Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2020-11-18

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Topics: Monetization / Game & Watch SMB / VR Update with Cybercade and Walkabout Mini Golf / Final Word on Dragon's Lair Replicade / Plex Dash / Google Photos / Argon One + Pi 4 / Free Stadia? / Audials 2021 and YouTube Music Premium / The Vow + Seduced Documentaries about Keith Rainere / New Way for Bryan and Me to Watch Movies


Hello everybody, this is Shane Armin row and you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Wednesday, November 18 2020 20 22,020. A lot of T's in there, and you are sitting with me in my car in my driveway. Welcome to the show. Slate, I don't remember the last time I've ever done a show in the dark. It's 5:58pm our time. And there's just a little tiny bit of light in front of me, but not much I can see the palm trees up in the up in the light. It's kind of funny when I first um, when I first came down to Phoenix for a job interview, this was in 98 the person who was courting me Ron Corcoran at the time, he and one of the members of the HR group took me up to her place. And you know, she had it all she had the lavish pool You know, it was it was a beautiful time. I think it was September ish, so maybe it wasn't that cool. I don't remember anyway, that was a long time ago. But I remember sitting there and it's like, this is the most beautiful place ever. I mean, the waters running it's it's warm. It's it's it. The palm trees are are sticking up over the horizon. The sky is clear. And I thought you know, I can definitely I could live here. I could definitely live here. This would be an amazing place to live. And here I am now. At what 2022 years laters that renders it longer than that. 2022 years later. Damn. Time is going by so fast. I'm gonna have to get my ass in the box here pretty soon, I guess. I don't know. So anyway, Hey, everybody, I am again, I'm sitting in my car. I've got my Lenovo duet. Since I'm not actually driving. I've got my D duet with the kickstand up right in my console right up against my gearshift. And I've got some. I've got keep open. This is a this is awesome. Let me see. It's telling me I need to install the keep app. Now. No more browser for you. You must have the app. All right. Well, listen, I've got a huge backlog of crap to talk about. So let's get busy. I was hoping to have somebody in the live chat. Sometimes these, these later shows end up having having different groups of people that show up but we'll see it's only six o'clock here. So England would be like I guess it's a little bit late there. Right. So it's what plus seven hours over there. So yeah, so it's like one o'clock in the morning. Probably not going to get anybody from over there. All right, so let's tidy up the last of the Dragon's Lair discussion. I put a posted a few more videos for dragon slayer the mini cabinet from replicate. And I did I did a painstaking comparison I played through on replicate I played through the entire game twice with two players all the way to the dragon's lair, I did the same thing and Daphne and then scene for scene frame for frame I lined them up into a video. So you can see just how accurate and how good the replicate Dragon's Lair is. So if you haven't seen that video, you might want to check it out. pretty damn cool. One of the other things that people had noticed was in the direct feed where I was capturing from the HDMI out of Dragon's Lair, the sound the pitch seemed to be a little off at times, sometimes it was okay, but other times it wasn't. And in this video that I compare the direct feed to I I sort of pointed out where I heard these variances of pitch. Most of the time it was music that you heard it on, but I went back again and play through the whole thing but the more on the LCD screen was just too terrible. In this last video, I actually I actually mounted my gimbal and I had a beautiful I had a beautiful shot of the cabinet with my hands on it playing it and I played it all the way through and and then when I went back and looked at the video after the fact I was doing a little post production action, I noticed that the the angle the the size, you know the distance from the screen or whatever, I was getting this terrible more effect on the screen. And you saw the same thing a little bit in that Super Mario video if you happen to have noticed that so these lcbs Yeah, be real careful when you're taking these these videos because they they wire up so I also speaking of videos, so we'll put Dragon's Lair to bed. Do I have anything else to talk about Dragon's Lair? Can we just that's just a done and done thing. Good. It's over when we're done talking about dragons there. So one of the other things that I've done recently is I've been trying to improve the quality of my YouTube channel. And this is in the way of adding lighting. And more recently adding a direct a direct sound feed lav mic to capture direct audio into the phone, and I rigged it up pretty good. So essentially, I've got, I got my Samsung S 10. On the gimbal. I've got the the lav mic plugged into, it's got a really long cord, right. And that runs from the kit the phone into the you know, audio jack on the phone, all the way underneath the table all around up my shirt, and then it pins onto my lapel. And there's a there's a sort of a weird hum in the Super Mario Brothers video that that I was that was brought to my attention. And I'm not sure if it's the I'm not sure if it's a hum, I meant to do more experimentation, I'm not sure if it's a hum, or if it's actually a an ambience sound from the kitchen where I'm shooting this from, it could go either way. So I need to do more. And it could be because I have the cable running along the gimbal, which has, you know, the big battery in it. So that could be causing some sort of a home, I've got to play around with it. But I'm doing my best to try to sort of up the game with the channel and produce more videos, more quality videos, better production quality and a little more frequently. So you'll probably see my channel, you know, getting a nice steady stream, I'm trying to work a little bit harder on the thumbnails, which is work that I absolutely hate doing. If I was actually making some decent money on this thing, maybe I'd hire somebody to do thumbnails, because it's almost an art form in itself getting compelling thumbnails, and I've watched a bunch of videos on this is a compelling thumbnail. But it's just you know, after after slaving away on this video right after doing the video recording and doing all the post work, then I have to sit down and make a fucking thumbnail, it just makes me makes me crazy. I don't want to do it. But I do it just not as well as I could. So that leads me to my next little announcement, I have decided to monetize YouTube. And this is weird for me, most of you, most of my audience here a passenger seat radio have been with me since like the early days of retro gaming radio, and you've been through many of my online endeavors. And you know, for me, it's never about money. For me, it's about when when money comes into the equation, it's like anything else, it starts to become a job when there's money involved. And when there's people paying you in essence for something, you feel this extraordinary urge to deliver and there's pressure. And then what used to be fun, what used to be an ad hoc show, it used to be a, let's just throw the camera up and record some video of you know, gaming watch Super Mario Brothers. Instead of that. Now it becomes Okay, from Saturday from six to 8pm. I'm going to set up the studio, I'm going to bang out three videos, I'm going to post produce them, I'm going to release them, you know, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, everything becomes so I work. So, but at the same time somebody brought a really good, a really good point up. Just because I'm not making money on youtube doesn't mean that YouTube isn't making money on me. And I sort of thought about that. And it's like, what if what if I run ads? What if I What if I opt in? And what if I'm ads pop up not all of my friends are on YouTube premium a lot of them are. But you know, as you're going to pop up that's going to sour people to my channel, maybe people won't, you know, stay and watch you know, maybe maybe this is a maybe this is the wrong path to do. And, you know, I sort of had the intervention where it's like, Listen, people are used to ads on YouTube, just because you're freaked out about ads and you block ads every two seconds. Most people don't give a rat's ass. Just Just do YouTube's making money on you make money on YouTube. And then there was some stats shared with me about this man and how much money they were making it a particular period of time on YouTube, and I'm going Geez, you know, I recently started monetizing with Amazon. Right so I would do all of these medium articles, I would do these tutorials I would do these these videos showing you how to use Bluetooth transmitters to effectively cast your, your Oculus quest, right. So I've been doing all this stuff anyway. And all I'm doing is throwing Amazon free business. And I've tried the affiliate thing in the past and it just it hasn't. It hasn't worked out very well. But I'm now officially sort of you know, I'm working the monetization with Amazon. And I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary right? So if you get like news feeds or you've got like an aggregate and you get these, you know, 10 items from Amazon that will change your life. You know this clickbait Stuff like that. And it's like you go in there. And of course, you know, there's 10 items, and they're all affiliate links, and they're all destined to just drive Amazon. And that's how these people make money. That's how they make a living, is doing these articles sending you to Amazon. And so, I'm on my second month of monetization with Amazon. And, you know, listen, I'm not making a fortune here. I mean, my last one was about 50 bucks. And the one before that was like, 30. But listen, you know, you add that up, and maybe this YouTube thing works out. And if I'm making a little bit of scratch here, a little bit of scratch there. You know, maybe I can actually pay for all the stuff that's outbound, right, you know, I pay, I pay 20 bucks a month for spreaker. Right? I pay 10 bucks a month for otter AI to transcribe the shows which I'm very laxing getting done. What else am I putting out for I'm putting out for web hosting, right? For the my various endeavors, I have a web host that I pay monthly fees for. So I'm probably out of pocket still, even if I'm making a pittance from these other things, but who knows how that'll go. But one thing though, that I have noticed about about monetizing YouTube is, is it sort of gives me a little more incentive, just a little bit, just enough to get that microphone, just enough to try a little harder to get better lighting just enough to maybe not do a video if I don't have a cameraman available. If it's not the right kind of video, I need somebody who can zoom in and pan around the product. So anyway, so I, I think it's okay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try to just, I'm going to kind of chill with it. We'll see how it goes. But if you're wondering about my activities, well, that's one of the things that I've been up to monetization of YouTube done. Let's see. So, recently, I've been pimping a tool called adios Ardiles au di ALS as the greatest tool for ripping video and music off the internet. Right? You guys know me, I'm about physical medium. But if you can't get physical media, the next best thing you can do is have media files that are deeper tected that are agnostic to a service that you can play whenever you want to play, right, wherever you want to play it and not be tied to a cloud not be tied to a monthly fee, not be tied to this not be tied to that. So I ran across my first real big wall with audios and you know, Listen, I'll talk about how great a product is. But when they fall short, I'm gonna jump right back on here and tell you about it. So as everybody knows, Google Play Music is no more it's gone the way of the dodo, which is way too bad. Because I had the greatest tool ever called music mate on Android. And it would let you rip anything you want it off of Google Play Music into a nice clean 320 kilobit per second. mp3 file. It's not flat, but you know, listen, you know, it's the peasants have to have their music, right. So anyway, one of the big things that I was concerned with with Google Play Music going away is what's going to replace music match or music mate rather. And so I came across audios when I was looking to rip videos from Netflix and Amazon Prime, mostly documentaries, right? Because you know, if you know where to look, you can find almost anything and you don't have to rip it yourself. But listen, I you know, I get into some of these weird documentaries. And these things just aren't available anywhere else. So you got to rip them yourself. So you sign up for a free trial and Netflix, rip three or four documentaries and yet cancel your service. Yeah, and this works across the board folks. I got a subscription to was that service that's tried to screw me over. Fortunately, I was using privacy comm to to use a burner card. But for that go goes the go goes documentary. Right. So I use that I use the trial to pull that down with audios. So what's wrong with audios? Where's the problem? Well, YouTube Music has like three different tiers hidden within its realms. Hey, Gus is here first live person in 14 and a half minutes. Well, it's nice to have somebody here Hey, guess. Poor Gus. He did some graphics for me for my beat Sabre quest website. And so I wanted to give him some credit maybe get him a little bit of work or something at the bottom you know, it's like you know, graphics from the side by what's the name of your what's the K right Give me the name of the that your company dude. I'll plug you here too. Because I have so many listeners I'm such an influencer. But so we put his we put his link in the in the footer basically, you know, crediting him for the graphics. And every time somebody has a Hey Chris Hall. Holy hell, where have you been? I thought you dropped off the face of the earth my brother and look at you. Get your real face on there. It's good to see you brother. Yeah carve design k A RV. design. Yeah, so that's Gus is a graphics company anyway, so he constantly gets email from people trying to figure out how to do custom songs on beat Sabre. Had it you know, how does bmbf work? I can't figure this out. I can't figure that out, as far as to me forwards these to me with like this. Fuck, dude. I mean, why are they writing the graphics people about how to use bmbf poor guy, I should have something down there that says, you know, technical support contact here instead of that poor guy happened to get them all but pretty funny. But anyway, so back to the YouTube premium thing. So the YouTube Music there. Like I said, there's like three tiers within there. And you really, it's really hard to get a grasp on what's what. So there are, there's the your music, right, so music that you've put up there, of course, you can upload, download, unlimited access, you know, whatever. It's, it's your music, right? Then there is the YouTube Music tier, which I don't know if everybody has access to, or how that works. There's another tier in the middle. And anything within that tier. You can rip with audios, right, you you know, you bring up a song, you hit share, you feed it to audios and it pulls the song down. It takes care of all the you know, all the tagging and everything. It's great. It's beautiful. It's exactly what you want. So I was hanging out with the unicorns of bmbf. That's the group that does the hacking tools that allow you to play custom songs on the Oculus quest, right for beat Sabre. And we're hanging out and we were talking about, what were we talking about? What was the lead into this? I don't know. Oh, I know what it was. Everyone was starting to wind down for the night. You know, we'd gotten the release out. All the notes were updated. It was in the hands of the people and the unicorns are exhausted because they've been doing this for like 36 hours straight. And so one of them said, You know, I gotta go, I gotta go to school tomorrow. I got it. I gotta hit this. I gotta hit the sack, blah, blah, blah. And I say and I write down the unicorn sleeps tonight, right? And somebody somebody, somebody responds with a bar to have the lion sleeps tonight, right? And I said, I said, you know what we need that we need that in beat Sabre. We need like a dance mix of the lion sleeps tonight. In beat Sabre, I got a couple of mapper friends. I bet I could get somebody to map that out real quick for us. And so I was digging around and I have a couple of nice little techno remixes of the lion sleeps tonight. And, and so I was posting them into the unicorn chat. And I was like, yeah, this one's good. But you know, I seem to remember there being a better one. So I went to youtube music. And I found one and I started listening to them again and now this is it. This is this is the best lion sleeps tonight. Beat Sabre custom Matt possibilities right here. This is it. So I fire up audios, right, I'm ready to just rip it on down and send it over to major pickle or tech butterfly and beg them you know, beg them to do a map for me. And oh, error processing this URL like, Wait, what? So I go back, I double check. I do the share, I get the link. I open up a new browser window, I paste it in the browser window is playing fine. So I'm at this for about a half hour trying to figure out what's the problem? Well, there's another tear inside of YouTube Music. This is the premium tier. Now I don't know what separates youtube music from YouTube Music premium tier because there's no little icons, there's no little dollar signs. There's nothing that says this song is only available for premium and none of that. All I can tell you is if I am not signed in with my premium account. I've got two different I got two different identities on Google one from enroll world and one for Shane R. Monroe. And if I'm signed in with the one I'm paying for, which is the Shane R. Monroe, I can play lion sleeps tonight. If I sign in with the Monroe world, I get a smaller subset of music. So I reached out to audios and I sent you know, I said I submitted a trouble ticket and I said Listen, this is what what we've got going on here. I've ripped tons of music in fact that new Kylie Minogue album disco right she's like counting the nose like elton john. Like every five or six years she shows up, puts out a number one hits somewhere in the world and then you know vanishes for a few years. So she just resurfaced. She released this disco album. Critics are liking it fans are liking it. She's already on the top 10 charts somewhere probably Australia, or England or something. But anyway, so I'm like, Yeah, well let me go grab that album. Click Click Click Click. audios rips it down two or three seconds. I've got the music. I'm good to go. Oddly enough. I still haven't listened to it. But I got from when I'm ready. I've got the Lion Sleeps and I forget about it. Right? I can have Kylie Minogue brand new album, but I can't have lion sleeps tonight. So I sent it a ticket. I said, Listen, here's a link to the song, it will not download, I assure you the link is correct. So something is awry. This is before I kind of put two and two together and figure it out. There's another tear within the YouTube Music thing. That's before I figured out that if you're logged in, As a premium member, you can play the song. If you're not logged in as a premium member, you don't get to play the song. So I write I, you know, I write to them, and within 24 hours, I mean, within a day, listen, you gotta give him credit for being, you know, fast turnaround. They write me back and they're like, yeah, the link doesn't work for us either. I'm like him. No shit. I told you it didn't work. What do you didn't get to figure with these level? You know, the level zero tech support people, right? These are people pasting in links from Vimeo into a YouTube thing, and it doesn't work. It doesn't work. Right, sir. You haven't used the right link? So I'm like, No, no, no. I, I said, I'm sure it's the right thing. And they're like, Well, can you record? Can you do a screen capture of playing the song and then trying to drag that song into audios? And I say Yeah, sure. Do that for you. So I make the video and just decide. And just as I'm, as I'm shooting the video, I'm starting to realize that the difference here is the logged in account. And so when I sent him the video, I'm like, Listen, I think it has to do with the fact that audios is not representing me in whatever capturing system you're using. So we probably need to have some methodology of me authenticating into YouTube. You know, just like, and that's exactly what, that's exactly what music may did. When you signed in the music made on Android before you went over to Google Play. Before you could actually record from Google Play with flip open the Google Play window, right Google Play Music, and then it would flip back over showing that it sort of got the credentials that needed to get those songs down. So I get that. Anyway, so they wrote back. They're like, yeah, listen, we see exactly what's going on. We'll get with the developers. And I'm like, Yeah, all right. I paid 29 bucks for this and get my money's worth, you know. So, but I do want to mention that because I do push the product a lot. And I want you guys to know that I found a flaw. And with everybody now either going to youtube music or going somewhere else, that you may experience some sort of problem. So so I didn't mention that game in watch earlier. I don't have a lot to talk about. I mean, I did it in the video. I talked about it, and I showed it off. It's pretty cool. You know, gaming watch was way beyond my paygrade growing up when those things were popular. First off, I was not a Nintendo fan. If you guys remember, I was not a big Nintendo fan back then I felt that the Nintendo and the NES took away the the traction that we got as computer users, right? Because we had the big video game crash consoles were dead. Right? So computers were getting all the love. The Commodore 64 the Amiga, we were all all the game developers that no longer had a meal ticket with consoles. We're developing top notch games for computers. I'm like, Yes, this is it. And then Nintendo shows up with the NES and all the developers run off again right now we're back to you know we're now we're back to you know weekend warrior software that's suck i want to know I wanted I wanted pro but it you know, probe entertainment Mortal Kombat on the Amiga. I didn't want that. I didn't want scorch tanks on me. I'm just saying you see where I'm going with it. So Nintendo when I we're not fans, but there were tons of things in that era. That, you know, we were just we were poor man. I mean, there wasn't there wasn't a lot of money to be had. And in 50 $60 Gaming watch. I seem to remember them being like 4999. Right. That's exactly how much the new one costs two, and 20 $20. But yeah, so it doesn't there's no nostalgia hit for me. It's my point. But I thought Listen, they're supposedly in short supply. Amazon has them in stock. Might as well grab what Hey, listen, it's good for the new monetized YouTube channel. Right let's uh, let's do it. Let's Let's throw it in the YouTube channel. And you know, my son of course, he's he's an Nintendo. He's, you know, he's a video gamer so he was like, totally into getting into it. In fact, he even found that there's some hidden shit in there there's a how to draw Mario easter egg duct in there. He actually brought it to me the day after it's like Why can't you had this the day we were shooting the damn video that would have been even more impressive. I could add clickbait on the thumbnail right? hidden secrets inside of gaming watch you must see I'm no good at clickbait. I feel like I'm lying. And you know, that that that's not that's not the truth. I am going to show you a secret but it's like what kind of secret is that? my secrets not curing cancer. My secrets not disarming the Soviet nuclear weapon you know, nuclear missile codes right? I mean, this is a this is how to drum Mario inside of a $50 game and watch but it's a neat piece of tech and the screen looks gorgeous. I have to admit that they've, they really, they really delivered the packaging and everything else, you can still get your hands on one, if you're even remotely a fan. It's, it's probably worth your time just to have one in the collection. But pretty neat, pretty neat stuff. That was something else that I, I bought on the with the impetus of going to my YouTube channel. So I'll be getting more stuff probably that is to go to the YouTube channel. Let's see what's next. I got some VR stuff to talk about several things, actually. But before we get into that, everyone likes to know where Brian and I are with our movies. And what we're watching. People ask me all the time, when did you brandwatch this weekend. So it's a fun story. So we started watching. So we have a couple of standby shows. They're constantly playing in the background. We are a background noise family, my wife is that way My son is that way. And so my we like to have something we know, in the background playing. Now something new, not something interesting, but just something that we've seen a million times. For a while. It was Modern Family right now modern families off the air, and we've had that on rotation for months and months. Then it was now that was auction hunters. That's a big, big fan favorite. So we had that on rotation. And so now we have 70 show that 70 show. Yeah, we finally got him into that we introduced him to that. We love that show. It's a big family favorite. And so now that gets put on on random shuffle in the background. So we sort of needed a new show to start, right. And so we decided to start Married with Children, right, because he's a big fan of Ed O'Neill right from from modern family. So we got some, we got some shared characteristics there. And let's be honest, that's one funny show. And it's so irreverent. And you know, back at the time, it was, you know, it was sensational television, right. It was sensationalism type stuff. And it was very dysfunctional family. And it was, you know, a lot of people considered it coloring outside the lines. And this guy is, you know, this whole family's a complete disgusting mess, and blah, blah, blah. I mean, it's totally tame now. I mean, it's things like nothing going on in there that we haven't seen endlessly, but it's got very clever writing, especially like the first four or five seasons are just downright awesome. And so we've been watching that. But for us, one of our problems is watching movies, we like to watch movies when my wife's in bed, but we like to watch movies that are loud and boisterous. And, and frankly, a lot of the movies that I'm showing my son at this age as he started this coming of age thing is a lot of dialogue heavy stuff, right? Because, like anything from Kevin Smith, the mallrats, or clerks or Chasing Amy, or dogma, you know, that it's there. They're great movies, but the magic is in the precise execution of amazing dialogue. dogma is fantastic. Chasing Amy is almost too dialogue heavy. It's almost, you're almost spending too much time chewing dialogue, then actually watching the movie. Right? So there's that you can take something too far. Oh, Chasing Amy. Like, I happen to rewind the damn movie. It's like, go understand what's going on here. Are you? I mean, he gets the dick and fart jokes. But there's a there's an undertone, right? There's this. This girl Who is this woman is gay, gay and gay. You know? And Ben Affleck falls in love with her and he tries to convert her. And there's this you know, I don't know if you've seen or not chasing him. He's not one of Kevin Smith's more popular movies. But I happen to like that sort of thing. So anything lesbians equal ratings, right. But now listen, Howard Stern, okay. But yeah, so I was trying to get through with him. But I kept I mean, we had Turn on subtitles, and I had to keep rolling it back. It was just it was a mess. So we sort of calm down on the movie watching. But we did dust off Con Air, which is one of my amazing Nick Nicolas Cage guilty pleasures. I love me some Con Air man. It's just, it's so in some cases, it's so bad. It's good. In other cases, it's like, this is what a summer blockbuster used to be. Now it's like 900 scenes of CGI and bad physics. But back then it was you know, plane crashes and explosions and people getting into real fistfights where they weren't CG half the time and on wires the other half of the time. You know what I mean? There's something very visceral and real about these sort of summer blockbuster action type popcorn movies, and I just I don't feel them anymore. I don't I don't look at Marvel movies. And you know, DC movies. Those movies don't feel like these did to me. They are I don't know they're processed. They're over processed. Just that's not the best thing I can. That's the best way I can explain it. But anyway, so he really liked Connor. He's a big Nicolas Cage fan as well. So we watched we watched Con Air but we kept my wife awake and I'm like, God, we got up. This could be something we can do here, man. Maybe I can run a speaker Set behind the couch, right, so we can be sitting on the couch. And we can have the speakers right next to our heads, maybe that would help. So read that recently, but within the last few months, I was looking for a solution for broadcasting audio wirelessly from the quest back to the PC, so that you could do like a live stream with your voice and Oculus quest audio. Look, go to my channel and search for streaming or streamer. I can't remember what it was under. But you'll find that what I was doing with these they're like 60 bucks. And it comes with a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver. And there's there's sort of prepared and you can make either one to transmit either one receiver fits one eighth inch headphone jacks. It worked amazing for the quest and and I break them out from time to time to do some sort of a video but I was thinking to myself, well, why can't we use these for headphones, man, why can't we? Why can't we put the put the transmitter on our receiver on you know, our stereo receiver in the living room on the media center. And, and pump it out to a to a y splitter off of this receiver, this Bluetooth receiver and just listen with headphones on. So we got to try for the first time last night and we watch tombstone which is what I'm dying to show him tombstone. But I keep putting it off and I keep putting it off because I'm afraid he's not old enough to truly appreciate it. You know what I mean? Because tombstone while it has great action scenes, and it's got like every famous person and everyone in there's famous, right? Some famous actor, everyone's in there. And I know he's a huge Kurt Russell fan, too. So I knew I had a lock with the Kurt Russell thing. But, you know, westerns are hit and miss for me anyway. And so I assumed for him, and there's no real big special effects. And there's not a there's not a ton of violence. I mean, there's plenty of shooting and all that stuff. But you know, when there's the underscore the love story underpinning it and all this other stuff. I figured the longer I waited, but not too long, the more likely I could sell him on out amazing the movie tombstone is. And so yeah, so needless to say the timing was perfect. And guess what? These headphones, this this headphone rig up that I did kicked ass. I mean, the audio, the audio is not surround, so you drop you have to go drop to two channel, which that does suck. And I know a lot of people on chain, you can't watch movies into channel. That's not right. That's not fair. That's not, that's not civilized. But there's a trade, the dialogue, that center channel that, you know, that is like Kevin Smith moves, we're watching chasing, and we're gonna start it over. And we're gonna listen, we're gonna watch it with the headphones on, because he's going to be able to hear every word, every word, every nuance every cracky hear at all. And so that was a huge success. So that really opens up some doors for us to start watching more and more of these louder movies, these movies that would typically cause my wife to be awake and cause problems, we can now lay there on the couch in blissful silence watching these amazing movies. So that was pretty cool. So that's what we've been up to in the movie department. Let me check that one off. There's no, there we go. Let's see Plex dash, let me just talk about this real quick, not too long. If you have the Plex media server, and you have a Plex pass, there is a tool available for you for free, from Plex called Plex dash. And it is exactly what it sounds like. It's a dashboard for your Plex server that you put on your phone. So you can watch what's going on. You can see who's watching what you have access to almost everything. It's not something to play back video. It's something to maintain and observe and monitor your, your Plex server. Well, they posted something and I didn't really I didn't make this connection until they posted something on Twitter about updating your covers. Now listen, I'm one of those weird people. I like the covers that I originally saw the movie with. Right so when you went to the video store, you went to blockbuster Liberty video, and you've got a movie that was came in a case with a cover on it or you take the box up with the cover and they give you a shitty rental box but the covers the covers were sometimes the only way you could judge a movie there was no frickin Rotten Tomatoes. There was no Internet Movie Database. You rented movies based on how cool the damn cover was right? And sometimes the cover was 10 times better than the movie. And other times it was the exact opposite Who the hell put this this cover together Bob from accounting. His movie kicks ass deserves a better box. But these are the boxes that they are ingrained in our psyche, right you go down to Liberty video, you'll walk the new release items. There's the screen cover. There's the the the National Lampoon's Vacation cover, you know, and she's chained to his ankle, you know, there's all these things and you know, they sometimes they change it because you know, it's not nice to have a woman chained to a man's leg anymore. It's like Dude, it's a movie and it's it. It's a nevermind i can't explain to you if you have a problem with I can't explain to there's no way I can make this work. But anyway, so a lot of times these movies have been rereleased like five times right they double dip, triple dip, quadruple dip, blu ray Oh, it's it's DVD Special Edition DVD Collector's Edition DVD reissue DVD, blu ray, special edition blu ray to disk Special Edition blu ray, you know, Collector's Edition blu ray, ultimate collector's 4k. Oh my god, it's Robert lohja edition, you know. And so in some in some cases when it's not collector, or it's not scream or shout factory where they actually give you the original covers as well as in reimagine one. They give you these horrible covers, you will see the worst cover ever go look at the European vacation. rerelease cover that they put out horrible. So one of the one of the things that I do when I add a movie to Plex is because Plex does its best check to go out and pick up a cover for it. A lot of times it gets some alternate cover some reissue cover, they pick up a movie poster instead of the cover or something like that. You guys don't I'm talking about to go in and change covers inside the Plex server is a pain in the ass. It just is. It's just it's not convenient. Plex dash is convenient as how super easy you can sit there and process cover after cover after cover after cover after cover. Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing and be done. It's awesome. If nothing else that's worth downloading and installing Plex dash just for cover management. So I wanted to share that with you cuz I was all excited about it. Let's see what's How well are we on here? 36 minutes. Okay. Let's talk a little VR stuff. I ran across a couple of titles that you need to be aware of for the virtual reality video gaming platforms. One of them is called walk about mini golf. And I know you're thinking Shane Mini Golf, you had us all brought up for the mini golf Come on. But walk about mini golf. There's something special about walking about mini golf. Recently, we had pro putt putt golf, which was a great title. I talked about it, I think on this very show. It's on my top 40 List of VR games, right? But this walk about golf. It's not too much. Right like Howard would say it's too much. All of this running around and putting it's too much. But this walk about golf, it's easy and it's easy out. It's it's social enough that if you want to just hang out with your buddies, you feel like you're literally they're just kicking around, you know, you can sit there and shoot the shit. The mechanics are good. The layouts good, you got last balls to go find there's plenty of courses to play. There's an you know, there's a regular verse version of the course and hard version of the course there's lots of replay, there's leaderboards, you got a god mode that you can fly up up top and look at the whole course from up above. And it's available on quest on Oculus Rift, and it's coming to steam. So I don't know when it's coming to steam, it needs to hurry the hell up. So I got a lot of friends, I will be buying copies of walkabout mini golf, just so that I have somebody to play with. I mean, I have a couple of friends that I play with now. My beat Sabre mapping friends, we we've been playing at least a couple rounds every week on the on the weekends. But I thought that was something like 15 bucks. It's like cheap too. It's now like saying, Oh yeah, that sounds great. But to me like 40 bucks, come on. I mean, he got Yes, 15 bucks. And and and, and the kicker the cherry on top. No, Facebook is required. Right. So if you guys know how it is with the Oculus quest, and Facebook is now taking over going Gestapo. You want to party up with your friends, you want to play games together, you can sign into Facebook, sign into Facebook, sign into facebook, facebook, chat with your facebook, facebook. So anyway, so walk about mini golf uses a private gaming system, which is the way everybody should do it, frankly. And you you all get on and you all enter the same room name and Bing, bang, boom, you're in a party, and nobody else can get in. You can have up to five players playing at a time which is great. You know, and it's it's an amazing amount of fun. If you have the means I highly recommend picking it up. Walk about mini golf, virtual reality good stuff. Also in virtual reality, I ran across this game called cyber Cade cyber Cade. This is available on the Oculus platform only I'm afraid it's on quest and it's on Rift. Most of you. I think a lot of you that do have VR, I think have Rif some of you have Windows mixed reality. But you can still play Oculus stuff with Windows mixed reality you have to use this revive tool, but anything So this is it's called cyber Kade. It's a pay what you pay what you want for game, right? They recommend $7. But you can download and play the entire game for free without any donation. And it is literally like Lethal Enforcers. But in VR, right and I did a video if you want to go see it in person, it's cooperative. So you want to buddy can play together just like Lethal Enforcers, just like all these cool gun games from the 90s. Right? These essentially, you know, the levels, the levels, all of the guys come out at the same time at the same place. So you can become better through memorization. But it's it's it's, it's almost cruel and difficult, right? But it's but the every time you get just a little bit further a little bit further. Oh yeah, I know that guy is now a little bit further a little bit further. And, and again, it's it looks great. It's simple. It's easy. And you can party up through a room number or room name you don't have to. You don't have to. You don't have to use Facebook. Easy peasy. You get in you play. And it's a lot of fun. A new retro arcade Is that the one where you basically set up all your ROM images and your emulators and it basically gives you like a VR arcade but you've got to do all the work on the backside. Is that that one? Or is that the other one? I always get there's one that has nothing to do with setting up your own arcade. And then there's that one, so I don't know which one you're talking about for sure. But I I got too much. I don't like setting up my own stuff anymore. You know, my buddy more DRock is well, you know, one of the watchman guys for the channel that plug in on here. The he's he's in the process of building this ultimate launch box emulation package. I mean, he's, every time I talk to him, I did some more of this, I did some more that I added this game at this. He is he is asientos he's probably got a hundreds of hours into that. I would have loved that. I would have loved doing that. In fact, I've done this with Maine, and my original arcade cabinets that I put together I did this exact same thing. And lists curation, endless. You know, finishing filling, you know, fiddling with this thinking with that, setting this up, blah, blah, blah. And, and I would love doing that. Not anymore, dude, I am over 50 now My days are I'm on the downside, I'm on the back nine. The last thing I want to do is spend the next fucking 10 years of my life trying to come up with a decent looking VR arcade. Eventually, somebody will come up with a turnkey image just like we have on Raspberry Pi. Which leads me to segue into my next topic that you know, listen, I'm not looking for the perfect scenario anymore. I just want somebody to throw shit together for me at this point. Just give me an image. And I'll call out what I don't want or maybe I won't maybe I'll just forget about it. Storage is cheap. You know what I'm saying? Back in the old days we were calling ship because we didn't have room for 17 gigabytes of main ROMs now it's like fucking putting a new hard drive no problem. I don't care if there's 900 copies of area 51 on there. Put them on it saves me time I don't have to do it. So if you a cyber Cade, cyber Kaden VR, I recommend it. So recently I speaking of pi and images and retro gaming. I recently acquired a PI four right I've had I've got pi threes falling out of my ass one of them is now a piehole it's blocking ads on my network. But I grabbed a PI four and I grabbed this incredible this incredible case it's the Oregon one m two case and it's it's a very Deluxe. Very well built heatsink built in fan built in. Premium built that's what I'm saying print. It's not some fucking 3d thing printed on Etsy. This is like a premium product and it costs but it's a premium price 40 it's 45 bucks I think plus shipping. And this case actually has a built in base that accepts m two hard drives No shit. You slide one of these thumb stick drives in there, you know the It looks like a memory sim right? These m two drives. You slide it in there. Yep, attach it to the bottom of this pie case you put this little jumper that crosses over the two USB ports. And boom, you have 128 gigabytes of ultra fast hard drive, powering a pie for running your favorite classic game. So I grabbed this image called them childhood memory something or another. It's 128 gig image. I bought an m two portable drive reader. I'm into this thing for a lot of cash folks. And so I plugged into my PC I got the image I wrote the image on there. And now with the PI four with a with an upgrade to their firmware, it can actually boot off of high capacity storage drives and you no longer have to have an SD card in there to act as a bootstrapper I can literally Run my entire pie 428 gigabyte SSD drive. I mean, this image has it all folks. I mean, it's got, it's got the arcade, it's got the console, it's got Daphne, for Christ's sake. And all the games, not just dragons learn spaceless, I would have put on it. But it's got there's quests, it's got all of those games on there, right? So this image has it all. And every time you boot up, you get this new theme, this new intro video, you get a new interface. It's, it's it's premium shit. And thank God, somebody else built it, not me. So for me, that's how I'm getting sort of that retro fix again. But anyway, I got a video of it up there, I just reload it over and over again. And I run through the different interfaces, so you can kind of see what's on the image, and what it looks like each time you boot. And that's available on my YouTube channel to the argon, one m two case, you know, I was thinking about it for 150 bucks, essentially, he had the PI for you get the Argonne case, you get 128 gigabyte drive, and you get like a Logitech f 700 controller. That's under 150 bucks. And you literally have, like the best fucking Christmas gift you could give anybody, right? Like anybody over the age of 30, maybe 40 at this point. Just imagine that for 150 bucks, the guy that has everything, the woman who has everything, the family that has everything, what can you get them, Jesus h Christ for 150 bucks, which is Listen, I know that sounds like a lot of money. But you know, when you're talking about getting a family gift to some close friends, hundred 50 bucks is nothing. You throw this thing together, you have the images already pre built, you just write them to the drive, you plug them in, you turn them on Bing, bang, boom, you're back at the mall. And listen, what a great gift. I mean, I'm trying to think of you know, who I can give this to who I can build these for for Christmas, they can really appreciate them. So very, very cool. Let's see how much time do I have in 46 minutes. So my friend Chad knows that I'm really into like documentaries. I'm into weird documentaries I want to know about really fucked up people. And so he sent me two different documentary series as to watch. They're both on the exact same thing. They're on this cult called Nexium made by the it's all run by this toll free gas guy named Keith Ranieri. And, you know, I vaguely You know, this is something so big, I would have thought I would have heard about it, but I didn't or I don't know why. I can't use the excuse that I was at sea when this happened, because this was like in the you know, late 2000s, mid early 2000 10s. Right. And I don't remember this at all. I mean, I do remember just snippets of it, but I know I i would think that this would have been more on my radar. But there's two docu series. One of them's called the vow and it's 10 parts. And it's all from the perspective of top participants. I mean, people who like, like, we're founders of the organization, not Keith Neary, but like his number one is number two, his most trusted people. Hey, JK, what's up, man? So we're nearing like, these are all of his like most closest disciples, they, one by one they, they got out of the cult. And so this whole, it's all of their stories. It's their, like, number one, number two, number three people. And it's their story talking about this cult from the beginning, until they put this guy in, you know, they prosecuted this guy. I don't even I don't even know if he went to jail. I'm assuming he did. But I'm not quite that far. At least not in the second series. But it's a slow burn. And there was many times where I'm sitting here watching it going, we could have compressed this a lot. I did not need 10 one hour episodes of this show. But I but I was in I mean, I didn't give it up. And you guys know me. I'll bail The first time I started to yawn. And I wasn't even doing this as a on the art trainer. Right? This wasn't an art trainer show. This was like, the family's in bed. I can kick him back for an hour, hour and a half. I could do anything I want. Let's just sit down and watch this van, the vow. And so I was I watched I mean I watched the entire thing and it was like it wasn't edge of your seat stuff, but it's crazy. And then there's a second series made by stars. I think the first one was from HBO the second one's from stars. And this one is, is a you could watch you could watch them one or the other one and probably get what you need. I'm only I'm three out of the five I think I'm midway midway through the second CS series, the second series called seduction, or seduced, called seduced. And so this so towards the end of the vow, they brought this woman in whose daughter and these were high. These were fluent people. A lot of the people that were involved in this organization were a fluent people. They were actors, and politicians and daughters of you know the seagrams wine cooler Empire. Right. I mean, these these people had shitloads of money shitloads of legal teams and they got away with almost murder maybe probably murder. But the set so towards the end we get there was this mother who was really involved with trying to get this this cult closed down because her daughter had been assimilated into this cult. Big time. Anyway, her her mom was like the Princess of Venezuela or something. Crown Princess of Venezuela. Lots of money. Lots of, you know, affluent people. It turned out later that the mom of this girl they'd gotten, you know, enslaved by this group was married to Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers. How's that for interesting? But anyway, so this whole thing is all about mind control. It's all about slowly. I mean, this happened over like, 20 years, man, this wasn't this, you know, Jim Jones thing. It was, it wasn't quick. It wasn't waco. This was a slow burn. And maybe that's what they were trying to do with this 10 piece parts versus making it like five parts. But these people were brought in by Ranieri and glue just, it's amazing. And at one point, these women are being firebrand did with this guy's name. And they are eager to do it. And you're sitting here watching this going, Oh, fuck are you thinking? Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, no, no, this is about empowerment. You're going to be empowered by me branding this guy's fuckin initials on your vagina. It was like, right, not right next to their vagina. And I'm and, and you're sitting there going, dude, how do you how do you? How do you sucker in for that. But then, as you're, as you're watching this thing, it's like this was a systematic breakdown, piece by piece little by little. It's, it's, it's, it's an if nothing else. It's interesting from, from an intellectual point of view of how this guy, this one dude. And his first line of people got 10s of thousands of people into this cult, making money hand over fist. And anybody who even questioned anything, it was always flipped back on them. And they were sorry. They didn't want to disappoint so they did it. We need you to recruit other sex slave women. And if you don't, we're gonna be we're gonna be unhappy with you. Oh, yes, Master. I'll do it. What? Wait, what's this? How is this happening? These are intelligent people. These are really super intelligent people. These aren't these aren't. You know, these are religious zealots. These aren't the hillbillies. These. These are like affluent people make Scientology look like, you know, Sunday school. But it is a nutty, it's a nutty, it's a whole the whole thing's nutty, it's crazy town. And again, I would say these are complimentary. I wouldn't watch one or the other. I've watched them both. I would watch the bow first. And then the there's an overlap sort of where this mother and the daughter, it's all from the daughter's point of view, this India, whatever her name is. Last name, oxenberg oxenford, something like that. And it's all her point of view. And she tells the whole story from the second from the time that she was brought in for these classes too. You know, I'm not gonna ruin the fun for you, but shit. The fuck man. So it's her story for the second piece of it and you have a good basis from the vow to go into this seduced one. It's really good. I mean, listen, I'm all into it. And so the I'm on the third episode of Five of seduce I've already watched all of the vow. If you're if it even sounds remotely interesting to you pick it up. The first series you could probably do something else like you know, flip through your tablet or something like that or wash dishes while you're watching it or something like that. do housework while you're watching it. Because it's slow and they reiterate things frequently. But yeah, it's nutty stuff. So I'm all into that. That's that's been my my filler show right now. That's what I've been doing to to enjoy my time on my own. On Deck though, just released yesterday in search of darkness part two, for more hours of retrospective tribute to 80s horror movies. I've you guys know I talked all up about the first one. I back the second one no questions asked, waiting for the blu ray to come. I haven't watched it yet. It's on deck. I'm going to put that on right after I'm done with the seduce show. So stay tuned for more information on that. But it is available. It's out now. And I'm really super excited to see it. Okay, it's time to talk about the Google Photos storage debacle. There's a lot of people pissed off. I'm actually not one of them. And the only reason I'm probably not one of them is because I'm already on a Google one plan so it doesn't affect But so the long story short is come July of next year, unlimited storage of, of certain size photos, because right now, Google offers you unlimited storage of Google Photos, video and photos. As long as they're not too big, or you can say, only upload this particular size, it's still a good size. They call I think they call it like, high quality versus original high quality mode or high definition pictures, but not original where you shot a 12, you know, 12 gigabyte picture on your nine gillean. You know, Mike nine, one point 21 gigawatt, you know, camera in RAW format, where every picture is like a gig. So they'll let you upload unlimited versions in this high resolution format, but not original format. Unlimited. Well, as of July of next year, you're now down to the 15 gigabyte cap, which Listen, that's actually pretty generous. I mean, if you look around, I think iCloud is what five gigabytes? I think I think OneDrive is five, I think as well. I mean, 15 gigabytes is still generous, but everybody is acting like that somebody shot their fucking dog. It's like, Listen, how long do you think that was gonna happen? I mean, you can't go to Amazon, Amazon's got unlimited photo storage, right with your prime membership, that makes it a hell of a deal. And I even jumped on the interface recently, just so I can sort of evaluate because I listen. Here's the biggest problem with Google Photos. I'll tell you straight up. People use Google Photos as cold storage. And they're pissed off now that they don't get free cold storage anymore. And that's what it really boils down to. People aren't really some people are I'm not saying everybody. Some people use Google Photos as a dump as a backup, right? Other people are using Google Photos in a much higher capacity, right? Google Photos has all sorts of great shit in it. If you use it. I mean, if you're willing to use it, if it makes sense for you to use it. If it doesn't, then Google Photos is not for you. Listen, if you want cold storage of photos, for God's sakes, look around. Right? I mean, if all you want to do is shove three terabytes of pictures and video somewhere just in case your house burns down, dude, Google one, Google, you know, Google Drive, you know, the Google storage solutions. That's that's not for you. You know, there's cheaper alternatives, you're just using the wrong product. So there's all this, you know, there's all this going on. Everyone's upset about it. And listen, I get it. Everybody who's getting something for free, doesn't like to be asked to pay for it. I totally get it. And again, I'm more pissed at Google for doing shit like taking away Google Play Music. And now they're gonna kill Google Hangouts. Then they killed Google Plus, anytime I get to fall in love with a Google product. They they call it or they kill it. That's my problem with Google along with everything else. It's a problem with Google. But when it comes to things like this, listen, I don't know how much I mean, right now. Right now. There are pirate groups using Google Drive to store hundreds, if not thousands of terabytes of pirated software. You know, listen, Google has a long reach in deep pockets. But someone's got paid for that shit. Ain't the pirates that are paying for it. You didn't pay for me, I paid for it. And I'm grandfathered in, right? So I get to complain even less, because I'm on the two terabyte Google Drive or the Google one account. And that gets me two terabytes. 400 bucks a year. Even cold storage? Well, yeah, cold storage is cheaper. But that's all encompassing, I get to share that space with five family members. I get all the Google services around it. I you I actually use Google Photos. Like maybe 50% of what it's capable of doing. But I still use it more than the people who are using Google Photos as cold storage. So I understand that people are upset. But you know, you gotta just gotta take a step back and say how can I How can I get around this? What's my next step? Am I really using Google Photos? Or am I using it as a picture dump site? And it's a picture dump site shit, man. Start you did you set up your own shit? You got a Plex server, right? Damn, that stores pictures and it's got camera uploads. It's got all that stuff. You can literally take pictures all day long on your phone and upload it straight to Plex. And then you maintain it you don't have to pay anybody remember what if there's a fire in my house? Yeah, well, okay, listen. But you want to start off site you got if you go buy storage, you're gonna pay for that too. But listen, yeah, this is this is that this is not the this isn't. This isn't the clearest right? This is not nature's Rubik's Cube. It's very simple. You use your Plex server as your local storage and display and once a month, right Once a month, you exchange a drive with a guy from work, right? So you give him a drive, he gives you a drive, you take his pictures on your site, and then you know, you bring his hard drive onto your site, you hand him your hard drive, he puts it on his site. When I say site, I mean on location, not on a website I'm talking about, you get a terabyte drive. Once a month, you dump all your pictures and video to it. You take an exchange with the guy at work, and he gives you one and then you take that and you put in your house, the likelihood of both your houses burning down at the same time, probably pretty slim. So listen, he just, I mean, listen up. Google has made me want to chew up frickin, you know, steal and spit out nails. I understand. I mean, but this is, but the fact that this is where people draw the line, right? I mean, Google is taking a lot more away from us than Google Photos, and they're not even taking it away. They're giving you 15 gigabytes. That's insane. That's huge. That's a lot. That's a lot of space. I mean, for pictures, I mean, not video, of course. But anyway, so I was I've been trying to calm down a handful of my acquaintances better just thought Google, Google Photos. This should be free. It's I can't do listen to everything can be free. Yeah, to pay for something. Yeah, well, they're already harvesting my dead, I should get that for free. Well, you had a point there, maybe you should, you know. But as cheap as storage is, you know, your 15 gigabytes extrapolated across, you know, 60 billion people using it, then you know, you got somebody's got to pay the piper. And listen, I hate that hundred dollar nut a year. Every time I see I get this one month morning, it says, you know, your payment for Google one will be coming due soon. I'm like, that's 100 bucks, I got a kick out of my paycheck. But oddly enough, there are ways of making that hundred dollars work for you. But it's not $100 for you, unless you're grandfathered. And now it's like $130. But as many of you know, those of you who were on the Google premium, or the YouTube premium service with Google Play Music, for example. All the sudden, Google wants to send you a free stadia. They want to send you a stadia, they want to send you a Chromecast ultra, which is worth 60 bucks. They want to send you this stadia controller, I don't know what that's worth, because they don't know if they sell them separately. And they want to give you your first three months for free. Now listen, I'm gonna be playing any stadia. I'll tell you that right now. But a Chromecast ultra Fuck Yeah, same Yeah, buddy, that's 60 bucks. You know, it's nothing for them. But it's a nice, you know, nice incentive. So essentially, you know, these sort of things sort of pay for themselves if you work it out. I do know that with the Google one plan, I also get 10% off of their Google Shopping. Listen, they you know, it's not like Amazon, I can't have it overnight. So I'm going to probably go with Amazon. That's just the way I the way I am, I'm in a hurry. But you know, if you took 10% off, and you spent a couple hundred bucks over on the Google Store throughout the year buying, you know, Google Home devices for your family or whatever. Listen, you're sort of paid off, you just got to kind of make it work for him. But I get it, I get it. I understand why people are upset, but it's like, you're probably using the wrong thing. Anyway, that's just a good wake up call for you. Use any cold storage? Listen, Amazon, I know Amazon has a great cold storage deal. You don't actually spend any money until you get the stuff back. Right. So it's sort of insurance. You pay like three cents a gigabyte to store with, with Amazon cold storage, we had to, we had to do an RFP for it at work not too long ago. To see who we were going to use for storage. It was like three cents a gigabyte, you're gonna wait a minute. That's not a lot of money. It's like, Yeah, no, it's not a lot of money. That's, that's to store it. And then they charge you a fee. When you pull stuff out of it. That's what cold storage is. You don't pay going in you pay coming out. But if your house never burns down, right, you know what I'm saying? If the house never burns down, you're never going to retrieve it. So you're basically paying a small fee for insurance. But you come up with another option? I don't know. So yeah, I'm gonna get that free stadia, I'm going to find out if I can get that controller to work on that Raspberry Pi four I was just talking about, that's going to be my go to controller on there. Because I've already tried stadia, I can't stomach, it doesn't work for me. Virtual ownership, never owning anything. I mean, it's bad enough having digital lockers all over the place, right? It's bad enough that you know, I don't get to own a disc or a box for my purchases, I have to rely on a digital bit in a database somewhere, but at least at least with digital lockers like steam, then, you know, I can offload i can i can back that up. I can put that on a disk. I can store that on my cloud. I can get that program back at some future time on stadia, but when Google takes that away from everybody, like they do everything else, you're out hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars. You're all your shits gone. I don't know. Not for me, I am not of that age. I guess I'm not of the era of streaming gaming and no ownership. have anything I'm not that's not me. I've got to own I've got I've got to possess. I need that I need the tactile comfort of physical meaning I need that stuff. It's not. I am not a disposable nature guy. So let's see what do we got here? Um, I've got one more eye and you know what, I'm going to save it. I'm going to save it because we're already at 65 minutes should probably get my ass in the house. It's starting to I'm starting to fog up the car here people gonna wonder what's going on. But listen, you got over an hour show not too bad. After it. I do want to put a quick plug in. I wanted to talk more about Call of Duty Cold War, because I'm asking elbows into Call of Duty Cold War. I've played the campaign all the way through. I've got a lot of time on zombies. I played a lot of multiplayer. I was on the beta. So I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about with Call of Duty. I just don't have time to do it tonight. But right now I'm very pleased. It feels very Infinite Warfare, which is a plus in my book. I know a lot of people it's not. But the zombies offers some some some new stuff. Good stuff. The campaign is excellent. The multiplayer is very, very good. So we'll talk about that another time. All right. Hope you enjoyed the show everybody this is Shane R. Monroe with passenger see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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