Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2020-09-11

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Hello everybody, this is Shane R. Monroe, you are in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Friday, Friday, September 11 2020. And you are on my driveway. You're not on my 13 mile commute to or from work, but you are in fact in my driveway but you are still in the passenger seat. Welcome to the show. I took the day off today. Hey Tim, what's up, man? first guy in under 30 seconds. I used to be Travis they used to do that now. Now it's Tim. So yeah, yeah, it's I'm sorry, it's been so long since I've done a show. I didn't kind of realize that time. Time has moved a lot differently. Since I've been working from home. Everything kind of blends together and moves together. I think a lot of people feel that way. So I apologize. I do have a ton of things to talk about. And since I'm not really on the clock, I can talk as long as I want, I do expect my wife to be calling me or interrupting at some point in time, but we'll do what we can. So let's, let's finish up the art trainer store. I know a lot of people are curious about what happened with that after the last show, you know, I got my art trainer and there was a problem with it. It wasn't working right after six, eight weeks, whatever it was that it took to get that sucker. Actually here the amazing amount of work and effort it took to get the thing inside the house, you can all listen to the old show, last show and and get the full blown story on what it took to make that happen to get it in the house, only to fire it up to find out that there was a problem with the board. So I think that's kind of where we left off last. So let's let's finish this story up and then I can get on to the other numerous items I want to talk about. So I'm essentially I reached back out to the company that sold it to me, the one that had been sort of seemingly to blow me off for weeks and weeks at a time and I got transferred to somebody else. I think it was some sort of an account manager something of that nature guy named Robert and Robert was very responsive. He's like, Listen, I sent him the video that I mentioned to you guys, I took a video showing exactly all the error messages, what it was doing, why it was doing it. And I sent that over to him. In the meantime, I reached out to Cybex themselves who make this Arc Trainer and I sent their technical support folks a video because I needed to know what my options were I mean, if this other company flaked down said, Well, yeah, ship it back to us and we'll fix it'd be like Dude, not gonna happen. So I needed a backup plan. So I called side backs themselves talk to one of their people. And they're like, you know, I reviewed your video. This was before Robert got back to me from used gyms USA or whatever. And so they're like, yeah, you know, it sounds like a lower controller board and we can we can send somebody out. Hey, machine readable What's up? We can that we can send a tech guy out and then he can troubleshoot it. But it sounds like the lower controller board is faulty. Right? There's only there's two controller circuit boards in this thing, one that sits behind the display on the top, and one that sits in the belly of the beast and they're like, Listen, that's pretty much all it can be, you know, the call to Cybex was useful because he got me into the he got me into the diagnostics menu, right where it shows logs, error logs and things like that. Which is weird because the the booklet the owner's manual that I dug up on the ark trainer tells you how to do that, but it doesn't work. Because they say you need to hit hold down your finger on the side Beck's logo. Well, the only time the side Beck's logo shows up is during post when you first when you first get on the thing and start pedaling and comes up with the Cybex logo it takes like 10 or 15 seconds to boot and then it puts you into the workout screen. That's the only time a side effects logo appears. And that wasn't working. Well, the sandbags guy said, you know, hold down on the English logo and it's like, wow, that makes no sense. But I did it. And sure enough, we got in the diagnostics menu, and there were a couple of diagnostic messages. And so they put two and two together and say, listen, it's probably that lower board. And I said, Look, I'm going to reach out to the company that sold it to me make sure see if they're going to, they'll cover it, right. I'll tell them I talk to you. And maybe that'll hurry things along if they know that I'm, you know, I know what I'm talking about. Like cool. If not, you know, we can we got a guy, we can send them out there, like so what does something like that cost exactly? What's the, what's the the cost on that? And he's like, well, it's 125 to get the guide to your door, and then it's 130 an hour. And if it is a lower board, and they need to replace the board the board's 480 bucks, and I'm like, dude, I mean, it's nice to know that for 600 bucks, I'll have a working machine but at the same time, I'm starting to eat into that savings that I need them. Made getting this thing used so I said okay, thank you very much I'll reach back out to you if I don't hear back from the guys that sold it to me hopefully we'll work this all out otherwise you know I may I may call you back because I need this thing work so then I got back then the the USA gyms guy got back to me and he's like yeah, definitely sounds like a lower controller board thanks for the video was very helpful. I'm going to drop ship you that board should be there in a few days. I'm going to call up a local place and they're going to come and install the board for you. And I said okay, so like you know how long you think we're talking about here? And he's like well, you know I drop I'll drop ship the board Hey Brian. And I'll drop ship the board will be about three or four days and then we'll have somebody get a hold of you from the local the local place and they'll arrange a time to come and do it and I said Okay, that sounds that thing few days I'm listen I'm already this far invest a few more days isn't gonna kill me. So I took the liberty of looking at the operator's manual. And getting inside the belly of the beast and locating this circuit board. Because Listen, if the board got here a couple of days early before I could get the guy to come out if it's something I could change that Listen, I'm not. I'm not a peleton mom, I could I could probably change out a circuit board. This isn't gonna be that difficult. So I popped open the the front of the unit and inside there's a black box with a single screw you take that screw off, there's a metal cover, you pull that off and boom, there's the board. And it is not complicated. There are four wire bundles with connectors. I mean, nothing crazy. There's no soldering going on. It's literally four plugs and you're disconnected from the board. And two more screws and the entire board complex comes out. So the board itself is sitting inside of a about a quarter metal case. And it's got risers to keep it off the metal case. And literally it's it's four four plugs. two screws. So I'm like, I wrote back to the guy and say, Listen, I opened up the unit just to kind of take a look in there. I'm like, I'm pretty sure I could change that up. Would you be okay with that? I mean, the, in the meantime, the guy got back to me. And we arranged for a Thursday, which it was Monday, that day, for Thursday from the combine, like, Listen, if that thing comes a couple days early, you might be having a crack at it. I mean, I'm pretty inclined here. I think I can. I think I could change this out. I mean, it's really simple. And he's like, Yeah, he's like, if you're comfortable to do it, I mean, he's like, it's not complicated. But you know, some people don't want to get in there and like, Hey, I get as long as I've got in writing that you say it's okay if I change it out. And I said, if something goes wrong, I'll keep my appointment with the other guys. And then they can come and troubleshoot and we can go from there. So the the board arrived on a Wednesday, of course, I'm working from home so I didn't have to. I was able to, you know, take my lunch hour it came at like, I don't know, 12 o'clock or one o'clock or something. Actually, no, it didn't. came late. That's right. It was supposed to come by 325 and then as I was watching, you know how you can track ups packages online, they'll show you where the truck is and everything that seems really unsafe to me but whatever. I was tracking the truck and it's like, you know, we'll have your delivery there by 345 and then about 340 it flipped over to some time before 9pm so I was again I was pissed. But, but Wednesday, it came Wednesday night and I was able to put it in it took literally five minutes to change the board out and the board didn't even have to be taken out of the partial riser thing it was it came with its own replacement riser. It was literally two screws lifted out, put the new one and plug the four plugs in and you were done. And I'm happy to report back that the lower riser board took care of the problem and the Arc Trainer has been 100% operational ever since. So we get to put the final closing chapter on the whole Arc Trainer. But you know there's we've been talking a lot about it on discord for those of you who who are on there. I know Tim you're there. handful of other people And then we've been sort of talking about the art trainer. And I think that I think it'd be useful to do some videos about the Arc Trainer because a lot of people don't know what the hell an Arc Trainer is and I get it because it is. It is a what do you what would you call that? It's an IP that belongs to Cybex, right. You can have an elliptical or a treadmill and everybody on the planet has an elliptical on a treadmill. But the art trainer is a is a designated property only by sandbags and it only comes in you know commercial gymnasium type format right? It doesn't really come in a home you you don't buy it at Walmart. So a lot of people have asked you know, why do you choose an AR trainer? Why not a cheaper elliptical or something like that? How does it work? You know, my mother in law asked about it. My friends at work have asked about it. Some of my my you know, my peer to peer friends have asked you know what's, why the art trainer you know, why is that so special and you know in One on one side of the coin. It's what I've been using for the last couple of years in my whole quest for for wellness right for the quest for fitness and wellness. I've been using that pretty much exclusively. And I know that it, it's different than an elliptical, right? I endure, I know that I, my body responds better to an Arc Trainer than an elliptical. But when you look at an Arc Trainer and operation, and you look at a picture of it, it looks like an elliptical. So what's the big deal? So I think it'd be really cool to maybe do some, some informational videos about the Arc Trainer. Why did I choose it? How does it differ from an elliptical? Why would somebody really want to I mean, because if you go looking, there's not a lot of data on this thing, which I find crazy. There's a couple of articles from some some gym blogs like professional gyms that want to they want to advertise that they have an art trainer, and here's why the Arc Trainer is so great, but it's like promotional stuff right? Come to our gym. In fact, the big the one video of the guy that talks about the ark trainer, it's padded bumper to bumper with like, a third of the video or bumpers. That's how short of a time he talks about it. You know, there's no, there's not a lot of discussion about what it is how it works, how it differs other than it's a better workout than an elliptical. Well, yeah, okay, great. But what makes it so great? What makes it so much better? Why would one choose that? And you'll run if you go out looking, you'll find a couple of blog articles, where people will discuss why the art trainer is superior to an elliptical or to a treadmill or whatever. But again, it's not. It's not real comprehensive, and it feels like a paid piece. I would rather be able to put something out that says, Listen, here's my fat ass three years ago, the art trainer was one of my primary means of getting to where I am now and you can see the results yourself. Here's why I personally like it. Let me take you through it. Let me show you how it works. Let me explain to you how I feel different working with this than an elliptical. I think that would be really cool. That have that sort of a video online and then I can also open it up I can show them some of the key components Hey listen, if you've got this problem it's probably this board don't you don't you know it this is you know, there's no technical or diagnostic or, or any sort of videos I could find anywhere on this. This is uncharted territory and listen, I understand that a lot of people are going to put you know a 4000 3000 to $12,000 device in their home. But listen, with COVID going on and gyms being closed all that stuff. I bet it's happening a lot more frequently than we think. And I would really like to share the success that I've had with the art Chairman not buying the art tracks is barely a success story but I think it'd be fun to have those sorts of videos and talk about it so that is a I'll have some future fun with the art trainer along with of course getting my great workouts I've really been enjoying it as a as a result of having said working art trainer. I think I mentioned that the art trainer went where this old chase lounge was was set up to be a gaming center where we had a TV mounted on the wall with this cool. It's got a mount where the TV will not only swivel out but you can tilt so you can literally have like the perfect gaming experience. We had the we hooked up to it, we've had this we had a switch dock hooked up to it, we have a shield TV hooked up to it. But with the art trainer there, the TV is too low because it was meant for you to be looking at it while you're laying down on the chase. laying back on the chase playing your video games. So I took the I broke down everything in that area and raise that swivel stand up. It's almost as high as I could to get the TV right at eye level with the elliptical or the VR trainer. So that was a I did that as sort of a last weekend daily project. And I think it turned out really really well. I'll share some pictures with you guys. I think I posted some of them in the discord for those of you who are there. You probably go back and look at those. I thought it was kind of fun and I've got it exactly the way I want to know everything is, everything is dialed in, I can roll out of bed and roll right onto the art trainers. Perfect. Alright, so that ends the art trainer story. What else do we have? So I had to go and get my labs done, it was time for me to renew my testosterone prescription. And so in order to do that I have to have certain blood, blood work done in order to determine where my T serum is. And there's a handful of other things that they like to look at. And so the I don't like getting blood done. I don't like being stuck by a needle. I don't like having my blood take anatomy. It's just I it just makes me it makes me batshit crazy. I don't like doing it. It's not so much the pain. I don't know what it is there's a mental blockage problem going on there. It's getting better over the years, but I still I only want to do it once if I can avoid it. So I always tie my own general practitioner labs with my testosterone samplings right or my or my bloodwork for the urologist. So I went in on the 27th. And I had that done. And I got my numbers back for both. Well, it's funny, because Cigna and my health care provider has changed their online portal like three times now. And every time they change the portal, I lose all of my old data, which really pisses me off. So, we are now on the third generation of Cigna portal. And in my in the last portal, all labs rolled through this portal. So whether it was the urologist that asked for whether it was my cardiologist that asked for whether it was my GP that asked for, it doesn't matter who asked for it. It was available in my chart online. Well, now, only Cigna providers get the data put into that portal. So I got my bloodwork back like in 24 hours, which is nuts. I've never seen it. Come back That fast. And so all of my regular lab words, my triglycerides, my cholesterol, all that stuff, all nicely dialed in. My D was good. I was in spec Low, low and spec, but in spec on my vitamin D, which was, I mean, that's kind of hard these days, you're not leaving the house all the time. And my good cholesterol is still a couple points below the low band. And so that's something I still need to kind of work on. But I don't eat fish, which is a big problem for me. And fish oil, that sort of thing would be probably helpful in that department. But everything else is great. Everything else is well within spec nothing even on the upper customer spec. Life is good, wild and sweet. And so I had to wait for my actual urology appointment to get my numbers back from from that bloodwork, which was pissing me off. So I like to have those numbers going in. And, and this was a tele telecommuting one, right. So the doctor is actually at home and we do it online. And trying to think of what we used was a duel I think this time Yeah, I was do for this one. It's funny, like everybody uses something different. It's better than zoom though, right? So anywho Um, so my tea is at 775, which is right where we wanted it, right. And he wanted to see it, you know, five 600. But 775 He's totally happy with it because we've been on this for a long time. And remember, remember back in the day, for those of you who are brand new listeners, my tea was at 175 175. And like, like low band spec where you're basically dead, it's like 275, I was at like, 178 or something really, really bad. So now I'm in a nice healthy 775 doctor loves it. There is a blood viscosity that is slowly creeping up over these years, which is eventually going to become a problem, but it's not a problem yet, but it is steadily going up a point every eight months or so. And so with that, with that pattern, essentially It's a thickening of the blood, which could lead to blood clots could lead to stroke and lead to a whole lot of other things. I'm not even into the low band yet, but once I get into the low band we're gonna have to start making a decision on either we're gonna have to cut back or he said, You need to go give blood two or three times a year. And I'm like, dude, I just don't know if that's gonna happen man. I mean, I don't even like getting giving blood for blood work. I can't even imagine what it's like for them to just harvest it out of your body. But I might have to look into it if I want the testosterone if I want to keep my T up where I'm not you know, a roaming vegetable then I may have to I miss may have to buck up and be a be a man and go get blood twice here to three times a year. So yeah, just makes me shudder even thinking about it. But it's nice to know that everything is still dialed in. Everything is still pretty good. So health wise, we're in good shape. Let's see what else do we have here to talk about? So I think we've talked a little bit about it. In the land of virtual reality, I've spent the last year or so, with the Oculus quest doing a lot of articles about it doing a lot of coverage videos, sort of becoming part of the virtual reality community. And prior to that, I had the original Rift, the Rift. I call it the Oji Rift, except remember, never remember the DK one or CV one or whatever it was, I can remember Oh gee. So the LG rift was a neat piece of tech but it was also very cumbersome to use. The sensor bars always have to be in the exact same spot. And you know, the sensor. Just it just wasn't fun. If I wanted to play 15 minutes a beat Sabre took me 30 minutes to setup. I didn't like that. So the question was nice because it was wireless and it didn't require any sensor bars. And if I wanted to play beat Sabre, I flipped it on and ran beat Sabre. So there's definitely a convenience factor there. But if you've been following the news, Facebook has decided to completely fuck up the Oculus brand by locking the product and the IP company. pletely behind Facebook. So the bottom line is after October 1, if you sign up for a new Oculus account whether you buy an old quest, an old Rift, and you don't have an account let's say you buy it use you never made an Oculus account and it's October 2, you will not be able to use any piece of hardware with a new Oculus account, you have to have a Facebook account. Okay. If you buy any new hardware, including this rumored quest to quest, light quest ultra whatever the hell this new quest is, that's coming out on the 16th rumored on the 16th. Certainly announced on the 16th if not released, you will even if you have an existing Oculus account, you must use Facebook. So any new Oculus accounts regardless of hardware generation after October 1 requires Facebook, any new hardware going forward requires Facebook now, right after they made that announcement all the sudden All the original quests are gone. Right? If they were hard to get anyway, to be honest, but all stores are showing them as discontinued. So once everybody found out that they were going to have to have Facebook to use any new Oculus product, there's they neatly eliminated your option of being able to buy new stock of the old stuff that would still work with without Facebook until October 1, right. And then for those people who are like me, who have an Oculus quest, who have an Oculus only account, have never attached Facebook to it, which I never would never will. We have until January 1 2023, which is essentially two years less in two years, the entire landscape will change. But it's the principle behind the thing. I do not want to be locked behind Facebook. I don't want to be part of Facebook. I don't want to have a Facebook account. I have one somewhere, but I'm not going to use it. As far as I block all third party trackers I don't Do not let Facebook touch me in any way, shape or form anywhere. They they don't have shadow data on me, I'm blocked. They have an account. That's what 1215 years old that I, I got that account. Because remember when Facebook first opened, they were trying to reach you were able to reserve vanity names. You know, protect your brand, sign up for Facebook day one, and you'll get to secure your name before it's gone. Then I use it for about 20 minutes after that. And then I was done. I don't like Facebook. I don't like their business practices. I don't like how they operate. I don't like their privacy policies. I don't like them. I don't like the company. And so you know, I'm in pissing battles constantly, like every single use Google. It's the same thing. Like it's not the same thing. Google provides me with valuable services. I also block all third party trackers from Google to So listen, let's let's not be let's not be crazy here. You know, but there's there's a difference. You know, it's like, well, Google has your information anyway, Facebook's probably got it too, so why don't just give it to him. You know, poor Tim is rolling around like riding right now because he's a security conscious guy. I am not as security conscious, but I, I'm more than the average person. Facebook represents the very last thing that anybody who gives a rat's ass about any sort of privacy or information, or frankly, social engineering. For me, that's my problem with Facebook is social engineering. I feel Facebook is used as a tool to manipulate our social order, from political pieces, religious pieces, it doesn't matter. They're in this to make money. You know, I found an article that was very interesting from 2016 about Facebook. And they show they had a list the the article had a list of I think it was 96 six points of data that Facebook longs to collect from you 96 of them. And some of them was like, okay, Dennis like, Dude, what? Wait, what? What? And so you're reading through this list and this is 2016, you're talking four years ago. And you're looking at this list going this is, this isn't right. Nobody should be collecting this data about me. And I shouldn't be volunteering this data about this. Yeah, we're worthless as people than the data we produce that's dead on. I mean, there's a bumper sticker right there. I might get one of those made. You know, and so I was looking at this list going this is ridiculous. So I'm doing some follow up research. It is now based on what we know, what we've managed to collect because you know, Facebook isn't opening up the doors on what they're collecting from you. So now It turns out that there's they're collecting 52,000 pieces of discrete data about their people that use their service 52,000 data points. Um, and so listen, I'm not down for that. is Google doing the same thing? Probably. Yeah, I, you know, I almost guarantee that Google's doing the exact same thing. The difference is, I opted into Google. Right. I've made a decision based on my ROI and what I am willing to give, right? I'm blocking third party trackers, Google isn't tracking everything I do. Their tracking a lot of what I do because I allow it. I am training the data that I'm providing directly in exchange for the services that I wish to do business with online. That is a conscious decision I'm making, to tell me that the $400 piece of hardware that I purchased from Apple Oculus in good faith is suddenly locked out to me. Because I'm not willing to hand myself over to Facebook. That's That's not right. And believe me, this will be a problem. It's already started to be a problem. Oculus products have been frozen in Germany. Right now it's voluntarily probably because Facebook near the Germans aren't going to put up with this bullshit. So they've they proactively halted sales of oculus product in Germany, because Germany protects you against the shit, this exact thing, tying the use of a product to the use of a service. It's they've have a law against this literally against this very thing. The only thing that's not in there is the word Facebook. But they they they have a law preventing companies from being able to do that. Right. You know, for me, you know, my I have a Honda, right I have a Honda Civic and I have There's an app on my car for Honda. And and I don't use it. I don't use the Honda app on my car. But Honda has their own, basically social network of Honda owners and Honda people in Honda service, right? If I purchased my civic, and I am told, listen, there's this Honda service. It's cool. You don't have to use it. You can if you want, it'll call the police for if you get in a car accident, it's free or there's a service fee here, whatever. But listen, you don't have to use that. I mean, it's just there if you want it. Okay, cool. That's cool. Good deal. But if all of a sudden, a year after I purchased my car, suddenly my assistant cruise control shut off. And I couldn't use it. It's like Wait, what? All of a sudden, all of a sudden my Sirius XM Radio stopped working Or my, my bluetooth or my Android Auto suddenly shut off, and I get a pop up that says, hey, hey Honda's better with Honda signing here. Like, if you want your assistant cruise control back, you got to sign in. If you want your speedometer back you need to sign in. If you want your fuel gauge back you need to sign in. Hey, that's not what I opted in for buddy. That's not the terms of service that I agreed to when I made a purchase of this hardware. So if somebody if that if Honda did that there'd be anarchy in the street. But the apologists are saying, well, you bought a Facebook product you should have known that was coming. Bullshit, right? There is no other service that Facebook owns and operates that requires a Facebook login period into story go check it out yourself. That's this is this is a bad move on their part. Listen, I'm not going to continue to bitch about it. I voted with my wallet. I'm done. I have not made another Oculus purchase since nor will I it's done. We are done. have already archived all the operating system updates for the quest. I can apply them anytime I feel like it. I've backed up all my software. I've got access to all of that. I have. I have blocked my Oculus quest from talking to the internet. It'll talk it locally so I can use virtual desktop. Facebook will not get me it's not going to happen. So nice try but fail. There will no be no Oculus quest to have my future. Now, am I going to get rid of this quest? Depends on how much further I get locked out of it. Hey, getting locked out in multiplayer games don't care because I'm not playing. I'm not playing, you know, Playstation one graphic driven first person shooters in VR, it's not going to happen. There's a couple of games that I'm sad that I don't get to play with my friends anymore. We used to love dead and buried that was a lot of fun. And I would have I would have liked to have played pro golf that top golf game with some of my friends. They wanted me to play I'm like, dude, I'm not logging into Facebook. So sorry. I played If we could do it without Facebook. So yeah, there's a little bit going on. But at some point I'll get completely locked out. And you know, I'll get rid of the product it'll, it'll go away I'll sell it. For now, as long as I can play modded beat Sabre and custom songs, I there's still value in the product for me, but there'll be no more spending money in the ecosystem moving forward. That being said, I decided to return to to PC VR. And I have pre ordered the HP reverb g two, which is pretty much like outside of buying an index for 1200 bucks. This will be the best thing you can purchase. I mean, this is the best VR the money can buy outside of the index. And, and honestly, I'm going to be straight with you. The index still uses beacons, and I'm not a big fan of Listen, I've had a really sour experience having external tracking in my home. I'm not really super excited to go back to it, to be honest with you. Now I understand Listen, I understand that Valve index. beacons work a lot differently than the Oculus Rift sensors. I understand that. And maybe someday I'll warm up to that concept. But the jitsu has like the best screens, the best lenses, the best audio, it's, the resolution will be higher than my system can even run so I'll be able to grow into it. It'll be super comfortable. It's got a lightweight cable, it checks all the boxes. So I'm excited about that. Because Because frankly, listen, the quest is a great springboard into VR. If you you know, just like the Gear VR. To me the Gear VR and the quest are just slightly apart. That's it. For people who came from you know, cardboard or from from that, you know, 1495 stick your phone in VR to Gear VR to Oculus quest, that you know the quest really isn't that premium of a VR The only reason anyhow, so I just saw a notice on my internet connection got dropped. I hope that's not the case. But it Anyway, we'll keep going. So yeah, so I'm returning to PC VR and I listen, that's the only I have to vote with my wallet, I have to do what I feel is right. I've already answered. I've retorted every single thing that people have thrown out at me. And I'm just tired of expending energy on it. So I've given up the fight. If people ask my opinion, I'll give it to them. But I'm gonna I'm moving back to PC VR, where I have some choice and selection of my hardware is not locked behind some social media network that I don't trust anyway. So there you have that. All right. So that's it for the that part of the VR equation. Let's see. What else do I have here? I went back to the forest. Um, so one of my very favorite games. In the last, I don't know, five or six years has been the forest, which is a single and multiplayer. survival story game where you crash land on an island with your son in an airplane right? So you crash on this airplane on an island. These weird mutant looking fuckers take your kid and you have to go find them and explore this gigantic forest Island and solve the mysteries find the missing passengers find your kid find out what happened. And I got into this when it first came out when it was early access and essentially at that point, it was almost It was a pure not a wave shooter but it was more like how many days can you live on this island before you know the impending crazy mutated cannibals eventually overtake you. But there was there were survival aspects to it. You know, you had hunger and thirst and you know, you had health and and you could build right there was a lot of building opportunities in the beginning you could build small sorts of things. But as you moved on, they became a lot more extensive on what you could build and the traps you could build and defenses we were building will be called Ewok frickin Ewok villages hanging from the trees. And you could play with like three other people right so you can all three all four of you play at the same time. Two people go out hunt and forage and protect the cat other people would would sit and prepare food and make a store where as storage of, of bones to build armor and all this other stuff it was it was just a lot of fun. And it was a good little multiplayer experience. You could all just get in there and chill and, and occasionally fight off waves of bad guys. I've talked about it at length on the show before but for those who may be new to the show. So anyway, as the game started getting further along, there were more things for you to do. Well, one of the things that sort of expected was the use of caves. So while there was this giant vast island for you to explore, with the, you know, these mutant villages and all this other stuff, the real meat of the game started moving underground. And so I think there are eight or nine different cave systems in underneath the forest floor, if you will. And inside of there bigger, scarier things there new items to pick up better weapons, better tools. And just some very disturbing, freaky shit goes on downstairs and some of these games right. And you have to find the entrances to them. And as the game was progressing, there was a giant sinkhole in the middle of the map well, close to the middle of the map. And you could actually find one of the one of the cave systems would take you down to the bottom of that sinkhole. And the last time I played, that's sort of sort of where it comes. have ended, you could get down to the sinkhole and fight this really big, giant, brutal dude. But you never could find your kid there was never like a, like a proper, proper ending to the game. And so every now and then we dusted off, we'd all go back and play for a little while, I would go back and explore some more caves, I started making my own maps, which is all these online now, by the way, if you don't, if cartography is not your strong suit, which Listen, I used to love the old RPGs where you'd have to use graph paper and graph all the dungeons and all that stuff. I used to love that sort of thing. So it was a lot of fun to go back and do it again. Although the caves are a lot, there are a lot more diverse. It's harder to to make maps down there than it was for you know, the old flat ultimas slash, you know, quest straughn slash legacy, the ancients type maps. But anyway, so I recently got back into it because I was looking I've been kind of burned out of gaming or It's weird, a lot of my friends are the same way. We're just, we're not finding anything that we want to play. We can't really, we don't really have time to play together because we're all busy we all have, you know, in the old days, we could sit around and play the force for four hours straight or we could play you know, three and a half hours of Gears of War or you know, these these long running games but most of us just don't have that sort of sort of free time to do that. So fast little hits of stuff is what we got. That's why we started playing Call of Duty right? We could hop in play five or six rounds, if one of us had to drop out because the kids needed as the wife needed as somebody needed us. You could drop out and then get picked up the next match. It's it's suitable gaming, almost twitch gaming, you know, multiplayer twitch gaming, I guess you could call it but lately, just you know, I got back on Overwatch for a little while. That's like a six month thing every six months. You want to play for about a month and then you're done with it again for another six months. I kind of wanting to get into a game I wanted something to play that, you know, I didn't have to rely on anybody else to play with me and, and so I went back to the forest to see exactly, you know, where where we were with the whole the whole game. And so I was noticing looking through the community hub that a lot more things have been added to the game, and that the game actually had a proper ending. So I went back for about a week. And I went in earnest to actually finish the game. And I did I actually got to the end of the game. And it is it is there was so much more after where we left off, right. There was I mean, there's a whole like a third of the game that was missing before when we were playing and we just got to the bottom of the sinkhole and that was it. So it was very cool to go back. I ended up there's two different endings to the game I went through one of the endings, unfortunately the safe point for that last piece of the game So far back, and there's so much to do to go back and see the second ending that I probably won't be honest with you. But it was kind of cool. You know, just like every one of these other games, you finish the game and you're kind of just dropped back into the world. And you can just keep playing that there's no, you've solved the objectives. You know, you found everything you were supposed to find you did everything you were supposed to do. And so now you would just be punching the clock, right? How many days can I live before my camp gets overrun by these cannibals and I ran out of resources. I can't fight anymore. But I'm not sure I'd be super excited about about returning back to that world at this point, other than to of course, get that second ending and maybe someday I will. But what a game I mean, I paid $15 for that game. Eight years ago, or however long it was, I paid 15 bucks for that game. I've got 250 hours, I think maybe more at this point. You know, I'll say 250 or 250 hours into this game for 15 bucks. And it's been It's been a real treat. And there's a VR version of it as well, that I that I get as part of that. So I tried the VR a little bit, but with the quest I was not, it's not very comfortable to play. And honestly, the forest game itself when I tried it wasn't well tuned for VR, which is a problem. So when you when, when games are have VR tacked on to them? A lot of times, um, a lot of times it doesn't work out well. Well, as it turns out, they did release a new update for VR on the forest. And it's fixed a lot of the UI type problems. But again, it takes so much longer to do basic things in VR. Like you need to set up an initial camp, right? When you're playing it in pancake mode, as we call it, or 2d mode. It's like, gang bang, boom, Bill. Bang, bang, boom belting bang, boom done let's go explore. But when you're doing it in VR, like in sort of like real time with your real bodies swinging the axe and the whole bit it's like this is taking so long I just want to go and fight mutants I don't want to sit here and build the fire by hand you know. So anyway, so that led me back so I finished that and I was I was sort of itchy to to to play something else similar right so and over the years I've looked what are some alternative games that are like the forest right? What are like what's like the forest what's like the forest and you get things like ARK Survival or Conan? What's that other one? Seven days or whatever it is. There's a handful of them that bit taste a little like the forest green hell, green hills. Another one that that in the forest look like, like cousins. But I went back and I tried Greenhill again. And it's just it is it's hell. It's a nightmare. Again, It's It's no fun it's so it is to survival oriented and listen I can I can deal with certain I'm okay with certain elements of survival but I mean this one you're actually having to check your arms and legs for leeches and you know, you're at death's door 90% of the game. me tell my wife I'm recording the show. And otherwise she's going to call and bug me. Hang on, let me just do this real quick. I'll get back to the show. Good. So, I tried Greenhill again and was just exactly as I remembered it was too gruesome. In terms of too much survival stuff being dead all the time. So I returned to a game that I had played Little bit before and they had recently pissed me off because of the developers decisions to boycott it off of GeForce Now in the game is called the long dark. And it is survival story. Not much action, but mostly survival and story. And it's, it fits it scratches the right itch. Right? So I played it a couple of hours before but I never got very far because much like the amazing DS game lost in blue. You start off the game literally like on death's on your deathbed. I mean, you start the game off you were in a you're in a plane accident, amazing how some all these things come from plane wrecks. But you're on the side of the mountain you have no food. You have no water. You have no hope and hope or prayer. You know you've lost all your support. applies you're pretty much fucked. I mean, you start off the game fucked. And that's exactly how lost and blue was you woke up on the beach? Not from a plane wreck? I don't think but and you were you were dehydrated. You were starving. You were limping. You were weak. I mean, that's exactly how the long dark starts. And the first, the first maybe hour of the game, the first hour of the game is a little testament to patience, you've you've got to figure out the rhythm of keeping yourself alive. And a lot of people that will turn them off and listen. It initially turned me off. I think twice I started that game and I could not get the survival rhythm. You know, when to make water, how to make water, how to keep the fire going, how to not freeze to death, how to manage your stats. It is the perfect balance, though. You're not so overburdened by your health functions like green light green hell But it's more detailed than the forest. Because the game's point is keeping yourself alive in the dead of winter. Trying to find your missing your missing ex wife. And so there's a story component to it, which I love. But the game itself isn't rails, right? So some people want to be told what to do want to go and do it and they want to finish the game. They're there. These are linear people. Then there are people who only want sandbox games. They want to have something that they're required to do at some point. But they want to spend the time immersing themselves in the world, right that's how Witcher was and and Assassin's Creed and these games are we have this main quest. As you wander around, you'll pick up some side quests, or you could just get on the game and kill shit. Your choice dealer's choice But like the Call of Duty or the Call of Duty or Bioshock, or these other games, where you've got a campaign, and your campaign takes you from A to B to C to D, there's not I mean, there's plenty of story in there. But you're, you're you're it's an interactive movie with a couple of action scenes thrown in. So the long dark is, not only is it a good, balanced survival game, it also is a good balanced, open world versus rail game, which I think it's so hard to do that you have things you need to do. And you could literally go ABCD and do exactly what you're told and probably walk through the game. But there's so much to discover, by not going in the shortest path from A to B. And you are rewarded for that exploration you will find you need some you need supplies, you need survival shit You need clothing and you need food and you need water, you need these things to keep yourself alive. And if you if you stay going from A to B to C in a straight line, you struggle more than if you're willing to spend some time and move around. And, and explore. And as you explore, you start opening up more pieces of the story. You start to you start to get sort of immersed in the world. If you if you played the game Firewatch Firewatch is very linear. I mean, there's only one path through the forest or the the mountain side, you know, everything was was pretty linear. So that's not a good example of openworld but the feeling of being part of something bigger with Firewatch you know, you are in communication with this woman and and you know, the vandals that are at the watering Hole Baba, there's there's, you, you you, you feel invested. It's not just solving problem x, right, you're part of the world. And so the long dark manages to produce that feeling of being part of something bigger. You can spend a shitload of time running around the world. Not going from A to B, but going from a all the way across the map. And then coming back to B. In the meantime, you're gonna find all sorts of cool shit. And there's no cannibals chasing after you. You know, survival is your is the bad guy in this game. Although over time, the wolves and animals creatures inside the inside the world start to get more agitated. And while wolves will pretty much ignore you, like real wolves will, for the most part unless they're starving. As the game moves forward, they get more aggressive and things become a little more A little more offensively oriented against you. But for the most part, it's its story. It's it's a light story with a lot of survival and it's about how you approach that survival. You know, are you willing to be uninsured? Are you willing to be unencumbered and carry less food hoping that you'll find more food and part of the part of it is understanding you know, will I double back across the spot if I drop all this shit, you know, cuz you've gathered all that you start off so destitute, right? You don't have food for for the next six hours. At some point, you run across these caches of food, oh my god, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, you load yourself up with shit. You're killing deer so you can load up on me that you're carrying 12 pounds of deer meat around with you? Because you've been starving half the game. Right? But it's but you're carrying around 12 pounds of deer meat. You're now encumbered. You're now burning through energy faster. You can't carry as much other stuff. And you know you become at risk for sprains And also, so there's a penalty to be paid, I guess, is what I'm saying, if you're carrying around too much shit, you will be penalized for that. But at the same time, you're not going to go hungry either. Right? And there are times when you've, you do not watch your stats well enough, and you will become too fatigued to get fire together, right? So once your your core attributes go critical, you have to have what you have on you or you need to be near something in order to solve that problem. And that takes some time to kind of get into that rhythm. How far can I go before I'm going to be fatigued based on what I'm carrying? I know it sounds like it's really it sounds like really heavy and deep but it's not. It's they they keep it. I mean, if you play Green Hill, you know what I'm talking about Green Hill is too deep. This is somewhere between the forest and Green Hill. And it's enough to keep you challenged but not enough. Are you going god damn man? Do I need to check every fucking toe for frostbite? Do I need to do that? Is that necessary? Yeah, that's because that's what Greenhill is you're checking yourself for leeches and shit. In the forest, you're looking at a health bar. Yeah. Health equal. Okay, we're good. So anyway, so I, I've been playing a lot of long, dark. Unfortunately, I'm tour I think I'm in chapter four. And we're, I get the feeling that this part not necessarily rushed. But this sort of ran, I think we may have ran the gamut of ideas. I'm doing a lot more backtracking. I hate backtracking in games. Every now and then you can pull it off well, but it's like, okay, so you're this old dudes cabin. You need to go over here. And it's a long fucking home and it's a long haul. There's a lot of terrible things going on. You get your ass there. And you'd perform this Minor action it's like okay, go back until the old man you finish are you going dude? I just spent five gaming hours getting from the old man here. And now Yes, coming to turn right back around and go back. No, no helicopter to take me back no secret zip line to take me back you're telling me I've got to go back all that way all over foot again. And so yeah, that's exactly what they're telling you. However you start to get smart when you're playing the game. You go to the you go to your destination in one direction but you you backtrack another right so if you're if you're going from from Southeast to Northwest, you don't take the straight line there. You go north, a little bit West North a little bit West North a little bit West and you take a stare you know you stare yourself. Take stare jumps over to that destination and then when you have to go back to the old man's cabin, take the other route. head south, east, south, east, south And then you start discovering new things and new things to do. So even though you're backtracking, there's still something new to see. So I'm really impressed with the game. And again, I've owned this forever. And I just recently got back to it. And I was uptight about them pulling it from from GeForce Now not because I want to play it there, but because the question of ownership of software has really come into question lately. Dude, if you paid 40 bucks for a game, and can they can they dictate to you where you can play it at? I mean, that seems kind of funny to me. You're buying a steam game to play on Steam. If steams on computer a or computer B. That developer shouldn't have any rights to fuck with you on that. I mean, if I want to play it on my kids computer, or my computer in the same house, that's legal, they're fine with that. But if I want to rent a PC in the cloud and put the thing out there, well, you can't do that. As a developer, I have the right to say where My game is played at no you don't you sold you license me the right to play that game on my legal account and I'm using illegal Steam account i'm not i'm not trying to skirt any rules here you know and so I they were the vocal ones that the the group that made the long the long dark and so I'm not pleased I mean they all made good it's back on GeForce Now I mean everything got squared away but I, I didn't appreciate that particular decision that they made. But the game is good. So listen, if you've got the game or you're interested in playing the game, I would definitely recommend picking it up especially if it sounds even remotely interesting based on what I've been talking about. Let's see, what else do I have here I have a couple of smaller topics Total Recall is getting a 4k rerelease. And I'm excited about it there. There are several movies that I'm willing to repurchasing it and again, Total Recall is definitely one of them. But I will say and I think JK and I had this discussion in detail. There are some movies that I will not move forward with. And there are some movies that I will, you know, I own, like 700 copies of Labyrinth and goddamnit. If they put it out in 8k, I'll buy it again. It's Labyrinth, I will own it every, every for every, every incremental format, I'm not going to go buy it on svcd because I don't own it on svcd. But if you're going to make it better, and it's going to look better, you're going to give me more, more extras and more B roll and more commentaries and more discussions. Yeah, I will go back and I'll double, triple quadruple dip I'm in. But there are some things. Listen, blu rays, blu ray is good enough for me. Just like Goonies Goonies are good enough. And listen, blu ray is good enough for a lot of the stuff but things like you know Total Recall things that there are impacts impacting of my childhood or I have some sort of a period like rocky When that rocky four Director's Cut comes out, I'll own it. I can tell you right now, Rocky four is a big deal to me out Iraqi forces. That's like the worst in the series. Well, it's not but I'm just saying that it doesn't matter how good the movie is, there are certain movies I will buy every time it comes out. There are certain movies I won't. I don't even own any of the last, the last trilogy of the Star Wars movies and women. I think I own the Force Awakens, but I think it's still in the shrink wrap. I do I do own Rogue One because I thought that was actually a remarkably decent movie. But like I don't own the last Jedi I don't own rise of Skywalker I probably never will. Whether it's for King or not. I just they don't mean anything to me. You know yet you know Total Recall. It's a shitty movie. Well, is it? Is it winning any Academy Awards? Is it is it this great, artistic piece? You know, just because it's not Peter Jackson doesn't mean that I can enjoy the movie. It's a it's it fires neurons, man. It fires these, these receptors in my brain that remind me of a time that I was happier the time that I was younger the time that I was, you know, maybe I was banging some girl to that movie in my room and it was playing and I have a memory that attaches me to that and I get a warm fuzzy when I watch it. It doesn't have to be this, you know, Lord of the Rings masterpiece film. You know, it just has to mean something to me. That's all. And some of these films, as campy as they may be, they mean something to me, and I'll buy them again and again. I'm just swaying. So I'm excited about Total Recall coming. I love that movie. I love the cast. I love Ronnie Cox. I love Michael Ironsides. I like Sharon Stone, Rachel talk at 10 or whatever her name is to cotton. The guy even the place quato not the not the little guy in the guy's stomach. But the accurate place Am I like him. I love Benny. I love that whole movie. It's a it's not that it's not a great movie two weeks. Listen, it's not a great movie. But it's fun. It's it's Arnold heyday. It's a time period when movies When I was rarely really personally attached to movies, I'm excited about it. Seeing which the heavenly kid finally dropped on blu ray again, and not another masterpiece movie, but it held some significance and impact for me. And I've always liked that movie. I always thought it was fun. Had a good message behind it, and some good humor. And so that made it on blu ray on the pick that up good stuff. My son and I continue to watch films. Like right now we're sort of bingeing on that 70 show, but we went through the blade trilogy. And I know a lot of people are not filtered, those movies got worse as they went on. And so having watched all three of them almost back to back. I'd like to I'd like to discuss those for just a couple of minutes. The original blade movie was important to me. It was for many, many, many, many reasons. But it was early on in my wife and I relationship we went to the theater to see it together. It was one of the very first DVDs that I purchased it was that tombstone lost in space. We got free five free movies with the purchase of our DVD player our very first DVD player together and those were three of the five and the other two completely elude me but yeah tombstone and lost in space was an amazing blu ray again another one of those movies where a lot of people don't like him but I do like that movie, but I do. But blade like had great menus. It was like it still has great DVD menus considering the age of the film. But it means a lot to me and I and I became a big Wesley Snipes fan Pastor 50 peasant 57 the fan. It was a ton of movies that he had the came out it was a real big fan of those, and I enjoyed. I enjoyed his films and blade too. You know, I remember blade to sucking more than I did, but I really found myself into blade two. When we watched it, I liked it better than I thought I did. It was actually okay. The whole warped DNA vampire strand. I thought it felt sort of out of place. At the time that I saw it, I guess. I don't know what I was expecting from the sequel, but it wasn't bad. But over time, I've grown to obviously appreciate it more. Blade three or blade Trinity. Listen. I have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds. We all know that. He's MY man crush and the fact that he's in it and he's funny as shit because he's basically Ryan Reynolds, and everything that he's in, you know, pre Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, but it had a ton of different cast members that I liked. I liked the whole whistlers daughter angle. I liked I liked the the original perfect vampire dug up from you know from Syria. Yeah, I just I liked I liked the third one. I liked Parker Posey wanting to have a dick. I mean, there was just the the Pomeranian turned into the vampire. It's Listen, I love it. And I know that people hate that movie. And I know that Wesley Snipes apparently was a pain in the ass to work with in that movie, and all that stuff. Listen, I I get it. I get it. I love it. I love all three of those movies. I would say you know, from a straight man, the here you know what my problem was the first blade I'm gonna tie in the first blade, they kind of fucked a few things up and I caught it right away. The whole blood God thing was supposed to be completely different than how it ended up in the movie. And what it ended up with was just Steve dwarf being a badass infused with the lemongrab spirit or whatever. The way that they talked about the blood God and what was coming was never fixed. So if the end was supposed to be this gigantic Crazy huge tornado of blood basically a big giant evil blood tornado. That's what the blood guy was supposed to be. And if you watch that movie and you you, you know that that's what the ending was supposed to be. They hint at it constantly throughout the movie what the blood God's supposed to be. Right? What the blood got ended up being at the end of the movie was Stephen dorff with red eyes and that was that was like a let that you know when he's talking about when we release the blood God it is a force of fucking nature. He actually says this guy just saw it. It's a force of nature. It will blow through. It will it will engulf cities, anybody continents wake will be instantly turned into vampires. I mean, I'm expecting to see this. Holy fucking shit. Giant demon blood tornado thing, right. And as it turns out, it's a couple of days. flying into Stephen dwarf and then having a sword fight at the end. And it's like, Huh, that was it, huh? Doesn't mean it wasn't great. But I'm just saying that if you're going to change the ending to be not what you've been building up the whole movie, you should probably go back and redub or recut some of that other information to put it in line with what you actually ended up with. So everyone's like, oh, blade one was like the best of the three. It's like, well, it was great. It was an origin story. And I like that. I mean, I love the movie. I'm just saying that if I were to, I would not give it a clear delineator as the best of the three movies. Namely because of that. You're promised this this blood got all through the movie and you get Stephen dorff with a shirt off. That's it. So anyway, so yeah, my son loved them. Good stuff. I'm glad we got to go through those. There's a new documentary out on a rainy cold. I want my MTV I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I did read Quarter off of at&t so I can keep a permanent copy of it. But I, I've skimmed it to cut the commercials out for my final copy. But I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it looks pretty good. Just wanted to give you a heads up to check that out. It looks it looks pretty good. I'll watch it before the next show. And I'll come back and let you know if it's worth your time or not. But it's the history. It's not the complete history of MTV. It is the beginnings of MTV, how it was conceived, who made it how it was, you know, what considerations were given. They talked about how they weren't showing black music on there. And you know, what's his name? I'm not Michael Jackson. But Rick James, there's I caught a piece of the interview with Rick James where they should have just called the W TV or white TV is I mean, it's like, Damn, that's rough. But I remember there being a controversy about not showing black artists on that. on that. I didn't think about it at the time. I mean, I mean, I wasn't listening To hip hop or anything back then I mean, listen, they had, they had the bangles, they had Duran Duran, they had the stuff I was listening to at the time. So it's like, I'm okay. I didn't realize that there was some sort of censorship that Lionel Richie, right, Lionel Richie was on there. It's like, okay, I didn't see anything going on. That was sketchy back then. But apparently, there was something going on. And so this documentary talks a little bit about that. Not a behind the scenes stuff that they showed, which I thought it looked kind of cool. So I'm looking I'm looking forward to seeing that just to let you guys know that that that that is out there. And you might want to look into it's on a&e. Last but not least, I got to get my butt back in the house and get something done before my wife gets home. I've been slacking all day. actually slept in really late today. I was feeling a little puny yesterday. I'm not sure what was going on. But I got like three or four extra hours of sleep this morning. It seemed to have helped out. I feel a lot better. I'm still a little tired, but you know, that's what happened. You sleep in. Last but not least, later today, I'm going to drop a video on my YouTube channel about Call of Duty mobile. We've been getting into a lot of that simply because it fits the need for that quick bit of twitch gaming. And it plays very, very well on the Lenovo duet which is my new personal favorite electronic device. It plays pretty well it works with a controller now Originally, we looked at it back in November, my son and I, because we always are looking for things he and I can play together. And you know, he's a, he's Gen Y. So he's, you know, he's interested in playing things on the phone or on Xbox or whatever. I'm more back in the PC things myself but so we were looking at it but i can't i don't like first person shooters with touch controls. I don't like any sort of games with touch control, unless it's like point and click stuff that is made for pointing and clicking. I'm not really big into playing action games on touch controls. Well, they eventually worked on controllers back in The games you play segregated, right? So if you've got a controller, you'll play with it the controller players, which is fine by me. But it turns out that, you know, I'm a dirty little vampire God on that game because I can kick so much ass on Call of Duty mobile. And it's actually pretty well done aside from the grotesque amount of mobile shit that's shoved in there. But you can, you can work around that and still get a good experience. So I put together for those of you who might be interested in dipping your toe into that. I do know when you first load the game up, and you're looking at this very busy screen, and there's 700 currencies and all this other stuff you got, dude, I don't even know where to start with this. All right, where are the bones buried? So I I created a video for paladins a couple years back, taking you through all the all of the settings and all the how all the currency worked and how to get this currency, how to get that currency. What you need to worry about what you don't need to worry about. It's like my second highest watched video on YouTube. You know, I got like, you know, 200,000 views or something on that it's crazy. So I also did one on Spaceland, zombies in Spaceland, which got a lot of good press too. So I put together one for Call of Duty mobile, it's actually rendering while I'm in here doing this and then I'll upload which will probably be like four hours. But I think that if you're interested at all in getting into the game, this will this will take the edge off of the B mobile shock of the thing and get you you know, get you into the game proper. So look for that as well. Alright guys, that's it for me. This is Shane Armin road passenger seat radio. We will see you next time. Take care everybody.

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