really really good. I've been I've been very pleased with the second season again, didn't know if they were going to be able to pull that off. Power Glove. Let's go back to that real quick. So Power Glove is about the history and the legacy of the Nintendo Power Glove. For people like me that loves that. That background information. They talked about where it hailed from it was a 10,000 glove that NASA was using that they that Mattel had wanted to it was a Mattel or Hasbro anyway, one of them wanted to scale it down and make a sub $100 peripheral for the the latest and greatest in video gaming, which was it was Mattel the latest and greatest video gaming craze, which was the Nintendo game. Yes. Right. So this came it was really interesting they talked about, hey, retro Sean. So they talked about essentially how Mattel had gone all in with the Intellivision, right a lot of people consider including I know Chris centrals a big fan. The Intellivision was a real step up from the Atari 2600. it's debatable whether it was a big step up or direct competitor with the Kleagle vision. But Mattel had done all and they wanted it on this video game craze. They made their own console and I'll Obviously they their timing couldn't have sucked more the video game crash came and Mattel was pretty much sickened by anything video game related and they step back. But one of these guys some brain brain guy came forward and said, Hey, you know, there's this glove that lets you read your hand position in space and it would make a great video game thing and Mattel when was batshit about it? So yeah, let's do this, because any s had come to the United States and it'd become this phenomenon, bringing video games back into the market using the seal of approval. And so, Mattel decided they were going to take a chance and unfortunately, he chose the Power Glove. But what really was interesting about it is the Power Glove itself wasn't wasn't necessarily the problem, right? The Power Glove actually work. A lot of people don't think the Power Glove work, it actually did work. The problem was you're trying to use controller which is really what it was. You're trying to use a controller for games It was never designed for right? So the guy that did was a super Power Glove or super glove ball or whatever. That was supposed to be the very first release that came out with the Power Glove. And it was sort of like a virtual handball and think about it that that makes some that makes complete sense. Your resume on the way home Lana? Cool, thanks, Chris for dropping in. I I like to see you in here from time to time. It makes me feel bad. So I mean, if you think about hand Bobby, how perfect would that be? You've got a hand in space and that's exactly what you would use to play ambo Well, the guy that wrote it was it was kind of pissed off about it because they they put the Power Glove on the market with no software. Right. And some poor bastard had to spend months when he was like six weeks, I think I had to go in and make templates for mapping standard ne s games to this Power Glove which had nothing to do with the standard video games Up, down, left, right, a B, and that was it. I mean, but yet we need to we need to make this glove work with 250 Nintendo games. And if you think about it, yeah, good for stuff like rat race. So they show that one a lot actually in the video. But there are there are a handful of games that it translates well to, but nothing that was written for the hardware. And unfortunately, it didn't work out. But there was a lot of really, really interesting little side bits, right? So part of it is the glove has become this become this cultural icon. Right? Everybody makes fun of it. It's this huge abortion right when it comes to when you think of it from a video game industry perspective. It was this huge failure. And yet people have adapted it into a virtual reality glove. They use it for research. They're people that are making music with it. They're using it as a musical controller. There are people that have gutted the thing and put brand new internals in it. It's it's, it's nutty, and I didn't I did not realize because I was not an s kid. I was, I was still a computer kid back then. I did not have consoles. And the people who did have consoles, my friend had a legal vision, of course, which was simply amazing, best arcade ports ever at the time. I had a friend several people had 2600s, my cousins had a 2600 as you remember, but nobody I knew. I think I had one friend that had an in television, but he was more like an acquaintance. I like wasn't spending a night in his house or anything, you know, having sleep overs, but. But, you know, I didn't really have console buddies and computer buddies. We were all Commodore 64 kids, or Atari 800 Kids even for that matter. And we were in this sort of caste system where it's like, No, no, we're computer gamers. We're not console gamers. So I never really got to play with the Power Glove. I had no idea that it used you Basically Sonic frequencies along with a free positional receivers that you actually have to put on the TV, you know, they don't really talk about that when you see it on Goldbergs or some other ad show, they show people wearing this club, but you don't realize that you had to put three Sonic receivers around your TV right? In order for it to use it sort of echolocation to find out where the hand was in space. But I find I find that sort of thing fascinating. And the little backstories Nintendo they had that two weeks before they were going to start shipping. And Nintendo called them up and said, we looked over your product and you can't ship it with the seal of quality on it. We are not going to give you the gold seal of quality to ship your product. And frankly, that was a kiss of death. And so they scrambled a team together. They sent them over Nintendo and and it turned out that Nintendo When they were play testing and using this thing, they they had no idea what the hell they were doing. And part of that was they didn't ship software they made use of the glove in a in a simplistic, easy to understand way. They were trying they were trying to play punch out with this glove and and they couldn't do it right. So they had their their PR rep is one of the people that went there. And one of the people that was in the in the documentary was saying, you know, they put the glove on and immediately knocked out. Mike Tyson, right. I mean, they had no problems showing the glove that it worked. And there was a there was a couple of things that were missing, right. There was a calibration that you had to do. That wasn't well, but it was in the manual. They showed us the manual and so yeah, what's in there, but it's not. It's not something that people were doing. And certainly even the Nintendo people that were played testing with this thing didn't do it. There was a particular centering button that you had to use as part of the calibration. All sorts of little little nuances as to why Nintendo did not like the glove and they weren't going to give their seal of approval on it. So anyway, so the guy who's just a kid at the time it's so funny. This was like the Paris Hilton if you will of Mattel all they were doing was running around doing press junkets and and partying, a bunch of kids. And so the one guy that was on the on the documentary said, you know, we could we could make a poster that had the calibration stuff, I put some cool graphics on it. And that'd be like the first thing you open out of the box and you see this poster, you open up the poster, and it teaches you how to calibrate it right? We can do that. And Nintendo also complained that the inside of the glove was plastic. And it after several hours of use, it would be chasing the top of your hand. And so the kid goes back, you know, the kid goes in Nintendo chambers right where Nintendo was holding their judicial chambers. And he went in there. He's like, Hey, you know, it'd be really easy to fix this, right? I mean, listen, you say that the glove chamber you're not wrong. But hey, we'll just throw a throw a little white cotton glove in there. Right? They'll put that on, it'll look cool. Then they'll put the controller on top and eliminate the chafing. And then we'll put this poster in right this poster that has these calibration things that look cool, have some, you know, cool video game guy on there. And they'll be able to calibrate it. If we did that with would you give us your seal of approval? And intent is like Well, yeah, I mean, if you can, if you do that in two weeks before you ship the kids like, sure we can do that right not talking to Mattel or anything just saying yeah, we can do that. And Mattel of course was so deep into the into the slaughterhouse at this point. They had no choice but to agree. And so they they created an a, an emergency assembly line they hired Dozens I mean, even 100 people to put together these assembly lines and they carefully open each and every single one of the Power Glove boxes, they put this little comfort pack in which had the poster and the white cotton glove and this new manual that actually print up brand new manuals to include some of this information as well. So they opened up each and every one of those things. And I don't remember how many there were 80,000, some 85,000, maybe something like that. And we've had they had these assembly line workers opening carefully opening each and every box putting the comfort kit in and resealing the box so that they could ship within two weeks. And see that stuff fascinates me the story behind the story. And the other thing that I thought was really interesting was one of the guys and I can't remember what his role was. I watched this in a few different parts, so it gets a little discombobulated, but one of the guys said, you know, it's interesting to be part of Something so miniscule. In the grand scheme of video games, something actually considered a failure in the video game market to be part of something infamous, short lived, but eternally remembered. Right? He said, he's been part of history. And he said, look at it, you know, and this happens. He says, all through history, this is where they start getting a little philosophical. He said, This happens all through history, where we romanticize something that was so tiny in the grand scheme of life and the pursuit of happiness. It was so tiny and yet everybody knows about it. Everybody remembers it, and everybody talks about it. And he was talking about the Pony Express, right? The pony express it, obviously is like the first mail system, right? People would give letters and correspondence to these guys that would hop on horseback and express your mail from one town to another. Oh, next episode discussion discusses you force I'll watch that. That sounds good. I don't know much about you force either. So that's even better. But they were talking about the Pony Express. And he's like, you realize that I mean, everybody knows what the Pony Express is. Everybody knows what it was. It happened a long time ago. But you realize that the Pony Express only operated for 18 months? Yeah. I mean, you think about the Pony Express and you're thinking about, you know, the postman or something like that. You know, Kevin Costner, you're thinking about this long running. Postal thing. It wasn't it was like an 18 month experiment. And this is what we remember. And the Power Glove is something that people remember. So I thought that was anyway it was a very, it was very interesting. To to I love these documentaries, and some of them are better than others. This one started off a little on the slow side, by the you know, the back nine of the same it's There's a lot more so just stick with it that's probably why I ended up watching in parts because it didn't initially grab me super super deep until we started getting into the to the other stuff so yeah, so that's my recent documentary consumption oh so the unexplained with guest celebrity boots Shatner came back on the air new episode The Curse of Oak Island, which is great because like the same people promethium Entertainment make all of these shows Ancient Aliens and the unexplained and curse of Oak Island. So obviously, obviously like they have footage and all this stuff and now they're basically doing crossover episodes right? So in this episode of The unexplained with Bill Shatner, the boy that guy's like one foot in the grave and me. I mean, if you watch, the guy can barely move on the stage. I'm concerned that William Shatner is not long for world to be honest with you, based on what I just saw. And I assume that was recorded six, eight months ago. Right. But so this is really interesting. I've had the I've had the curse of Oak Island story retold many, many times. I mean, we hadn't even on then search I've right Chris Dan nnn. And then yeah, so we had cursillo guy in there. And let's be honest, the story hasn't changed much since the 70s. Right, because most of the interesting pieces of the curse of Oak Island happened before in search up right. So we haven't really seen much other than the recent Curse of Oak Island TV show and the lukina brothers spending, you know, millions and millions of dollars and years and years trying to uncover the secrets of Oak Island. But in this case, so for those of you who are interested in the show, they they go back and they talk about you know, all the history of it. You know, the six people who've died In pursuit of it, the guy who brought his whole family to the island he and his elder son and two co workers died in the mind, what are the money pit holes. So they give you a pretty good background. It was one of the more solid backgrounds and they gave them the history of it a little more time than normal, which I thought was kind of cool. Then, of course, it came down to speculating what might actually be on Oak Island, right? Because most people know the basic story of Oak Island where the kids had found the kids had been rowing a boat near the island, they saw strange lights, they went over there, they see this block and tackle over this hole that had been dug. So somebody lowered something into this hole they dug down there. Every 10 feet, they find these wooden logs that are blocking it, they get down to what, 90 feet or whatever, and they find the placard that eventually translates into you know, 40 feet below lies to millionaire to million pounds, whatever. So all of that's part of this the fable, but what they usually don't talk about in these historical looks are what might be down there who put it down there? Who, who's tied to Oak Island and why might that what might be down there treasure wise based on that. And if you watch the curse of Oak Island TV show with the lukina brothers, they they they skew off on these different topics but if you're watching these little self contained mystery shows about the curse of Oak Island, they don't typically go into great detail about which pirates might be responsible for the treasure there. You know, Blackbeard and Captain Kidd and and who was the other one that there was another pirate that was potentially linked to the legend of Oak Island. And then, of course, the Templar Knights Templar and the curse of Oak Island. Could there be temblor treasure, right, but all these shows are very formula for formulaic, and I love making fun of them. But anyway, so they do go into a large background of several of the pirates as well as the background of the Templars, and why they could have been at Oak Island what they could have brought to Oak Island. Why they might have hit that there. And what I thought was kind of interesting is they took a look at a couple of the like, like, so listen, Oak Island, this whole money pit thing, everything is like this elaborate booby trap. And so you have to ask yourself, every time you see one of these shows, who had the technological prowess to create this ever flooding money pit, right? Because that's really what the problem is, is there's this elaborate system of, of of flood tunnels. Who could do that in the 1800s 1700s. Who could who could he be, can we do that now? I'd be really interested to go to some other island that some similar construction Oak Island. And maybe this is where this money would be better spent. I want them to dig a money pit that you know, 150 feet deep or whatever the the end number of feet that this treasure is supposed to be buried at, dig that hole, put something down there, right and recreate the money pit. I want those flood chambers filled up. I want the booby traps set. I want to see if in 2020 we could build a trapped floatable money pit like that. And then you can go back and say well who had that expertise at the time? And they had a really interesting guy. I can't remember his name, which is unfortunate but he was talking about he was a researcher or an author about the money pit about Oak Island and he's like when he heard the original story that pirates buried the treasure there. He immediately dismissed it because you know pirates hired are going to be able to create this incredibly complex flood tunnel system and, and you know floatable faults and all this other stuff that supposedly was the key to the secret of Oak Island. But then in doing more research, apparently pirates had add like their own technical fright, because apparently the pirates that had settled in the Jamaica area had created incredibly intricate systems of tunnels and chambers and vaults underground, they had the technological prowess at least, to do some of this right. So the guy said once he had done his research and he had looked into what the other pirates had done in other locations and what their technological possibilities enabled them to do, it's like all the sudden the pirate legend was back on the table. I mean, that's, it seems totally feasible to this. researcher now. But yeah, so I thought it was pretty good even if you're, I mean I've like I said, I've been inundated with Curse of Oak Island stuff I know a lot about it not just from the new show but also from in search of in some other documentaries and some some articles I've read. So I know a lot about it and even knowing a lot about it this particular episode of The unexplained with boots, Shatner was actually really good. It was worth watching. So nothing else just to see poor bill try to drag his ass onto the screen and entertain us. I'm wondering, I'd like to know the production schedule of the unexplained. I mean, you only see him I think on stage for a period of maybe two minutes in each episode, maybe two minutes, right. But then he does the he does the voiceover work right. Oh, hey, Brian. holson to I didn't see that. So welcome. So yeah, so that's where that's where I'm at TV wise. My son and I have been going through the Vernon library. Obviously he doesn't get to see Basic Instinct, but we we did hollow man, we're going to get that we did Total Recall. So Chad, regular listener of the show had asked my son to rank the holy trilogy of Paul Verhoeven, which of course is Robocop Starship Troopers and Total Recall. I throw hollow man in there, even though in a in many articles Paul Verhoeven like, disavows any connection to hollow man and I don't get it. Listen, I understand that hollow man is not a traditional typical Paul Verhoeven vehicle. I still like it a lot. And I don't know if it's because I love the cast. I don't know if it's because I like that type of a story. I thought holliman was a really good movie. And Paul Verhoeven being attached to it just made it better and the effects hold up very, very well for its age right all that good stuff. So chatted, asked my son rate, the holy trilogy of Paul Verhoeven one through three what was his favorite and so I through hollow man and and I asked my son to rate the four of them for no wonder for what was his favorite what was his least favorite First of all, they're all great movies I'm like, Yeah, yeah, thanks for the preface. And he said, No, listen, I liked Hello, man a lot. I'm said okay, so hello, man's number four. And hey, Gus, what's up, brother? I was thinking about you over the weekend. I was posting some dark unicorn production stuff and I saw your picture amongst the members and one of the folders of the old website. So I was like, oh, guess it's doing. Sorry, a hollow man comes in at number four on the top four countdown. This is Casey case. This is Casey Casey. This week, we're going to be counting down the top floor of Paul Verhoeven smoothies. But first, a long distance dedication to a little dog. named scraps. No. So anyway, so I'm almost at work. So I gotta hurry this along. I want to finish this bit. So hello man comes in and number four. Number three is Total Recall number three is Total Recall number two, of course now we got the winner and the runner up right. Jeff had the dramatic pause right. So number two in the pub unova trilogy is gonna have that little music in the background building up the suspense. Number two, is Robocop making number one Starship Troopers yet Starship Troopers is my son's favorite Paul Verhoeven movie. And you know, Starship Troopers holds up really damn well to what are we doing here? What Boys Boys Come on, man. It's a very simple four way fucking deal here. God people have no clue how to drive. I do not understand that people have no clue how to drive. People make me batshit crazy. People use blinkers to snuggles, snuggles as in the snuggles fabric softener Brian holds asked me if I've seen snuggles. I don't know what snuggles is. Is that a Paul Verhoeven film because of it is I'm in. Yeah, so my son cited, he loved he loved Robocop. He loves violence in movies. That's like, unless I was 13. I understand loving violence in movies. We get in the parking garage here. And of course, what really tips is listen, Robocop is bloody as hell right? So thank you for driving you're very loud, obnoxious truck into the parking garage. We roll by Wyndham. Yeah, so he cites his his edging by the way. He said that, that that Robocop and Starship Troopers were basically right on par. The only thing that nudged him over was Oh, snuggles. Damn it. I thought it was scraps. I forgot it was snuggles a little dog's name was snuggles. For those of you don't get it Casey Casey melted down one time recording the American Top 40 over a dead dog dedication. It's classic classic stuff. I wish I pulled a clip I didn't know I was going to go there but go look it up on YouTube Casey case a meltdown or Casey case in dead dog or something like that. It is priceless. Good stuff. Have you come out of a slow record with a dead fucking dog? It's great. You got to hear it. I'm sure I've talked about it on the show. Anyway, my son before I pull in here, my son claims that Starship Troopers gets the nod over Robocop because, and I quote the hot chicks. So he he likes he likes the nice Richards he likes Dina Meyer. I know dude, I'm stopping God. My car is just like, Hey, stop. Yeah, I got it. I got it. Damn. This long distance, dedication goes out to snuggle Man good stuff. Anyway so that I don't think there's any more Paul Verhoeven stuff that he gets to watch at the moment. So we're probably done with the Paul Burnham and stuff we're gonna move on to some other series of movies. I think we're going to move on to john wick because let's be honest john wick whoop some serious ass. Its calories which he loves. And I haven't seen the third one yet so I get to see something new to say just watch an old stuff so very excited about that. All right, listen, I am pulled into the parking garage. It is time for me to take my morning slog to work. I hope you enjoyed the short but I'm hopeful hopefully entertaining Morning Edition of passenger seat radio. And this is shade Armin row. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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