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hello everybody this is Shane or Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it's Tuesday August 15 2017 you're on my 13 mile commute Oh welcome to the show so it's Tuesday hmm the good thing about Tuesday Animal Kingdom's on tonight big fan as you already know let's see the first person's gonna be in will be Travis or sketch craft what's it gonna be it's almost 37 seconds someone's got to be in here before one minute goes off so I was delivered my steam key for night trap today my physical release ships in September we'll be see when I tell you so my physical copy ships in September it sounds like they quickly sold out of the PlayStation 4 version last I heard there was still some PC copies left but I probably not by now I mean that was a couple days ago so I'm glad that I got my greedy little paws on a copy now that you can't get it digitally or whatever hey AJ what's up but you know I've got physical copies of all the games that I truly love I got a physical copy of Witcher 3 I've got a physical copy oddly enough of mafia 3 which I didn't play more than a couple hours of but it was cheaper to bite physically than it was to buy it online how does that go hey no problem for the Coleco talk man let me see and what else do I got I got life is strange I bought the collector's edition of VAX I think life is strange is one of the better games to come out of the last decade or so if there were physical boxes for like next maccha VII or any of these other types against you know that's actually not a bad idea I wonder if there's a market for that like let's say that I license from I don't know whomever if I license from the from housemarque or one of these other things they listen I'm not selling the game or anything I want to sell a PC collectors box it's gonna look good it's gonna have a disc that's got the name of the thing on there whatever just the Box you go to eBay right now or or Craigslist or any of these other online retailers and and you'll be able to if you could find boxes for games a lot of times like Commodore 64 stuff when I was buying a bunch of those the there are boxes but no game and that's cool because maybe you got a hold of the game before and you need the box now for the complete set whatever so I'm wondering if there is a market for that like and what if there's any money to be had because I don't know what you know one of these small labels would charge for to license you know or maybe they would do it on a per sale basis or something see trying out the brave browser so far so good yeah well you know operas running WebKit now so there's like no reason not to use opera but of course what made offers special was the fastest held presto rendering engine which of course they don't have anymore so it's like I mean if I wasn't so tied into Google and in chrome and everything I probably still be using opera but yeah I'd love to be able to own physical boxes you know or some sort of a you know I'd like to own I want to hold something I want to box it and put it on my wall in a art box you know I don't know seems to me there might be a market for that for us you know old school Gen Xers who we want a box you know what I'm saying there were um tons and tons and tons of websites I don't know if there still is whose specialities were providing inserts for DVDs and for you know DS games and things like that now obviously you know there is a a darker CD or side to that but I know a lot of people who were buying Nintendo DS boxes and printing their own inserts because Game Stop sucks and they don't you require boxes to come in or anything so people wanted to own boxes for the games that they bought at Game Stop so I don't know maybe maybe there is something to do something going on there I don't know so let's see we're less than a week from the big Eclipse we decided about that thought I heard something new about this and maybe I didn't yeah I saw ya cover CC was one of them if he's still around I think I don't know but yeah I mean there were places they that's all they would do is is offer covers for download mm-hmm which is really weird within a short period of time we've gone from wanting covers and disc jackets for our pirated media to not wanting physical copies at all people are downsizing I don't want to store all the physical media blah blah blah all these other reasons that people give for not buying blu-rays or blind buying DVDs too much to store peace and love peace and love I have too much to store that's right he's in love with peace of love and love too much to do I have too much space too little space to store I don't know in any way I just sort of I was just thinking about that I would totally buy a box for a ton of different games that are digital only I really would same thing goes with like digital copies of switch games right I'd buy I would I could buy myself up some switch boxes create beautiful works of it well not me I'd hire somebody but beautiful works of art to make these cases and then you know just sell the cases not even selling the game but of course you know if you were to try to sell a case for Sonic mania you'd probably get your ass kicked by Sega although you know Sega might think it's cool that is anyhoo we see the pull of my list here I had a couple of items left oh yeah so I ended painted the last show with sorry I've got I got drainage going on it's making me mental probably making you guys mental - nope don't go to that site yeah I bet I bet that's like ultra porn malware which you know what's really funny about that though is cover CC was basically all of that when it was actually delivering cases remember all the pop-unders and popovers and and nasty everything yeah it wasn't much better back then who knows it might still be cover see see you just can't see see all of the boxart thanks to all the ads that are popped up yeah the guy that wrote in about the x10 stuff he was talking about the old days in the 90s where remember when the pop-under was the big thing you know we're not gonna put any ads in front of you but once you close your browser window your frickin screen is covered in him and next in was always one of the biggest stuff I'm the biggest violators of that and things have changed a lot you know that I mean if you think about you know I'm 47 which a lot of you were probably kicking around my age group may we've seen a lot of crazy happen over the course of our lifetime like from tech you know I had on Love Boat the other day season 8 I believe of the Love Boat in this titillating episode featured John Forsythe Lee Majors Linda Evans Leigh Horsley remember Matt Houston yeah so and I was looking at you know Tech is one of those things that really give away the age of almost any sort of medium and you're looking at the you know the car phones and the cameras right they were in Shanghai so you know and you're looking at these cameras and these cameras are film cameras but they're like bricks I mean literally like these big giant bricks around these people's necks and I look at my little point-and-shoot sitting on my desk and it's so light and it takes amazing freakin pictures and man just the little things I remember when I got my first 256 gigabyte microSD card right it's the size of my fingernail literally I could pull my fingernail off no my thumbnail I guess and I could put this microSD in that place and that colt that little thumbnail can hold like every game of every system I had growing up from vic-20 up until I say probably Dreamcast every system I've ever had I can fit every single game on that little tiny wafer the size of my thumbnail it's incredible I remember owning two hundred-plus floppy disks three and a half inch floppy disks for the Amiga dozens of disc cases endless numbering I had to have a I had to have a program to look up what disc my was on because there were so many now look we got I can fit every single one of those disks and not even make a dent and add 256 gigabyte Drive it's amazing truly amazing I was thinking to myself the other day I was mm-hmm my r-13 I was trying out to see if that c64 dot EMU worked and it did right ARM processor versus the Intel processor robbing the r11 so that worked out very well it was a Snapdragon whatever anyway the ARM processor worked great on the R 13 so I was able to play and I was flipping around a couple of different games you know I have this little games pack that I always put on something when I'm using for the Commodore 64 got all my favorite games you know the archons and the Dino eggs and all that other stuff and I was looking at like raid over Moscow and beachhead 2 and I'm going you know this was it you know when you saw tenth frame bowling for the first time and you saw that little guy Bowl and it was the animation was silky smooth and it looked great and it's on this you know it's on your home computer you don't have to go to the arcade you're so my god this is amazing oh my god you look at it now and those of us who you know aren't you know we're looking through you know rose-colored glasses than astons your glasses of course but it's like you know these were pretty impressive I mean you had a figure how many tell me how old is this right think 77 to 2007 was a forty years okay so it'd be more like 35 years Frank's the early eighties it's like 254 00:12:10,790 --> 00:12:11,450 for being as old as it is this is pretty damn cool and then I was thinking to myself all of these games are playable with an eight direction joystick and a single fire button even the crazy right even the Turek aims and you know some of them we had to use the spacebar I guess for the second button but for the most part we've managed to crank out some amazing that played with eight directions in one fire button and that led me that this was led to me by the way by a Korra article that are a Korra question that was asked you know can you name some games you can play on a PC with only using a keyboard I started thinking of myself man you know I used to play Maine with the keyboard and all these emulators that require two maybe three buttons you know Sega Genesis you could easily play with a keyboard I don't know I'm just reminiscing I guess so yeah we've seen some great stuff and imagine you know providing we kick around for another 30 40 years we're gonna see in another 30 40 years look at what we saw already the acceleration pattern so Cox Cox Communications my friend in the digital age recently sent me a notice that I regularly exceed my one my brand-new spanking 1 terabyte data cap I'm great 27 minutes to pure I better get the hell off of here this does not look good disabled bus good lord you know the one day I take the freeway I take the surface streets all the time one day I take the freeway Bank disabled bus I might have to get off now wife will be all pissed well it took me so long so I got on the freeway why'd you get on the freeway you never take the freeway yeah I'm gonna have to get over see what I can do here another shoulder work ahead not only is the bus disabled but there's shoulder work how fun is that yeah I'm gonna get the hell off of here get back on the surface streets where I belong yeah well you'll get a few more minutes of shell out of it anyway yeah so we were playing him we were playing zombies in space land last night Travis and myself Travis Barnhart regular frequenter of this chat and show and we we were getting his bounties kicked out for the week right every year like every week you get some new bounties where you can earn you know keys and unlock crates and all this other and so I'm one of the greatest thing about infinite warfare zombies is that they miniaturized and may basically an Atari 2600 emulator inside the game and there are arcades there's an afterlife arcade where while you when you die right in the middle of a round while you die you have to earn soul power back by playing video games does this sound like the greatest thing ever or what so inside of this arcade you die and they float you up to the arcade what's this Indian school closed use Camelback goddamn it came and get off the damn freeway now anyway so you go in the arcade and they have like arcade-style games like shooting the hoops and blah blah blah skee-ball you know shoot the shoot the target with the water to blow up the balloon so they have some of these carnies side games but they may have arcade cabinets all over the place loaded up with Activision classic Atari 2600 games awesome is that barnstorming where some of the other ones River raid pitfall demon attackers and magic games - demon attack a whole plethora of these games and so uh we were up at a very high round last night I think we were up around 26 27 which is a really good good game for us and I died and you know technically around that time frame if one person goes down people just start following like dominoes but Travis is a really good player so he runs the Horde around in these different figures around the theme park in space land and and you know obviously that gives me plenty of time to sit around and throw the ball at the the clown's teeth and all this other stuff but instead I figured well you know he's either gonna finish the round or die before I get back in so I'll just sit here and place some demon attack Dignan attacks a great game you know it's amazing just how good demon attack looks you know as at one Atari 2600 game you expect a certain lower level of visual acuity but they managed to make it look really really good in the animated and you know animated spaceships and everything looks fantastic so I got all sucked into that I was playing then then I remembered the an old story my friend truly and I and I can't believe Troy never gets in on this on our chat and our channel he'll have these memories I'm able with him maybe dozen want to hear about him again but demon attack was a game that was listed inside of compute Gazette and other magazines like every month for a year and it's affectionately what we know is vaporware and we were waiting for it and it looked fantastic we had these little screenshots they were probably from a twenty six hundred versions but you know it's like in a brand new and of course you know we didn't have consoles we had computer so we were dying to get our hands on this thing and eventually it did come out I do remember that it was like two years after the ads started going they finally released it and it was good but you know I mean you've been waiting so long it's really hard to get yourself all jazzed up you know it's like ah okay I guess that's finally here I guess we could play it a little bit it was kind of a cool thing you know there was a lot of things in magazines that were vaporware you know because back in the old days right for those of you who are outside of the magazine era magazines were essentially the internet that's what we got books took like a year to come out so you couldn't really expect books to be a great source of recent information but magazines they came out every month but what you eventually found out was as you got older that these magazines had a lead time of three to five months so companies would put advertisements in these magazines for that wasn't due out for another year and sometimes longer like I said it turned out there was a lot of vaporware going on so anyway so it always be cool to see these things that came to magazines but actually never got delivered and then of course the other side of the fence were were the more seedy undertones of computing right pirating software Cracker Jacks fast hakkim ice pick all of those things never appeared in like well they did appear in full color ads sometimes but for the most part they hid in the back like dirty little classified ads you know I remember Cracker Jacks having this this little tiny like not even like maybe an eighth page ad you know and it turned out that was like the greatest deeper tuck forever but you know you wouldn't know about it because it you know you'd think it was vapor wear something hidden in the ethers in the back of the magazines where although you know scummy was people selling videogames out of plastic bags back there you know what I'm saying so there was one thing of course I told the story about soft AGA that's one of my favorite stories but you know recently there was an article and I put it up on Google+ and it came to me I remember this completely and I actually used this product there was something called video cassette back up or video tape back up and it was a package you bought for your amiga computer and you plugged it into one of the expansion ports on the back and you plug it into your VCR and the story here was store infinite data on things you already own essentially use easy cheap to get laying around the house VHS cassette tapes to backup your Amiga data and I gotta admit this was some clever these guys these guys were thinking outside the box so essentially what this did was is it wrote it wrote stuff to these VCR magnetic tape strips inside and it could retrieve them with relative with relative success I mean you'd think that if you were dumping a bunch of you know bits and bytes and like lines on the screen and stuff to a video cassette which by the way you know wasn't an exacting science in itself especially if you were using extra long play now that this is an interesting side way so for those of you who are not remembering in remembrance of the video cassette tapes so this was essentially a self-contained reel-to-reel video cassette right and the video cassette was fantastic because the slower you dragged the tape across the read/write heads the more data you could store so if you went out and bought a two hour VHS cassette tape a blank one right you wanted to record routes or you know V or some like that you needed six hours to do it you could somebody came and I don't believe that VCRs shipped this way if I don't remember for positive but I'm relatively sure that in the early days of VHS you could not do anything more than record the two hours somebody came up with the idea that if they slowed the tape down the quality would be less but you could store more on the cassette tape on the video cassette and this led to you know LP and epe settings where you could literally sit and record six hours well I remember that you weren't allowed to set the VCR at those higher run rates you had to do the two hours or it would not be reliable enough but that's some clever you know something you already have laying around the house and all the sudden it becomes a mass storage device for your personal computer that's great you know what I'm saying that's great stuff and you don't see you know it's somebody listen in order for me to be excited about excited about something these days you have to essentially tell me that you're gonna power my computer with a potato then you get me all excited storing data on a VCR never woulda cross my mind yeah good stuff in those old magazines some of them you know that's that's one of my favorite guilty pleasures to find one of those magazine archives I've got stacks of magazines in my shed you know what's the shame shed right now there's stacks of magazines in there a lot of Commodore 64 Commodore Amiga stuff and you look back and it's like being you know I feel there was room to innovate back then you know everybody was looking for the next paradigm shift we don't have paradigm shift saying we have incrementally better than we used to have that's what we've got we don't have paradigm shifts we have hey now you can get 256 gigabytes on that microSD instead of 128 how's that and I'm not trying to put down the concept that there's some seriously cool stuff behind the scenes to make that possible you know what I'm saying these hybrid drives and things like that people are using interesting techniques to make what we have better you know less battery power more storage whatever but these we're not really coming up with anything new not really it's not like you know you wait for the magazine to get dropped in the mail I don't know if that's like childlike innocence or what but it'd be like you know we open it up there's ice pick you know you open it up and there's you know videotape backup then you've course you know yeah soft AGA that promise you could turn any Amiga in you know any ECS Amiga into an AGA Amiga and all you had to do is run a piece of software that's a great thing right there remember the one remember I told you the story about the company who said you could write two CDs same you know I'm sorry right two CD ROMs yeah got a cd-rom player for your Amiga no worries you can actually write to them now using only a piece of special piece of software no need to buy a new hardware turns out all it did was cache the to your hard drive and tie it to the CD ID clever but slightly misleading no no quantum leaps anymore you know even like video cards and things like that it's not like it used to be you know you go from 3d effects to a you know geforce 980ti but go from a 980 do a 1080 seems to be a little less excitement going on I see there was something else like in that area I wanted to talk about it's kind of busy hello hello tired need me some animal kingdom dammit what's up I've been watching I watched a fate of the Furious Wow is that a terrible movie or what holy so my friend Justin like who it would have be on here if he was on his way home but he's still at work he said he enjoyed it a lot in the theater you know he said was a little mind-numbing in spots I had no idea just how mind-numbing it is I don't understand how they get away with it now let's talk about The Fast and the fears for just a second the first one I really enjoyed it I really did I liked the concept I liked the cars I liked all that stuff fun number 2 2 fast 2 furious that's my favorite of the series I've seen so far I don't know why you know I like cole hauser and I like that asian chick that was in the Hello Kitty car the pink kitty car I don't know there's something about it that worked for me I didn't bother with three because I know that it's essentially like an alternate Fast and Furious story no enters to man and then I saw bits and pieces of a few other ones it you know what Fast and Furious is it's like Nightmare on Elm Street we've all seen the first three and the last but we missed the ones in between should I can't tell you what nightmare maybe I could get into most of four but five six seven no no clue I know Wes Craven's new nightmare which I was a big fan of I liked that a lot have you seen that I'm sure I've talked about it around Halloween so I'm you know several years ago but I'm I really like that I like the concept that we actually got to quote see the life of the actors be you know we weren't watching Nancy and Freddy we were watching other Langenkamp and Robert Englund and you know Robert Shaye from new line it was like a documentary almost that just suddenly turned into a horror slasher flick but it was like highbrow I like I really did I liked it a lot now that I think about it but this fate of the furious man I'm telling you so here's the thing I've got this thing figured out there's a finite number of things you can put in a movie before you go too far if you're gonna have really shitty CGI which listen I've seen worse I've seen van Helsing which is the absolute worst CG of all time fate of the Furious CG is bad it really is but every scene is has CG in it and you can tell you know what I'm saying but see sometimes you can get away with that if you don't color outside the lines all right if you see a car that's CG now look there there was no CG in the first Fast and Furious movie but you didn't pay attention to it it didn't catch your eye because they weren't doing any weird with it every now and then your mind would be like how the could they have gotten the camera in that particular angle at that location not possible sure Minds start saying is that CG well yeah I guess it is CG unfortunately with fate of the Furious they have marginal CG and then they make do things that shouldn't happen I'm not talking about the things that blatantly defy the laws of gravity but you're doing there's no way you could have made it look like that no way and then of course as soon as you start disbelieving what the what the storyline is doing and what the action is doing then you start disbelieving that there aren't that they are cars at all and then the CG effect kicks in and then I'm out well what the fate of the furious manages to do is you know like the formula for the old superhero shows let me explain pick any show Wonder Woman Incredible Hulk Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Woman they all worked on the very specific formula at least twice per episode usually a quarter third of the way through and two-thirds of the way through that's when you get your superhero you know every now and then Diana Prince would spinning - Wonder Woman like right away but 99.9 percent of the time there's a formula and the same thing works across the board every 15 minutes we give you something really really good and then we take you out of it and then we give it back to you fate of the Furious was the inverse of that most of the time it was and then they would give you just a little piece of humanity in there hey Chad what's up like if it first is something I can't believe this is the worst thing I've ever seen that's horrible Oh Charlize Theron and then it's like oh come on what the what so you know you can push the ibelieve button a couple of times in almost any given movie but by the time fate and the Furious fate of the Furious was over with my button was as broken as a 30-year old Atari 2600 reset switch it just flopped there I couldn't push it anymore I you not in one point in this movie and don't worry I'm not ruining a damn thing for you at one point the movie Charlize Theron tells her top-notch acker not to let these guys get away and they should seek out every zero-day exploit on any vehicle in the area next thing you know one guy has control of about a hundred 100 quote zero day exploit able cars they're driving them all around making them do orchestrated attacks right and then at one point they actually and you just this is what I'm talking about they actually drive like fifty cars off the top of this parking garage in perfect synchronicity mind you to catch the guy without crushing their car right you know one in a billion even if you were not even if you had a hundred great stunt drivers they couldn't pull this off but some guys sitting behind a computer driving these cars with his mouse and pull that off that's the sort of thing I'm talking about and then there's just moments where you go that makes no sense all right let me give you an example this might ruin something so if you haven't seen fate enough of the Furious and you just can't stand knowing a little piece of the plotline you might want to tune out there's one point where Shirley's Theron is stealing a submarine remotely of course you know no one's on board and so the submarine goes into attack mode which locks everybody out of the launch room well if they could get into the launch room that could stop the submarine from launching a nuclear missile but they can't get in because the sub is in attack mode so meanwhile the hot coco british chick is up on up on the up on me you know submarine tender typing against charlize theron like whoever can type faster wins it's like we're playing a game of track-and-field with the pencil you know what I'm saying so the idea of course is is that you know if the hot mocha British black chick can figure out how to get that door open they can get in and steal the launch card the biggest steal the launch card that can't launch the missiles so they go in they finally get in right the hot chick does her business they get in they pull the launch card the launch cart that's so fantastic it's the worst movie ever they pull the launch card out and instead of doing what you should do which is drop it on the ground and stomp it till it's in pieces the guy says I've got it and sticks it into his coat I hear thinking away a minute why don't you just destroy it throw it on the ground and put a couple bullets in it then there's no chance of the big scary redheaded dude from Game of Thrones coming and kicking your ass and taking it away from you and putting it back in the submarine you destroy it I mean this whole this movie is so full of holes it's horrible it's like Swiss cheese but yet like every 15 minutes on the movie they would suck you back in and be like okay not a single thing and then in the next 20 minutes that you know could possibly exist could possibly happen and there's no chance you'll ever believe it but then we're gonna kind of throw a little human thing in there we're gonna give Charlize Theron a chance to kind of make things good and then you've got you know Kurt Russell in there what should he tell he was just having a great time he was laugh chucking that up he's like I can't believe I'm getting a paycheck to be in this what a movie you know it's actually so bad maybe it's so bad that it's good I'm suddenly drawn to wanting to see it again and tear it apart anew the whole time I'm thinking you can make a drinking game out of that any time something completely retarded or completely impossible habits everybody drinks huh it's pretty good right the greatest drinking game ever anyone so yeah so I watched that I actually spent my valuable time the remaining hours of my life on this earth spend watching that movie I don't know let's see hmm what else was there oh I saw a young I told you guys about that match game documentary really good stuff I was last night I was spinning the wheel of YouTube again and I ran across like this is great I love this stuff this was like a I don't know if this was a fan put together I don't think it was somebody from the inside would have had to do it so the original Battlestar Galactica right you know there's no CG back then so what they did is what star wars did and everybody else did is they made models and the Galactica so so essentially what this video is it was called building the Battlestar Galactica can look it up or go to my Google+ and I posted I think last night they actually SPECT this thing out they delivered them delivered it in pieces and this video is like a slideshow of some some you know the Battlestar Galactica music and stuff of these people putting it together I'm talking fiber-optics the way that they build the engines for the back using simple like a piece of a paper towel you know and so they put this whole thing together and you know it was a it was a raucous anyway that whole show in the timeframe and the fast shooting and everything but you know you look at them putting together this Galactica and you realize that's why it looks so good you know if you go back and look at you know these high-definition rips of Battlestar Galactica and you're looking at the Galactic going goddamn that looks really good you know and this is 1977 or 78 and even wow these look really good and that's the reasons because they're real you know even now even with today's high end CG I think I would take a good well put together model over CG I really would it just looks better and these little tiny fiber optics they were running to light things up and it was amazing simply amazing so if you're at all interested in that sort of thing like I am building the Battlestar Galactica look it up on YouTube and see what I got maybe 10 minutes left here so it's reading this article sorry I was reading this article on them who's to blame for the Millennials the heaven forbid the Millennials take any responsibility for their own behavior but you know my friend my deceased Brian kid hyde-smith friend used to a produced retro gaming radio for me he and I when we would be it at these shows that you know classic gave me explore whatever and you know we'd get done with the show and we meet the fans we go out to dinner with the regulars you know and Howard Scott Warshaw be telling us about the porn that he's working on and you know we go back to the room and we just kind of lay there separate beds people we would lay there and like talk about and we were sort of talking about you know the progression of the human race and who's really responsible for the next generation and you know why did why did we turn out the way that we did and I started looking at the Millennial thing you know and so we called a generation gimme right that was sort of the thing gave me gave me gimme and I think that's still probably fairly applicable what you know what have you done for me lately you know why should I have to work I I deserve you know what I'm saying and so a lot of people the first thing they say is you know the Millennials are blah blah blah and then you've got the other people that said it's not the Millennials fault it's generation X's fault you're the ones who raised these little holes it's not their fault you give them everything and then wonder why they're asking you for and you know they may not be that far off and I'll tell you why Generation X was the birthing from the baby boomers right the baby boomers you know the bordering of the Great Depression working two jobs you know all of this sort of thing I'm sorry getting ahead of myself so the baby boomers had you know mom was at home dad was at work it was a little more traditional atomic family type stuff right well we were brought up without right we had you know we were comfortable well you know I was the product of a single mother and all that other but for the most part Generation X didn't have to go through a depression they didn't go hungry you know and for the most part the eighties were really a generation or a decade of materialism hey we are living in a material world and I'm a Material Girl right so Gen Xers were always chasing we gotta have the stuff we need more stuff and we didn't get it the baby boomers they didn't have the cash flow they had the home they had the car they had the atomic family but they didn't we didn't get an entry on the shorter edge of course I mean there's always exceptions but for the most part we as Gen Xers in our childhood growing up in the 70s 80s with the endless barrage of advertisements and toys and let's be honest evolution and revolution of Technology man we went from Simon to vic-20 to Amiga you know what I'm saying we got we've ran the gambit every single time you turned on the TV at Christmas time there was bigger better to get dan the grandma I need a Merlin I need a digital Derby I must have a wild fire pin oh yeah no it was Niigata half there was so much great and you know you waited you saved up your allowance you saved up birthday and Christmas to get that special item you want a big tract 79 bucks and that's a 1982 money pal it's a lot of bank and the baby boomers weren't providing so Generation X grew up and said you know what I'm going to give my kids the I never had now the baby boomers were raised trying to raise their kids like their parents raised them you know what I'm saying it always it flashes me back to UM to a Scrooged where he goes back and his dad works at the meat plant twelve hours a day and he comes home to give him his big present it's a sight of veal you know and the kids like you know and then you know Bill Murray and his younger incarnation so good I wanted to chew - the dad's like go get a job and buy a choo-choo yeah so you know that was they were trying to bring this up in the means of you don't get whatever the you want calm yourself down so a gen-xers took it the wrong way they said you know what we got double income we got latchkey kids we got tons of Bank we're not gonna be devoid of stuff we already had that in our childhood we're gonna bang out some toys we're gonna have cars we're gonna have everything and we're gonna give our kids the things we never had great so what we did is collectively not mean collectively we we began a generation of shitty kids giving everything they want told how great they were because the boomers weren't telling us the boomers are saying get a job get a haircut stand up straight meanwhile we're like oh you're so precious you're so smart look at these pictures of my kids huh nightmare no wonder the millennials turned out the way they did coddled the out of them it's not good so maybe Generation X is responsible for the mornings instead of actually getting a little bit of the tough love that the baby boomers are trying to give us we escape whatever the they want it here you go what what you want a car when you're 16 and don't have a job here you go what you don't like that Mustang 500 that we got you we'll get you another car what do you want that all right I'm done here I got to get in the house this is Shane I'm enrolled pastor see radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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