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Topics: The Bryan Pool Story / Goodbye Hunter / Win 10 Talk Hello Folks, this is Shane R. Monroe. You're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is July July 28 2015. You're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Well, I keep talking about finishing up this trip so we can move on to bigger and better things. So let's see if I can finally finish this guy up. So once we left a Portland we made a pretty much a bonzai run back down to California to pick the marquees up from the mother in law. And we made a couple of stops along the way, of course to sleep but that was about it. I mean, it was really pretty much a really boring return trip. There. one incident I want to talk about because it's really, really bizarre. kind of bizarre. I mean, let me just tell you about it. So you think so, we stayed at one hotel and I can't remember. I think it was in Paterson, New. Mm Hmm, maybe it was Patterson, I don't remember. Anyway, so we're at this hotel. And of course, my wife is really tired. She did most of the driving. And she gets sick when she drives. A lot of people have asked me why does your wife drive all the time? So because my wife gets sick when other people drive, so she either has to dope up on motion sickness pills, or she has to drive. That's fine. I can sit on my ass and play video games and shit while she drives not a problem. So anyway, so we go to this hotel, my wife is absolutely exhausted. I mean, literally as we pull up, she's almost crying from exhaustion. She's so tired. All she wants to do is sleep. And I get it. Of course, my son's been trapped in my son's in eight year old trapped in a car for the last like five and a half hours. So all he wants to do is anything but sleep or sit down. So I've been sitting down the whole time I've been dicking around. So I said I'd take him to the pool. So we went down to the pool, I brought my Chromebook with me, I figured I could maybe get a little bit of work done on my martial arts region to website. And so I got down there and the Wi Fi was kind of shitty. I mean, it was a shitty hotel. The Wi Fi was kind of spotty. Anyway, so Brian's in he makes friends everywhere. There's a when we first get down there, right, it's about an hour till dusk, roughly. And I say that because I kind of was keeping track of the time. Anyway, the pool was decent, right? It actually had had a whirlpool it had like A mounted basketball hoop right that the kids can play basketball on. It was definitely not the most horrible pool I'd ever seen. But, you know, some of the people that hang out and pools just make me crazy. Okay, so you had it's almost sorry, let me get out of the garage here. It's almost like this ruthless stereotype when you go to hotel pools for some reason you've always got this white trash this poor white trash family, really loud, really obnoxious. The moms not paying any attention. The kids are violating every possible pool rule there is. Remember we talked about this a little bit one of the other episodes. But yeah, essentially, you know, the white trash family. There's always two young males involved. And sometimes, you know, the left out daughter, right, you could always tell Which families are boys families and which ones are girls families. And the girls left out she's sitting there doing nothing, but two boys are in being little shitheads of course, my son plays with them because you know who else is going to play with the girl? So, so I'm sitting here, you know, mine in my own business, just, you know, trying to get some frickin work done. Brian's being loud and obnoxious, but what the hell is outside, it's at a pool, let him screaming yell. So then, again, I'm gonna be smacked upside the head for stereotypes, but literally, for some reason, there's always a family of Hispanics in the Whirlpool in the hot tub. There's never I mean, it's like, it's not like the family can take turns in their. I don't know what it is. It's like seven of them pack in this little tiny Whirlpool bath. And it's like, it's no, that's insane. I mean, there's not room for anybody else in there. You know, and they stay there for like two hours. I mean, they're supposed to have like 20 minutes not and then get out. So I mean, that could be anybody. So anyway so as I was just kind of sitting there watching, you know, the whole parade of regulars at the pool trickled by. The white trash family finally decided to go eat. Hispanic family got out of the hot tub and went straight up to their room, so they didn't swim at all, they just sat in the hot tub or stood in the hot tub, depending on you know, whose turn it was to sit down, I guess I don't know. And then, as the evening wore on, of course, the kids started dropping off and then my son was essentially alone. Playing you know, playing with the ball trying to shoot hoops, whatever, from the water. And two women show up and it's it's starting to get Twilight now so you don't really Have good visibility, right? So these two women show up. And one of them's obviously, an older woman, one of them's a younger, younger woman. The older woman has like, like capris on and like a sweater, and it's like frickin miserable hot outside, but she's got like a sweater on or some sort of a coat. And it's like, Damn, anyway, and the other girl is in a two piece bikini. And she's young, but you can't tell how young and this is. This is a problem that men all over the world have. I'm going to let you ladies in on a little secret. Men have trouble distinguishing age when it comes to women. Right? But the good news is most of them feel guilty, right? So if they notice that attractive looking woman at the pool, and they realize suddenly she's probably like 15 years old, they will feel guilty unless there's something wrong with them. Right, but they have trouble. You know, a woman could recognize the backside of another woman and say, and probably within a three month range say, Yeah, she's 22 she's 29 she's 40 whatever. Men do not have that kind of scope. Right? So, first of all, you really in my opinion, in my opinion, you have to be in really incredible shape to get out. Get Away With pulling off a two piece bikini. A lot of people haven't figured that out. All right, here's the deal. I don't run around in a mess short, measured, and swimmers trunks you know those really tight, you know, I don't run around and bad because I don't have the body for now if I looked like frickin see who's the stud muffin today. And if I look like Ryan Philippe, whatever it If I if I was a stud, right if I look like and if I look like you know Hugh Jackman ripped up for fucking Wolverine, yeah, I'd run around probably with no shirt on, or tight mesh shirt, and those stupid frickin European swimming trunks. Well, of course, if I was more endowed as well, of course, but my point is, is I dress appropriately when I go to the pool. This girl was wearing a very, very small bathing suit very, very small to peace, which, you know, I'm a happily married man. But that sort of thing glares out at you as a person watcher in general, not just girls and two piece bikinis. I started, you know, seeing what was going on. Brian was bored. So I was hoping that they had a young kid was going to show up with him, you know, like a younger brother or something. But now. So anyway, so my son's throwing the ball, and they're sitting over, see so I'm in the far corner away. From the Whirlpool, they're in the second farthest corner away from the Whirlpool. The No Mom, I guess the older woman is sitting there reading on a Kindle it looked like right. And the younger girl is goes over to the hot tub. Right? And I still have no idea how old this girl is. Right? I know that she has the body to wear the two piece bikini. Right? That much is obvious. She pulled it off. Congratulations. But I still have no idea. So Brian is like, getting bored. And so I'm like, hey, Brian, you're ready to go ahead and hit in. And he's like, No, no, no, I want to go to the Whirlpool right? Well, that's where the girl was. So I said, Okay, fine. So I go over there and meet him because I don't want him being obnoxious. Right. I hate when somebody leaves a younger kid on attended somewhere. And you know, these sometimes The people just want to lay in the Whirlpool and relax because the woman had come over to the older woman and she had her feet dangling, you know, with her capris on in the water. And so I didn't want Brian going over there making a big ruckus. So I went over there. I took off my shoes and dangled my feet in the water while I was working on the Chromebook, just making sure that he was behaving. Well, I finally realized the girl is probably 15 or 16 years old, right? That's when the guilt sets in because you were looking at somebody and, you know, finding them, you know, an attractive buddy, you know, shit that's like, you know, 15 they'll get you 20, whatever. And so, I was talking to the, I'm assuming the mom here, okay, I keep saying assuming, because this girl was Caucasian, maybe had a little mix of something in her. But the older woman was Asian, no two ways about it. She was an Asian woman. And I do not believe she had a full grasp of the English language. So I was kind of tired. It's like, Hey, you know, where are you headed? And I think either they were coming from or going to Vegas. Right? And about this point in time my son had been it was chasing like this unbelievably huge beetle across the pool. You know, it just the bugs started coming out. It was the most disgusting thing ever. This pool was literally a hive of frickin giant beetles, and whatever. So I'm talking to the mom. And you know, and she's like, yeah, I take I take out I take Dada to to dance contest. My Okay, kids a dancer. No wonder she's got the body, okay. And I'm like, oh, like anything I've heard over, you know, when she's like, and then the daughter had had perked into the conversation. And of course, and she said, she named some sort of a contest of some sort. I said now, not familiar with that, when she goes What about So You Think You Can Dance? I said, Yeah, I've heard of that one. I don't watch it, but I've heard of it. And she goes, Yeah, I audition for that. And I'm like, did you were you on? And she's like, no. And I said, Well, we watch America's Got Talent, you know, kind of the same thing. And she was oh, I was on there. You were on why didn't say get the fuck out of here cuz you know, this kid. I said, Get out of here. We love that show us. Hey, Brian, you know, she was on America's Got Talent. And so he of course, huge America's Got Talent, and he comes running over. And he's like, Oh, well, you know, what season were you on was Howard on blah, blah, blah. So now we had something to talk about. And it turned out she had audition, but they used her dance team and like one of the bumpers, so like for three seconds between commercial, you know, in or out of the commercial. But then, you know, and here's the here's something all of a sudden, something kind of weird happened. There. So my daughter and my son and my son's eight and she's got to be like, 16 I'm talking literally something out of fucking episode. Phantom Menace, right? You know, with anniken being like a seven year old little shit. And you know, Pat ma being not quite legal hottie, same sort of scenario. It was weird. And so anyway, they ended up getting into the pool. And we're just playing. You could tell she was really serious and she was gonna like swim like 100 laps or some shit after we were gone. But for like the next, I don't know, power. They just played in the pool. They were throwing the ball. And so I started I started sitting on the other side of the basketball hoop so I could catch it and throw it back to them. And then we were playing this, you know, like, tip into the basket. I would throw it to her, she would throw it to him and he would make the basket. It was just it was a weird evening. It was almost It was almost as if there was something significant happening that I was supposed to pay attention to. I could never quite get my finger on it. You know what I mean? That there was something significant about that evening. I don't know like, we were going to meet this girl again and he might end up marrying this girl. I mean, somebody we don't know. We'll never see again. It was like there was something oddball about it. There was something weird. A lot of you may have listened to my old show when I told you when years ago shows. I told you when I met a girl at Arby's, yeah, I had been managing an Arby's and this girl comes in. And she was more my age though. This wasn't one of those frickin weird episode one things. Anyway, this girl came in and she started to heal. She ordered I don't know something to drink in a cinnamon roll or some shit. But there was something weird there was a there was an immediate connection. And it was like I have no idea why was nothing You know? And she had said something like, well, when do you get off work? And I'm going on oh, like 11 1130 depending on how long it takes us to close. Yes. Can I come back? Can we talk? And I'm like, this is the weirdest fucking thing I've ever seen. And I'm like, What am I supposed to say? Cuz she first of all, she's hot. She was a blonde blonde. And I don't know there was just something compelling about her other than the fact that she was talking to me. And, and so that night she came by it was like 1130 we got in my car. We drove down to the waterfront, the waterfront park in Wenatchee. And we just walked along the park and talked and talked and talked hours and hours and hours went by, we ended up over at Fred Meyer now but there used to be in the Imperial Mo. There was a hotel on the other side of the river in East Wenatchee that had a 24 hour life. Coffee lounge in it somehow we ended up over there. And we drank coffee and chatted until it was done. And she asked me to drop her off somewhere. It was like in the middle of nowhere I swear to God, sometimes this didn't ever happen and I somehow drip drip the whole thing, but I know it did. Because my coworkers asked me about it the next day. They thought maybe I, you know, got lucky. It's like, No, dude, you sound hot. Anyway, that's a whole nother story. That's another, I mean, the whole stories available in one of the older shows. But that was one of those weird moments where life seems significant for a moment, right? Life doesn't always seem significant. But for some reason, this 30 minutes of my son playing with this girl, by the way that was completely out of his league. Even if he had been the right age. It was weird. It was just and I couldn't shake it. You know, the whole Rest of the vacation which was only a few more days, all I could think about was this situation. Something was nagging at me, you missed something. You're not paying attention. something significant happened. Why aren't you paying attention to it? totally bizarre. And I have mentioned it to my wife because she find something disgusting in man pig about chick fil a and the ladies was like 15 years old. Give me a break. Now in five years, that's a whole nother story because she's gonna be super hot. But my point is, is that I couldn't shake it for days, and even now talking about it. A little bit of hair on the back of my neck stands up a little bit. Like you missed something. Anyway, so the rest of the time was fairly insignificant, right we bow fuck is going on here. Police Police, police more police. What do you guys have To this isn't the greatest side of town so it could be anything. So anyway, so that was like the most significant thing that happened on the way back was that weird encounter? So finally about 10 o'clock. You know, I said, Brian, we got to go in. I mean, I know you're having fun and everything, but these people probably would like to be left alone and she probably wants to swim laps or something. And so we started leaving and the mom and the daughter were like, really disappointed. We were leaving. And no, okay, for those of you who are listening, the mom was not hot. All right, cuz I know that's someone's gonna write that. What was the mama? Now? The mom was not hot. She was a very nice lady, but she was not hot, older Asian and not the hot, older Asian type. Anyway, so. So yeah, so we ended up leaving and the mom says something like you guys, you're such nice people. You're such nice people. It's like, just added some more weirdness to it. And then we went back upstairs, we went to bed and it was done. So we get back home, right? And so we're exhausted. We're so tired of the bonds. I run back to the house. We stayed an extra night over with my mother in law. One of those things like you know, thanks for watching the marquees. We'll see you later. You know, my it's like we stay an extra night. I mean, just so we can hang out and socialize and not be ledges that she watched our marquee. And I said, Yeah, that seems you know, that seems right. So we stayed an extra night Plus, I like her mom. You know, I like my mother in law. We like to sit around and play cards. It's fun. So anyway, so we stayed an extra night we came home, and we're just exhausted. You know what it's like after you've had a long ass vacation. You're just exhausted. You want to be home you'll be sleeping in your own bed. So we come in and the house smells nasty and you can't go Quite put your finger on what it is. Yeah, the animals had not had their bedding or their you know the litter box has changed the cat box. Sorry the cat boxes have been scooped. But the litter box the ferret litter box has been wanting let's put it that way. So we get in the house we bring in like the essential bags. You know the essential essential bags are like all the electronics, anything you don't want to leave in the car, the toiletry bag, we come in we plopped down, we're exhausted, we just kind of flip the TV on relax. I think we ordered pizza or something just out right. So the smell right, the smell starting to get worse. So we go in and out. we unpack some bags and stuff and it's like, man, it just the smells not going away. You know, like if something smells and you're in there long enough, you get used to it. So let's stop smelling now. So we're checking the microwave, make sure you leave any food in there. That's happening. Before, nothing like leaving, leaving a rotting piece of chicken in the microwave for four days, that's happened. Yeah, so we're looking around, I said, You know what, it's got to be the fare box. You know, the fare box just gets nasty. And I'll do it tomorrow. I'm just not going to do it tonight we can, we'll live with it because I want to do a good job and it's too late now. So, you know what it was I ran out to get food. That's what it was. I ran out and grab some food and none of us wanted to cook. And I came back in my wife is notably upset. And she goes, I know what the smell is. One of the ferrets had died while we were gone. And it was the old one. It was the sickly one. It was the one who was I mean, I'm not even sure he could see anymore to be honest with you. I mean, that doesn't make it any less sad, but we knew his time. Coming. We just didn't think it would come while we were gone. You know, we had people looking in on the house, but you know what if you're not a fair donor, even if you are fair and sleep like the dead I mean, I've had plenty of live fairs and we've been absolutely sure dead because they don't wake up. You know, they just lay there stiff, though you can tell their lives if they're warm, you know, and sometimes gay men tell that way. So my wife had already taken the little corpse out of the thing and and you know, we we were really upset. We did not know how long the ferret had been dead in there. But apparently dead long enough for the eyes to desiccate. Right. Apparently that happens. So I don't know how long that happens. I need to look that up, or the other ferrets ate them which discussed the living shit out of me. But the fair the you know, they hadn't touched the body. I mean, the body was enough, like rats will eat themselves or you leave a dead rat in the cage with other rats. You know, they get hungry enough though. Take a few bites but he didn't have any bites on him. I don't his eyes weren't clawed out or anything fucking disgusting, but who knows how long that poor ferret have been laying in their debt and how long his poor brothers had to sit there in that deathbed with him. So we got the ferret out and you know, we gave him a proper you know, proper funeral and you know, we pride our tears and talked about what a good fair he was. And he really was he was he was it was hunter if those of you who knew my, my pets my name, it was hunter and he was a good ferret. He really was but of all the three of them that we had. He's probably was the best of them. You know, didn't buy didn't cause any trouble. nibble I should say. didn't cause any trouble just just a good ferret like to cuddle like to be loved. A lot of ferrets don't like that either. But anyway, so we got the ferret outs, we figured, you know, the smell In the cage, so we're gonna have to clean the cage. Well it turns out that the smell wasn't actually the dead ferret. Although I'm sure he didn't help the smell. The smell was actually fucking disgusting is making my stomach roll. In the ferret cage they have like three levels in a ferret cage. Ferrets like to back up and shit in the corner they like to back up and pee in the corners. So essentially what you do is the good ferret owner is you put a litter box in every frickin corner that they like to pee and poop in. But one of the corners of course, their food and water dishes were well their water was a hanging water thing so that was no big deal but their food dish was down below. On the bottom level. well above their food dish is usually a tie a bungee corded litter box. Well, the bungee cord head either move or they try to dig behind the cage and they are trying to dig behind the box and the box that popped out and had fallen. So what they were doing was backing up and peeing and pooping into their food dish. Now, I don't understand exactly why that smells worse than just ferret pee and poop. Right? Because the food goes in, it comes out as the poop. So if you mix Fair Food, poop and pee, you shouldn't you shouldn't get what essentially is an agent orange type substance, you know what I'm saying? But that's exactly what it was. I mean, I have a high tolerance for smells. I lived on a submarine for 91 days. But this was simply fucking revolting. So the whole cage got torn apart we cleaned the whole damn thing top to bottom every groove and of course the smell eventually went away but yeah what a trip right all the other animals were fine but just not just the one didn't quite make it so now we're down a fair we're down to two ferrets what's going on up here a little road tragedy looks like an accident. Tilt the old camera here just in case something interesting happens to be there. They already got the car up on the thing. A little broken glass. Nothing of significant worth capturing nature. So anyway, so that was pretty much it. That was our our big vacation driving up to Portland. Quite the story Quite the story. Well now that we're done with the trip, I can actually get back to some other topics that I've been making endless notes about. First off, because it's topical and some of these other topics already old anyway. So tomorrow is the official release of Windows 10. And I gotta tell you, it's pretty underwhelming so I've been looking right because I know what's going to happen as the family i t guy. I'm going to start getting calls Should I upgrade to Windows 10 What's good about Windows 10 I don't like Windows eight will I like Windows 10 Is there anything I can't live without in Windows 10 would you upgrade Are you going to upgrade if you already upgraded What do you think about it? Blah, blah, blah. That's just every every family's got one. Right? The IT guy? The family IT guy. That's me. So in some in some respects, you know, I'm going to have to learn about Windows 10. Now, the good note is, is there's already things to help neuter windows 10 proper. But let me talk about a few things first, for those of you who are listening that haven't really been following along with Windows 10, let me tell you about what Microsoft is to ting as the greatest parts of Windows 10. First off is their digital assistant Cortana. Cortana is supposed to be like Siri, and Google Now, and all of the super high end, intelligent parsing, right? The digital assistant of all digital assistants. Right, does it all and it taps into everything, your email your calendar, You know, like Google Now does. It really doesn't sound like anything more than Google Now, to me. But I've only seen a couple of demo videos. I haven't really messed with it. But my point is much like Google Now, if you do not give it access to every recess of your life, your search history, your email your calendar, if you don't, and, or and or you just don't use anything of Microsoft's which many of us do not. Then Cortana is pretty much a very glorified voice to text web search tool. That's what I'm getting at. Hey, I could be wrong, but probably not. Next up is the familiar feel right? So they're trying to erase their shitty windows eight interface, the metro interface, by essentially taking the metro interface and stuffing it on your start menu. Hey, we give you back the start menu. Of course it's nothing at all like the start menu we used to have on Windows seven and they manage to shovel the metro interface into your starting. So when you hit the start button, you're not only not getting your old Start button, but you're going to get a new start button which quite frankly sucks. I didn't care for the way much I played with it. And of course they shove the tile system into the start menu with it. So whether or not you want tiles or light tiles, you're going to get them and if you shut them off, at least in the builds that I've looked at, if you shut them off the space they take still stays there. So when you hit the start button, and there's no live tiles, you just get this big empty Start menu area. Great. Where's my start 10 from Star Doc, poof, install, I get my windows seven Start Menu back, bang. Problem solved. So, familiarity, man. They took out a lot of the goofy shit that Windows eight had, but you're also going to lose a few things to like Windows Media Player. You're also going to lose gadgets. There's a handful of things that they're taking away. They have unified the windows eight applications to be less like a tablet, and more like actual Windows applications. So that's a plus. So somehow, let's go on with the list of things that they find compelling that you should upgrade for their top tier, oh, Microsoft Edge, the hot new web browser from Microsoft. First of all, it's gimmicky as fuck 90% of what you're going to use that web browser for, right? The stuff the new stuff, right? So they're telling you that you can write on a web page and share your writings with other people. I remember doing that back in like 1991. So that's certainly nothing new or innovative. I'm sure that you have to be you have to share using OneNote or some other Microsoft shit. You won't be able to just say, you know, let's share This was so and so and then then that you'll have to have a Microsoft account, they'll have to have a Microsoft account. They'll have to be using this and fuck that. Right? So they've got these gimmicky things. Oh, well if you're if you're worried about being interrupted, we'll let the browser go in full screen mode. Because that's original. You know, faster, better, more secure. Yeah, all the same ship they've put out for every version of Internet Explorer only now they are just gonna call it edge. Yeah, whatever. So essentially, it's the next version of Internet Explorer. they renamed it to try to fool your sorry asses. And in the end, I'm sure they're going to try to be all compatible until they decide that they want to own something special. And then they'll throw the W three c shit out, which is typical and expected of Microsoft. Okay, so what else do we got continue on. Now this is going to really help a huge majority of users not, it's the ability to flip back and forth between the touch interface and the regular windows interface. So if you have a two in one device, like so many of us have, you know, the tune one devices that I'm talking about are the ones that have a keyboard fold out that you fold up behind, and then it turns into a tablet. Yeah. So continuum. continuum is going to do that for you. It's going to let you switch between essentially windows eight Metro for your tablet, and Windows 10 for your desktop. Essentially, were also promised unbelievable new gaming features. Of course, you have to have an xbox one to get 90% of it. They're also going to introduce their revolutionary gamer DVR. That's right, record your videos and share them with people. I think it'd be He has a pending lawsuit against them since they already have that on there something else. TWITCH Yeah, something about that. Yeah. Yeah, so that's innovative, but we do get Direct X 10. So huge. They do have something I wish I could remember the name of it, it's called. Essentially, you know, like when your computer goes to sleep or hibernates, or it shuts down and goes into sleep mode. Really, nothing's going on on your computer, right? If your phone goes to sleep, there's still shit happening in the background. Right? There's still notices coming in a phone call could come in, etc. With a computer once it's kind of asleep. It's dead until you wake it up. Well, in a very small bullet point they bring up that there's an ability to let your computer to continue to kind of work in the background. Still fetching notifications and shit like that. While your computer is slow. Leave your monitors turned off or whatever. So that'll be kind of interesting. I'm excited about that. That sounds like a hot reason to upgrade. Oh, enter enterprise grade security. Let's not forget about that. That includes the award winning Windows Defender that everybody immediately shuts off when they install a new copy of Windows. And of course smart screen, which ties you into their web browser that helps let you avoid suspicious sites and phishing and things like that, you know, stuff that any decent Internet Security package like Trend Micro already does. You but you know, you have to rely on the great security record of Microsoft to protect you. Yeah, that sounds like a good reason to move up. One of the things you do need to know about Windows 10 is okay, so the big thing of course, is it's free. It's free. You got windows seven, Windows 10. It's free. You got windows 8.1. It's free. free, free free. One thing you do need to know about them. There are seven different flavors of Windows 10. Many of them revolve around like a home version. So if you got windows eight home, on your laptop you spent $200 on when you upgrade to Windows 10, you are going to get the equivalent version, Windows 10. Home, Windows 10, OEM windows 10 whatever, right? If you have Windows eight Pro, you will get windows 10 Pro, you see where I'm kind of going with this. The reason this is important is for one very very specific reason. If you have the home version of Windows 10 you will not be allowed to dismiss or abort or stop. Windows updates from updating your computer automatically. Not a good thing now some clever hacker some clever, some clever little group like Star doc or something are going to come up with a little hack, a little program you can install that's going to let Windows Home people defer or not install updates, it'll come but out of the box, you do not have the ability to stop the updates. Now, this is bad for one reason that Nvidia card users have already had their drivers broken by forced windows 10 updates in the beta and in the RTM version. So yeah, so we've already seen the forced updates, but if you're in the business, right, if you are administering center being a sysadmin, you know that there's some upgrades you just don't do. Right? You do patches, right like in our office, we do monthly patches. The patches are done on some test system that has most of our software on it. We run the patches, if nothing breaks, Then we can deploy the patches around the office right around. So the rest of the enterprise, right? Well, a lot of times your apps will be broken by Windows updates. And you won't even know that those windows update that did it. And you can't roll back and you can't say no. You have to wait around for your application developer to make your app windows 10. compatible. That's a bad thing. My guess is, is that's that's really the the freemium piece, right? I believe that people will be so pissed off about not being able to stop Windows updates, but they will actually pay more and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, just so they don't have to do it. I think Microsoft knows that. All right, gang. I've got to get going. I'm home. This is Shane R. Monroe with passenger seat radio. We will see you next time. Take care, everybody. Transcribed by

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