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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is August 7th 2017 and you were on my weird-ass late night drive home welcome to the show so it's always cool to do one of these shows like late at night or early in the morning because all of a sudden different people end up in the chat it's like you know people from England will show up or somebody from Japan will show up it's pretty cool so obviously I had to stay late at work today we had a deployment that had to go and I get to do it again tomorrow cuz we have another deployment to go so I will be around for that as well so you might get another late night show now the problem with doing these late-night shows is 7 o'clock at night is that the freeway is a lot easier which means I'm gonna make much better time and have a lot less time to talk on the show so see ask him off saying hola oh man you know you know what that reminds me think of is bedazzled if you guys seen that bedazzled it's like one of my favorite guilty pleasures I don't watched it forever but if those of you are not familiar with it bedazzled is a Brendan Fraser movie and I don't hold that against him because it's a it's a fun movie and it's got what's her face in it suddenly her name just flew right off she's the one that was in passenger 57 the hot chick Elizabeth go to my look just drew a complete blank anyway super hot but anyway so the movie is about you know Brendan Fraser's like this real loser guy he can't score with you know women he's awkward blah blah blah turbo to excess there he is like in the flesh man nice got your guard gave hundred ten percent yeah he knows exactly what I'm talking about Elizabeth early thank God I figured it out anyway so Brendan Fraser makes a deal with the devil to get his you know his six wishes or whatever it is and of course it's the devil and so she screws him over every single wish that he gets right and it's a fantastic movie anyway one of them he wishes to be powerful and rich and so she snaps her fingers and he ends up being a Colombian drug lord and it's the best because of good because when he first like realizes where he's at and he starts talking he's talking in Spanish and he realizes like uh I guess big semantic you know he's talking in Spanish I don't know Spanish he's liking but they're translating and he starts saying all of the all of the little phrases you learn in Spanish class you know this is my pencil oh my name is Julio blah blah it's freaking awesome but the best part the best part of bedazzled is that it's a pg-13 movie but on the DVD I don't know about the blu-ray but on the DVD there's a hidden easter egg that has a 15 minute deleted scene you can't just go to the menus and find it and in this he is he's he wishes he could have was like every man's dream drugs sex and rock and roll she turns him into Aussie Osborne essentially right they don't say Ozzy Osbourne but you know and every single one of his little fantasy wishes his three best friends well the three people three of his coworkers along with the the chick that he wants to hook up with all end up in every single one of his little fantasies because his his wishes right and they're all it's all priceless and one of them he ends up being on a basketball team he wants to be a famous sports you know sports personality and she makes him dumb as a fucking brick it's the greatest and so they're showing you know he's like seven and a half feet tall they do some sort of CG trickery to make him look really tall but you know and that's the 110 percent bit right so he's he gets there's a reporter and reporters on so how do you think you did today we're gonna know you gotta go out good work terms right yeah we want to do good you want to feel good I think we did pretty good it's like it's fantastic you gotta say the best one is when they turn him into she turns him into this powerful wealthy author I won't ruin it for you by how she screws him out of that one but it's fantastic what a great movie love that movie guilty pleasure for sure but I won't tell if you don't so the splatoon to splatfest is over somehow Mayo came out on top despite the fact that while I was playing splatoon for the entire time in the splatfest I got to play Mayo like play against the mail like three times otherwise I was playing against ketchup people nobody wanted to be male so I don't know what sort of trickery they managed to put together to make mail win but not happening although on the other hand the three Mayo teams I did play against were really damn good so I don't know maybe all of them really you know all the ringers went with mayo figuring no one else would go there and poof figured it out so yeah I'm having a good time with that you know I think I've finally burned out on splatoon too long enough to get back to killing zombies so I've been playing a lot of black ops 3 waiting patiently for attack of the radioactive thing to drop for infinite warfare right that's the Elvira the zombies map of course those ps4 tools got it before we did you know what Pete listen if you want to have console exclusivity you want the console people to fight over you fine Xbox ps4 don't care PC people should not suffer the indignation of being part of the great console wars makes me crazy so here so I'm waiting for that and in the meantime of course I'm playing some black ops 3 which is great by the way that you know of all of the Call of Duty games they really spend a lot of time on this with the Chronicle zombie pack I love the ascension map it's like my favorite map and then with the season pass with black ops 3 you get some all these really cool maps I've been playing the giant it's the second well technically the first DLC map but it's the second zombies map in black ops 3 it's really good I love it me love it long time let's see I do have a couple of things on my list I think I put in let me see here sort of an ad-hoc show so let me see what I got I already talked about I talked about all that stuff damn it alright well we're gonna have to vamp for a little bit then I guess let's see I mean does Spreaker back on see what I do over the weekend um I played splatoon mostly my son's getting pretty good at zombies he's 10 and nobody'll be 11 in October bait these kids got skills he played a lot of battlefront so I'm assuming that that got him trigger-happy oh I'll tell you what like one of the greatest things ever happened this weekend I converted my son into invert look one of the big conflicts between he and I especially we want to play the same game and it's not a multiplayer game and he wants to play and I want to play there's not separate profiles or whatever I always have inverted Y on the right stick I've always had it that way I'm an inverted Y kind of guy flight stick style you go push down to lookup depth to look down made him crazy you I mean you would think that I stripped the skin from his body and flayed him if I made him play inverted so finally he wanted to play where do you want to place so bad and the only way we could play it was not was inverted I don't remember what it was but I finally I got him he is now fully acclimatized to it so now all of his games he's resetting everything - inverted look so I've done my job neither of my girls are on the stripper pole and my son is an inverted Y PC Gamer I'm not sure there's really anything left for me to do on this planet I'm done I've raised my children I introduced him to mrs. Doubtfire this weekend he had never seen mrs. Doubtfire I swear we had he'd seen liar liar and some of the other you know necessary kind of family fun movies but he'd never seen mrs. Doubtfire he loved it and what a great movie you know I'm a huge fan of the movie big Robin Williams fan of course but I've always been a big fan of the movie but I hadn't seen it in probably I don't know five or six years and it stands up so well it's such a great movie loved it loved that movie so well done it's well directed Thurman Cesare great I don't know and you know what it's funny because Pierce Brosnan kind of makes a good dick I don't know let's see so what else did we do this weekend not a whole lot really I know what I did I I've been looking at these I spend a lot of time on two devices right my to go to devices are my Chromebook and my tablet right as soon as I got a really good tablet I I probably cut down 80% of my PC time because pretty much everything that I need to do for the most part aside from you know like heavy video editing or something like that I'm doing the tablet it's great well then my friend Chris Henschel ended up getting a Chromebook and he started talking about how great it was and I've been looking at Chromebooks and things like that I picked one up and it's fantastic last forever pretty much everything I need to do is in the browser it's great but my Chromebook is not a touchscreen it doesn't do Android apps so I'm thinking to myself I've got two devices that I keep around me all the time when I'm at home my tablet my Samsung Tab s 10.5 point to template don't point something which by the way is funny because you know if you go and look at like the best Android tablets out there that you'll see like ps2 or whatever you'll see these other tablets but my tablet my tablet it's like three years old or whatever it is two years old it's still the best one of the best top five tablets out there so it's hard to go wrong and so I was I was looking at these convertibles right my friend Alexei Lopez got one of those Samsung pros and I was like man you know a two and one device kind of makes sense especially one that plays Android apps right because here's the thing my Chromebook is great for surfing surfing email watching YouTube it's like the greatest device ever it's light it's fast it's quiet you know but the tablet I've got all set up to consume news right I've got all my news readers I got news 360 smart news Google's news thing I've got that all on my tablet I've got my tablet set up to be like my go-to device but the Chromebook is so nice and so it's so great it's got lit up keys it's easier to type out if I want to actually do something halfway productive while I'm sitting around watching the latest Animal Kingdom I could do that on the Chromebook not so much on the tablet so a two-in-one device ended like it would make total sense so I started looking around and the one that was in the price range I was looking for was the Acer r 11 which by the way if you look around online gets great reviews everyone says look it's a you know it's a 300 dollar two and one you know you can't expect it to you know bring your dead cat back to life but it's it's really decent so I've had mine for no I don't maybe week maybe two weeks somewhere in there I got it while still on vacation so week and a half maybe a week whatever doesn't matter so I've been putting it through the test now I am one of those people that believe you cannot properly test a device unless you use it as your device for about a week we are creatures of habit I could easily reach over and grab that tablet and be completely comfortable or I'm gonna have the r11 sitting there and use that so so the r11 the first downside of the r11 was no lit keyboard and I thought I could live without that I'm not sure anymore it's the lit keyboard on my Toshiba Chromebook loved it it's just so great to be able to see in the dark to be able to type I can touch type but I can touch type on my desktop keyboard touch typing on these little chiclet keys not as easy right and so of course the r11 is complete with Android app playback now that was the big thing for me like if I could get five things on Android to work perfectly on this two-in-one device it's gravy from there especially being able to flip it over in a tablet mode tent mode stand mode all of these great things so I put this thing to the test over the last week and here's here's what I got out of it I love the concept the concept is dead-on Chrome OS integrated with and you know with an about Android it's it it's to me it's the freakin golden chalice baby but here's a problem there's several problems number one you can't route it bumpy can't let me take that back you can't sideload apps and you can't route it unless you go into dev mode I like like not just the developer Channel you gotta put the Chromebook fully into dev mode all that all the debug crafts running you don't even know what if Google's gonna be sending updates to that thing it puts your device in this state of unrest but if you can't side load you can't install things like ad blockers all right I need an ad blocker these these news apps that I use on Android break the news 360 and the smart news they all have ads fricking everywhere and then of course when you open the content up there's ads in there okay I can't do it I gotta have those ads gone so I'd have to power wash the damn thing back into the developers there's a whole bunch of shit you got to do that I I don't want to do that also if one of the things that I really wanted to have on my Chromebook on a laptop in general is certain emulators like commodore 64 emulator look you give me a commodore 64 emulator that works at full speed i will load that shit up with games and i will be a happy fucking camper be good to go unfortunately c64 EMU crashes well you know look it's beta so what you can't even really bitch about you that's a beta most of my apps that my news apps and things like that worked okay but a lot of things just didn't quite feel right and now listen there are a lot better than I thought they would be so I got to give him kudos one of the things that really blew me away was the fact that Android and Chrome OS have a certain level of interoperability am I say that the download folder that's on your Chrome OS is actually the same folder that's the download folder on Android that's pretty freakin cool and if I open a share let's say that I find a news article on news 360 whatever and I hit the share button one of the options is Chrome and it will port that share data right on over open Chrome on the Chrome OS side and drop the URL in there it's the greatest little bit of interoperability and you don't expect it to be there it's fantastic but one thing I did notice is that Chrome OS itself takes a performance hit and quite frankly my Toshiba Chromebook like almost runs circles around this thing in terms of the browser itself it's the same profiles the same plugins it's their extensions it's the same everything but on the r11 it's sluggish so it's really hard even when you say the convenience of having a two-in-one you say well I've got to give a little bit but when you're giving a lot like it's slower it doesn't run all the apps that you want you can't run an emulator it's it's uh you know no back you know but no backlit keyboard bla bla bla bla bla so you start thinking yourself you know I like it but I don't love it and if you don't love it send it back take it back get something else try something different so I'm gonna try the r-13 now it doesn't have a backlit keyboard either but it's got a totally different processor it's faster apparently it being an ARM processor it's more compatible with different types of Android apps see for me what I need is Android first Chrome OS second and all of these two and one - all of these devices are all chrome OS first Android second if I can have Android if I can have an Android tablet that ran a full version of Chrome it might full speed I'd be in paradise so I'm gonna try the r-13 I'm getting a refurb unit from new egg so it actually ends up being less than the new r11 how about that nutty so I'm gonna give that as a run I will tell you something though about that are 11 that screen is nice you know for a 250 dollar $230 laptop Chromebook 2 + 1 whatever it's got a damn nice screen on it I was impressed the-the-the the hinge is so nice and tight and I am but the r-13 sounds like it's gonna be a better fit but I'll let you know alright I'm at home I know it's a short show I apologize but better than no show at all right mr. Shane are Monroe pastor see radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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