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Hello folks this is Shane arm and earlier in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It's Monday November 6 2017. You are on my 13 mile commute Oh Welcome to the show I am exhausted is just an exhausting few days. We're going to get to that it's Monday of course. And yeah I'm I'm ready to be at home. Hey Travis, what's up Travis's in the house so yeah, so anyway, so let's start with a recap of the weekend so the weekends with something like this so I took the day off on Friday my daughter Corsini and flew in on Thursday night and so anytime that you know Christina and I like to sit up late at night and chat and talk about stuff and so we're always up kind of laid and you know you have to go to work the next day so you stamp a little later watch some movies so in the reason she was coming in is of course because of the celebration of life party that we had on Saturday but it wasn't just Saturday was sort of bled into the rest of the weekend as well what is this guy doing this guy has no clue what he's doing Can we move along I'd like to get home sometime today you mother she's driving so slow sorry so Friday is you know we sleeping so get a little sleep in time blah blah blah. And so we have to go over on Friday night Hey Justin. We go over Friday night which is like immediate family so like no friends of fam you know, no friends of the family that sort of thing just like immediate family watching lose my wife who was my grand mother in law's obviously daughter. And so since we've all been here in Phoenix for quite some time, a lot of the family has not had the same closeness with Grammy as we call her that my wife had. So she is, you know, immediate family plus, so we need to go under the guise of you need to go over. We need to go over and help them set up for the party. Okay, great. So my wife gets off work, she had to work up Friday, she gets off work, and we go over there. So it's late, I don't know 435 o'clock ish. Somewhere in there. And we get over there pretty much everything set up. So we're just kind of there to hang. Although I did have the pleasure of working with a Chinese LCD projector. Now I'm going to give you some I'm gonna give you some background on this because people like it when I get tech. So you probably remember me talking about on the show that my aunt la Lisa wanted me to to take photos off of her iPad and other stuff and try to get this projector working because they wanted to have pictures of Grammy projected on the wall during the party during the celebration of land. It's a great celebration in line. So I had her I had my wife would go over pick up everything. Every flash card. She had every USB drive the projector, the iPad, the whole bit and their own crossing the street here. One area so I had a great, fun filled evening, which I think we talked about here on the show. And so I found out that the that the projector is very finicky. First of all, there's no name. There's absolutely no brand name whatsoever on this projector. It's LED projector. That's it. No names, no websites, no logo, nothing to tell you. Who made it. And how do I get support for it makes a lot of sense, right? So I had to guess. So I spent a whole night thinking with this projector. And it has to have the card format at a certain way. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. A huge pain and don't The instructions are completely useless. Right? They don't tell you anything on how to get this thing working. They don't tell you what format the cards have to be in or anything. So I spent a good amount of time just trying to get a card formatted that would actually display the photos. So I got that all figured out. And so I got all the pictures dumped off of dumped off the iPad with some tool that happened to be a giveaway of the day share where the data type thing I couldn't believe it was so weird the day before. It's like oh yeah, easily done. pictures off your incredible shit. I guess I'm going to have to get that. So I had that and I dumped all those. And then she had some just Cloud account just Cloud account was hooked to all of her devices including her iPhone. It was it was like it was a tour through consumerism a madness sheer madness but I got them all down. I end up getting down. It's like 2100 photos total. That's including us throwing in a bunch of pictures of our pictures of Grammy. Right and so then I took them all and dump them into a folder and gave a shared on my wife's computer and said here you can vet the pictures. So you just take out anything that's not flattering of your because you know what, because because Elisa sent me this code that said no bad pictures of Grammy. I'm like What does that mean? Like sick pictures? pictures that are makeup on? You know the beat the Glasgow beak, nose side profile pics. What does that mean? I don't know. I mean, here you go. Here's all the pictures you figured out. He picks up Yeah, so she spent like a whole night traipsing through all the pictures and nuking him and cleaning and removing duplicates. Blah, blah blah than other than I am right. So. So I sent all the stuff back. I said here. Just take it all back. You know I've got the card. When my wife's done going to the pictures. I'll put them all on the card. And I'll bring the card over to the party. And we'll just plug it in. And we're good. Because I've already tested it's good. So one of the things they wanted me to do when I went over there on Friday night was to set up the projector and see how it worked. And see how it looked. Well. It turns out what they wanted to do was put it on a table outside and pointed to the side of their their garage. Great idea. But you know, the $60 Chinese knockoff projector not a lot of brightness there. So even though it was cloudy, and you know, and and, and getting darker at the time that we were messing with it. You can't see it. You couldn't see it on the wall. So really, in order to get it on the wall. You're gonna have to wait till like, you know, eight o'clock. So anyway. So finally, we were you know, we were sitting around, they bought they got food, which is great. I'll tell you what, I could not believe these frickin pizzas. These were like three by three foot pizza. I mean, they were I think they might have been square. I didn't get a chance to actually go in there. So most of it was gone. But these boxes, I've never seen anything like it. They're like, they're like trash can. lids, these boxes. That's how big they are. I've never seen pieces of that size. And they were actually very tasty. I mean, normally, you know, you get these big mass products. And there's like something tasty. It's It's impressive looking was not that tasty. But though this was good. So we had pizza, and it was fruit and you know, sliced up fruit. So that was really good. So I'm getting trying to get this damn projector working. And it's working. But here's the thing. So here's how it works. And this is germane to the story, I swear. So after you plug in the SD card, and you turn it on, you get a screen like the old media players. It says photos, videos, text documents, or something like that. I don't remember buddy. So you go into photos. And it shows you the device you currently have selected as a source, right. So there's an S button on the projector, there's a source button on the remote. So that that wasn't hard to figure out. No problem there. Select the SD card and it shows the like a drive show up. And you go into the drive. And it's got all the pictures in there you go. Okay. No problem so far. And so I did with a couple of the pictures. And I did with a couple of the pictures and everything seemed Okay. Well, there's 1700 pictures assumption. Maybe it was 900. We got it down to like 900 pictures. There's 900 pictures in there. And I'm like, Where's the slideshow button. Where's the play button? You know, I want to show them all in a slideshow. So I'm sitting here digging with Click, click, click, click OK. It'll show them if I every time you click on one check marks it and then shows you a preview. Right. And then you could push the play button. Anything that's checked. Marked would play in sequence and slideshow. But check couldn't get there was no select all. None. Nowhere I searched. I spent an hour and a half digging with this thing. I could not find a play all or select. All right. And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Shane, what you should do is go back to the screen that has the drive listed on it, right, Untitled SD card and then hit the play button on that. That would play all you'd be wrong. So I'm sitting. I'm trying everything that I can. I'm sitting here thinking you know what, tomorrow with the actual party. I'm going to sit here and select 950 pictures and hit play. And I'm like this gotta be an easier way to do this. Well, I got started. I got sort of digging around. It will do mirror cast of you leave this. Here's a projector that you can't find a Select All, but it will accept a mirror cast screen casting from your phone. So I'm sitting here digging with it. I've got my phone connected to it. I'm streaming pictures up to it. I'm thinking okay, this is my backup plan. I throw them up on Google Photos. And I just use my tablet or you know, some device to mirror cast over to the thing. So I'm thinking, all right. So she comes over. She asked, how's it going? I said it's frustrating. I can't figure this thing out. There's no and you know, when I told her there was no there was no like brand name to it. She seemed kind of surprised. I'm like, yeah, this literally has you have no idea where to go for help. There's nothing on the documentation. Nothing. And so she said. She said that they got it working once with a stick USB stick, not an SD card. And shows they got the slideshow playing. So I'm like you didn't have to select a bunch of shows. No, I'm like, Okay, then there's some way to do it later. backtrack, what did you have for breakfast yet? That sort of thing? And she's like, I don't know. I don't know how we did it. I don't know. You know, selfless tricks. I'm like, you know, pressuring her for an answer. Okay, so now that I know, there's a way for sure. Now I'm in. So back inside, I go screw the mirror cast option. I'm getting this damn SD card to work. So guys are gonna love this. So when you open up the drive, when you you know, you stick the disk in, you select the source, you open the drive, there's like a back button. And then the pictures, right? We just like you'd get like a file manager, right? There's the two little dots that take you up a directory, that sort of thing. So there's a back button on there, along with all the pictures somehow, because I had nothing else to try. And I've exhausted every possible goddamn combination of buttons, switches, clicks and knobs on this thing. I I hit the button button on the back icon. That's right. The back icon when you hit play on it does a playoff slideshow. Yeah, that's Chinese intuition right there, right. So find that got it working. And to make a long story short, they decided to scrap it and just move a TV onto the porch and just play the stuff in there. And they weren't playing my desk. They were playing somebody else who brought stuff over. It's like, Okay, well, that's okay. I mean, I don't really care. The end result is my wife was pleased that I helped out and that was what I was going for the fact that they didn't actually use the video or use the SD card. After I went through all the pictures and everything. I don't care, whatever. This guy, this was actually her son. So I guess I could see that he actually had like, pictures of her in Germany when she was five. So she wins or he wins, I guess. So. Yeah. So that was pretty much like Friday evening we sat around and yapped and you know, my wife, my wife on the way over was like maybe we shouldn't go over I'm so tired. I just want to go to bed. I like Well, that's okay, we'll just go over we'll do whatever we need to do. You can rest I'll take care of it. They want to move tables or something and then we'll just go home as soon as they're soon as it's all set up. So instead of it being like, you know, an hour over there hour and a half or something where they're like four hours and it's like I you send me ready honey and we're good. I don't think there's anything else we can do. No, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay, so we're sitting around I have nothing to do I'm playing on my phone or something suddenly went home for singing I watched a movie and then with the bed Saturday was the day of said Party and the party starts at three of course we're supposed to be there too it's like for what's that it's all set up I don't know we're gonna be there we're gonna be here Hi How are you feeling? Yeah I am I can't have anything in mind that I will surprise alright so any who who's who joined in. O'Brian hold came in Hey man, what's up? Hey now right so Saturday we're supposed to go over early now. Now you got to understand to that Call of Duty World War Two unlocked you know, Friday at midnight or whatever. So I've been itching to play nice and call of duty. My friends are all playing and itching to get playing. But you know, that sort of thing you need them uninterrupted time for you know, I can't be I can't be you know, I need I need contiguous time blocks. Now. If I'm playing Wolf and Stein to I can pause and do stuff Hey, Mike. Margaret, what's up but you know, you can't really play a new game especially when it's focused around multiplayer you can't really do that in the situation I was in So being a good boy being a good dad being a good husband and trying to stay off but I get a little bit of time and so I get to taste a little on Saturday so we go over and so we didn't actually end up being early which was great because my daughter just finished cosmetology school and so my wife Believe it or not my wife and my daughter you know Christiania you guys who've listened to the show long enough know how great that relationship was interesting he was living with us and things have really turned around in that department so much so that she even like her senior do her makeup Hey Timmy. Journey miss the technical will speak of the the great Chinese LED projector. So anyway, so we were we basically got there on time. And listen, the celebration of life thing, just like wakes. I've never it's never really ingrained on me the concept of parties for dead people. Now my grandmother in law passed away several months ago. But the idea was that if we're going to have this big celebration of life party, that you'll wait a few months so that everybody can make arrangements and get time off and buy plane tickets and do all this other stuff. So the idea is there's gonna be over 100 people at this party of which were pretty close. So anyway, so so then it's like it doesn't let's just say it doesn't jive with me. So you're they're purporting a party atmosphere, but you're really there for someone who's dead. And that's really sad. But you're celebrating her life, which is good. But now let's play some really sad song that she loves. And now you know, and now now we're all sad. Everyone's crying. Everyone's weeping. But hey, let's get the party back on track. Here's the DJ with locomotion, dude. Our local motion over Wait, wait one more time. Let's have let's pass the mic around and let everybody say what Grammy meant to them. Then it's like, oh my god, you know what it is? You know what it is? Oh my god. I just got the perfect example. Although probably nobody listening to the show will understand the exam on drawn together. When my favorite cartoons of all time ran. three seasons. Fantastic show totally played outside the box, which was great on this show. I know this a long segue to go to make this to make this connection. But I'm willing to do it because I'm stuck in 17 traffic. So there's a character which is a Blaine Pokemon rip off a blatant Pikachu called ling-ling and ling-ling talk like Pokemon and the whole bit was fantastic. Anyway, on one of the episodes it's sort of like a like a big brother sort of thing where they're all locked in the sink sort of locked in the same house and they're all like superhero motifs or comic they're really just comic book characters or cartoon characters you know there's one that's like Superman but it's not you know there's one that's like Betty Boop but it's not drawn together is like the greatest show ever anyway. So there's this one episode where they find out that the pika to the ling-ling secretes a hallucinogenic out of his back when he sad so of course, the team that you know, the crew his his loving housemates all figure out the best way to get highs to, you know, tell something really horrible to this poor little Pokemon creature get the shit oozing out of his back and then they lick them and pass them around like a joint and then in order to get them in order to get more who's coming out they tell him something really, really happy so he gets all excited and then they bring him down again with something terrible you know it's like Hey ling-ling, you know you know you just you know won the lottery he's like yeah, he's all excited and it's like oh and your father's dead and then the ship just starts losing out the beacon shoes back right so they start licking them in their you know their eyes get all violated their passing around it's like hey hey he's running out of juice you know trying to look at me he's all dry he's like hey you know hey say something to them and it's like oh your father's really not dead you know trying to get them all excited it's like you know whatever your dog stand or whatever that's exactly what this fell like and it's got to be what like all wakes feel like I haven't been to many parties for dead people but that's what it was like it was like everybody up everybody down you know and you know this was my her request right so she recorded rested that any of the money that she had left in the bank and either you know whatever just sell everything that she had and get some money together and Invite Everybody over for this big party so it was her idea she wanted to do this it's it's great but at the same time Hey Alex the same time you know what I'm seeking What do I want you know we were sitting there and everybody's crying over this woman I get it she was beloved she had fantastic kids I mean listen I get it but I'm thinking to myself is this what I want when I'm dead do I want all my family getting together and in playing you know Rick Springfield Jesse's girl the dance to right before we pass the mic and say how much I meant to them I don't know it just it crushes my soul to think about that and well granny wasn't like my direct relatives she was very close to my wife and I you know she was actually I'll tell a little Grammy story here and grantees honor so Grammys, very proper woman, at least. So she got older, at least she was also I don't know, she was a Nazi wife. But she was definitely involved somewhere in the the German elitist right, we got some interesting documentation and papers and stuff. I don't think she was like a Nazi herself. But, you know, she grew up in an era where, you know, racism was okay, right? I'm sure the N word has passed her mouth more than once, God bless her soul. But when, you know, when we when my wife and I got together, right, so for those of you who don't know, the intricate background story of my wife and I, I hit big, I was in the middle of a divorce. And my wife was with her ex husband. And we met over something called Virtual places. Never let your wife get involved in the social networking, you know, designed for people to meet other people. Don't let them do that, because she has her they'll meet somebody nicer than you and run off and be with them. Right? Leaving so so we met on this thing. And so she came down, she came Actually, she came up I guess, because she was in California, I was in Washington. And when Angie and she came up and we had this little adulterous affair and and so you know, essentially it was like, we decided we were going to be together and she was going to go home and Packer shit and she was going to move up here with me. It's all it's all included on an older show, folks, I can't go through the whole thing. But when so I picked her pick her up I don't remember how it works. Anyway, we ended up over near her grandmother's house Grammy sense and Grammy was one of those, you know, aside from the fact that we were in this adulterous relationship. She was also one of those like, you know, no sex before marriage. And, you know, so despite the fact that I was plowing her granddaughter like three or four times a day, I was her friend. This is my granddaughter's friend, Shane, it always cracked me up. And that's the same idea. I guess, when you have like a gay couple or something, you know, you're the parents of the of the guy Don't ever call his gay lover, you know, his wife, or his, his husband or whatever, his friend, this is her friend Shane. I'm like, you do know, I'm like planning or six ways to sundown, right? And it was just the whole thing. We had to sleep in separate rooms while we were over there, it was just crack up. It's just that they seem and then to find out later on, you know, let's grow up. And she wasn't married at the time. She was a widow, but she was still in mourning, but whatever. But, you know, later on, she's off having cruises with Bob. You know, we know what kind of cruises they're up to. So it's kind of funny to find out later on. She was a little more on the wild side, but I was her granddaughter's friend but you know it's all that proper and you know, proper woman thing so yeah so yeah it's funny I was gonna talk about that you know when they pass the mic around we're supposed to talk about you know something about Grammy that you remember but yeah, I remember when I was, you know, plowing her granddaughter while she was still married and we were Granny's house and she treated me great even though she knew I was you know, bending over the barrel over the 50s you know reciting the 50 states that sort of thing yeah you know and she but she was always good to me you know it was really interesting you think about it I should have been like the I've actually I was the phenom you know to be honest with you first couple of years or so her mother didn't really care for me because I don't think I was a little I wasn't a step up in her eyes plus you know, you know, she was technically having an affair and techniques so was I wasn't divorced yet so anyway the whole thing is just Lunas the grand who's a big card game player she like board games and card dominoes train was that Mexican train big into that and so every time we go over unless she was the matriarch of the entire family so her way or the highway she was making the dinner we were all coming over and that's just the way it was so yeah so anyway so I learned a lot of good card games like golf and hand and foot SAP and I would have never learned those things if not for Grammys so there you go and I love me some golf so anyways so that yeah so the whole thing is just it's a it's a roller coaster ride of emotions you know and and that while my wife that to see all of her extended family members which is great for her not so great for me Christina is a little social butterfly so she's good she's a hippie from Portland so you know she she found that you know she managed to find a guy with a man bun and just started talking to him and just she was good she was just and of course my son all he needs is somebody small than him to dominate he's good to go so you know his cousins or you know half his size of court three quarters of his age and a half the size and so he had somebody to play with and I just kind of hung out I ran around and took pictures you know Christina has got like a real camera you know like a Japanese tourists camera well I've got the point and shoot you know and everybody you know listen people pay more attention to the you know hot chick with the real camera than the fat balding guy that has the point click on a tripod which is really pretentious until you realize how good that that tripod in that point. Shoot. Take great pictures. Even in the dark. So any who, so it's kind of like a man without a country it was okay. You know, I know what you sick fuckers are thinking. Was there anybody hot at the party to look at now now? Not really. And even sell it would be weird. So let's see. So that was that. And then. So we left there. I don't know. almost nine o'clock. I think the catered meal was outside of my particular palette. So we had to stop by and get something to eat on the way home for me. You know, it was lasagna, which, you know, there's a million ways to make lasagna. I like one of them. And the rest of them. Not a fan. People put all sorts of shit and lasagna. It's like potato salad. People will put the weirdest fucking shit in potato salad. It doesn't need it. You know the song you should be basic meat, cheese and sauce. There's weird chunks of things in there. doesn't need to be in there. You don't need to make you a sausage. You know. Yeah, there's a million different ways to make lasagna and not in on it. And and then they had they did have some bread. So I filled up on bread, you know, had rice pilaf, the rice was actually pretty good. I had the rice and then again this I talked to Justin about this earlier. So I'm sorry Justin we're going over old ground here. But if you're going to send out salad, right so this was a catered event they spared no expense. So this is a catered event so they were bringing around bowls of salad and I think it should I can at least have some sound that looks pretty good. There's nothing weird in it looks pretty plain I'm in well then I like that doesn't look like a regular seven looks like Caesar salad. And sure enough, every single bowl of salad there was be Pat there's like 20 volts. Every single one of us eat yourself down. Now listen, Caesar salad is reasonably popular. But was that would you actually only serve Caesar salad? That doesn't make sense to me. I would think that you would serve salad with dressing on the side. And if you want an Italian or Caesar you can have either one but to basically drench this salad like tons and tons of dressing. That's it. I thought that was a little out of place. But the DJ was cool. Let me tell you something. So the DJ was playing mostly from a list that he got from my and Elisa. Right. So unfortunately, some hillbilly music in there. But that's okay. I can listen I can tune almost any kind of music out no problem, but out of nowhere, and I list with the DJ to nice nice black guy. I'm not saying black because I'm a racist thing. I'm just saying. You know, this isn't the most of this music is not something that a black man would be playing the same. So anyway, so he starts playing I'm I haven't heard this forever. But he was playing jive Bunny and the master mixers. Now listen, Amy DJ that is that they can pull out of the out of the collection. Something like like, you know, Jai bunny in the master mixers. I actually went over there. I actually called my ass over and I said my friend DJ, a DJ that plays jive Bunny, the master mixers. I said do you are too cool for school? And he's like, he's like, yeah, I didn't think anybody would know what it is. But it sounded appropriate. You know, it's the one for those of you familiar with directing the master mixers. There's one that starts sort of with a with a sort of like a 20s 30s Big Band Glenn Miller type thing. And then it's a mix its a mix of a bunch of songs, bunch of music, and it's got that and it's like to come it has the twist in it. It has one of the songs are in there. There's a there's a whole bunch of songs looking jive Bunny, the master mixers, and I can't remember the name of the song by the way that I've been in the master mixers album. It's on Google Play Music. So if you happen to have access to say Google Play Music, maybe check it out. No, it's pretty good. It's a neat little mix. And so I was very impressed, but was great later on the night. Right. So after a lot of the party left and everything, and the DJ said, Okay, I'll be taking some requests, right. And so there's a lot of standard party requests that ended up going out some really weird requests that came from my 18 year old. Nice. Nice. Yeah, nice. In LA. You know, something was a Sweet Caroline from Neil Diamond. It's like, get the fuck out of here. So I'm sitting there, back there listening the whole set. And Christina is on one side. And me. My wife's on the other side of me. And so I'm thinking to myself, I can't believe that we have not heard Jesse's girl. I mean, listen, it's the perfect song for this party. And we haven't heard it. And I said, I think I'm gonna go ask the DJ to play that. My wife's like, you don't need him to play that. You know, it's almost like she's Obi Wan Kenobi need you don't need him to play Jesse's go. I don't need him to play just as good. That's not the song you're looking for. Not song you're looking for. So I was in a casino. Like, I'll go ask about my wife's a nap or good. So I swear to God is my witness. The next song was Jessie's girl. I almost fell over. So anyway, that was another interesting piece of the party. So anyway, so Sunday, Sunday, we ended up packing up and instead of going out and having more family stuff with the people who were out of town from out of town, we end up going to this place called the brass armadillo. And if you're ever in the Phoenix area, there's two or three different locations of this brass armadillo. And the best way I can describe it is a an antique flea market, but they have everything in there. Let's see it go in. And there's a bunch of like consignment cases. Right. Every thing in anything you can want. If you want a Nazi armband, it's in one of those cases somewhere if you want Knight Rider trading cards there and send them one of those cases if you're looking for a stack of Pokemon cards. And one of the other cases if you want to, you know Frank silver, there's a case in there for listen. It's crazy. It's like anything you could ever possibly want to put your hands on. Now, one of the few. I mean that smirk. Old Smurfs. You name it. Star Wars, trading cards, everything. So it's always cool to go there. But it's like hot shit. It's like they don't run air conditioning in these places. Just fans, you know. So you get really hot really fast. And so you know, when you find a case that has something you want to see in it. Like my son wanted to pawn some of these lego star wars figures. That's a fucking market. But that's a different story altogether. You know, she had to push the button and sets up this little light flickering light and knowing us out. Anyway, that's somebody trots on over, they open the case. You can like touch it and hold it and see if it's what you want. And then if you want it, they give you like this coded card and they take this shit up to the front. So anytime you want something, they come and they take it from you. And they take it up front so you don't have to carry it around and they got I mean, listen, they got great stuff. I mean, I keep hoping to find a big track hiding in one of those cases. But so far, not so good. But I did see a muffin. I saw a Daggett action figure from Battlestar Galactica mines in better shape than that one. Of course I paid a little less but anyway so yeah, the place of course is overpriced because like 80 bucks a month to rent one of those glass cases I thought it'd be cool to maybe get one of those glass cases for a month and put like all my family guy collectibles in there because I mean years I don't know if I ever talked about it on the show but there was a period of time when they were putting out these vinyl not like not like the pop not the pop ones but they're bigger I mean there's they're like like eight inch figures maybe six inch figures and they have like accessories you know Peter has a beer mug and they released you know Peter and this outfit Peter and that outfit Lois duty everybody's in there. And at the time, they were really they were really big. This was I don't know shit back when the show was probably I don't know five seasons in maybe six seasons in anyway so I gathered these up and then we found out there was something called variance and this should fucking make you crazy on purpose they'll release the same exact figure with one little thing different about it right so let's say lowest normally has a white belt on in this one picture or this one doll lovers the figure suddenly you'll see one that has a yellow belt right so it's a variant very rare very hard to find them and mess mess CO is that will make some me z co some might have to look it up anyway so they had the hundreds of these variants so now not only was I looking for the next character that they were going to release because this is back when they were releasing them you know one a month or something now you're looking for the goddamn variance to and guess what the staff that sell that shit they don't know a goddamn thing about variance I sent that chick at Cracker Barrel to go in the back and get me a miss Pac Man little play mini arcade cabinet she actually had a clue you go to I don't know what was it Spencer's, or whoever was selling these dolls. These these these figures and you say I'm looking for the yellow belt variant of lowest bass kick your ass out where they laughed you out one of the two. So I got tons of those variants. I've got pretty much at least two of everybody so I was thinking shit you know they're worth they're not worth a ton of cash. But they're if they were in front of somebody I might be able to make some decent scratch you know, I've got tons of never worn family guys shirts that I'll never fit into. Again all these things I literally have one giant case of family guy should have a it's not an 80 bucks yet to sell 80 bucks the clear and every month it's like that and I don't know thinking maybe not. Anyway, so brass armadillo. cool place if you happen to be here. Breaks take mom and dad is something for everybody. And the other thing too about the brass armadillo. There's at least five people in the store somewhere not wearing deodorant. You get to find the fine. It's like a treasure hunt. Or when it comes to me, like gagging. She's like sipping my armpits. I'm not going it's not me. That guy over there. Trust already caught a whiff of his ass. Okay, well, I talk too much about the weekend. I'm sorry. I wanted to get some other topics today. Other than just talking about my weekend. But everything's back to normal now. So for Samia flew out this afternoon bright. Oh my god. I do have to say something about the weekend. Good lord. So remember I told you about about Brian's proclivity to sleep block from time to time. It's been real quiet on the sleepwalking front. All that went away this weekend. I think he was sleepwalking more than he was actually walking in some cases. Unbelievable. He literally will come out to the living room. Talk to you know, asking why he's out of bed and he'll say something smart ass like where are you in bed? That sort of thing. He's completely asleep. He's out like a fucking light. leaning back to bed. Putting back to bed. Life is good. This happened five frickin times over the weekend. him just randomly getting up and once I'm I just he was just standing in the whole looking down the hall. I come up to my buddy, what are you doing that a bed? Okay, let's go back to bed. Right. Then I turn around walking back to the bed. You understand though? I mean, it is the everything's kind of mixed. mixed up. Right? Because he's sleeping in a small bed that we split up in our bedroom. So the crusade he could have his room right? That's the nice thing to do. So now his schedule is all messed up. And I'm sure the cats waking up every two seconds. The dogs whining probably wakes him up. He didn't have his music to listen to. So all sorts of problems but unbelieving know, Todd, know seeing dead people this time. No. Seeing people that work there. None of that crazy, crazy ass weird shit. But just just if you've ever been around a sleepwalker that's like, seemingly fully lucid, it's creepy as hell. So I got to enjoy that. My wife's been on new medication she's trying to get off at event which is terrible, never known. And now Advent not good for you. Much like effects are really hard to get off of. And they will prescribe it to you for anything. And you're supposed to be our look at look at an advantage. Lorazepam is the non generic name of an event. Look it up two weeks, maybe a month. highly addictive, blah, blah, blah. Don't take it gets you don't take it more than two weeks. Meanwhile, my wife stalkers had it on her had her on it for like five years and go look at the horror stories of people trying to get off the Advent as you know, I got off I got off the van and switch to melatonin for a while and I'm off the melatonin. I don't have a problem sleeping as long as other people around me are mostly sleeping unfortunately, was a lot of sleeping going on this weekend. My wife with the crazy ass medication my son was sleepwalking. Yeah, it was exhausting weekend. So. Yeah. Pity. Let's see here. Maybe I can get something in here. We can recap. I got that shit. I was going to talk about the $400 Cody box. But it's not going to happen. Oh, couple things that are time sensitive. today. The giveaway the day I think it's called shareware on has power Director 15. It's the last the last version of cyber links video editing software for free. They it's it's a pretty good package. And I'm a corral video sweet user myself. But this looks on par with that. And it's free. So enjoy that. And there was another there was another thing that was like pertinent to today was going to stop and get food. So I can I've got a few minutes more. Yeah. So get that and Oh, hey, for those of you who are interested in like, more full reports of my of my snap stream Firefly scenario, go to review lagoon calm I wrote a book. It's kind of a story I linked to some of the files that I was using was simply to help somebody out other than just me. So I wanted that. Let's see, what else can I do real quick. So I saw an article recently passed by Disney released a sort of a VR headset with a lightsaber. And essentially it's a an augmented reality lightsaber game that you can actually fight famous villains from the Star Wars universe in augmented reality. And from what I saw, it looked pretty good. There's like three different games that you play in there. One, of course, being straight up lightsaber fights, little pricey though 300 bucks, so I'm not sure I'd be into that. But yeah, I don't know. JOHN. Why you come in so late. But you're late. Let's see. No, I'm not. I don't have time for Mario Odyssey. Mike. I need a whole show for that. I need a whole show to talk about that I can I can go to sleep in 30 seconds or less. No problem there. Um, I don't have a problem going to sleep. In fact, it makes my wife crazy. I can be like in REM sleep inside a three minutes No shit. I get to the point where you know, like in REM sleep be twitch a little bit that sort of thing. Yeah, I'm in REM sleep in like 10 seconds. Man just I'm asleep I can be asleep before this light turns green if I really wanted to be cost tons of accidents but that you know just looking at that augmented reality think that'd be fun. Now that would be fun at like $99 it was $99 that's something I could get my kid for Christmas at 299 you're talking about you know second mortgages you know taking them will Rifai on the car something like that 300 bucks but does look cool check out the video I will not lie the video looks good I would be interested see what do I have time for not a whole lot I've got a I got a call of duty World War Two many review to do for you Mario Odyssey and we want to talk about tons of stuff I want to talk about their DNA can't think I got tons of stuff all right well I'm gonna I think I'm going to wrap it up here because I'm pretty close to the restaurant now I'm going to get some feed and get home and that's right and then again him and Leon may easy chat case lay for a while. All right. Well that's going to do or this is Shane R. Murrow passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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