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Hello, everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It is October 1 2018. Halloween. You are on my 13 mile commute. Whoa. Welcome to the show. Well, damn it. We made it to another October. You know, there are some days when you think, you know, I'm not going to make I wonder if I'm going to be alive. I know you don't think about this. When you're like, you know, 20 or 30 sure to push on 50 are going you don't have to wonder Am I going to be alive? Hey, Justin said first guy into I gave him a heads up though he had insider trading on that bell cost you 40 million in insider trading like Elon Musk. But you know you always think Am I going to am I actually going to be alive I'm I'm gonna make it another month. I'm gonna make it to another Halloween and other Thanksgiving. It's very tragic when you start thinking that way. And I am 950 and I'm thinking that way. I'll tell you what, though. I do not feel that age. We split this come out. I don't feel my age. I don't feel like you know, mid life. Seriously midlife I mean 50s well past the halfway you know the odds of me living to 100 are pretty fucking sparse you know so that being the case I'm well past middle age I guess I need to start thinking about my next Christmas excuse me anyway every time a new month rolls right i think God I made it another month here's the impact of coming up on the location and I got pulled over is the cop they're working today did you get somebody holy shit I think that was him he'll be got somebody I want to feel better that somebody else ran that thing you know it's bullshit I'm looking at their right now and there is no fucking markers that say we can't turn we can't get in that lane Hopi pull somebody over so I feel better and get them I don't see any lights on Damn it too bad see I'm I look down the street now no lights power well some other poor bastard will get I'm sure he got his ticket list for the day alright well one of the house everybody else so it's 220 and know Travis know will be I guess people are not used to me recording this early anymore You know I've been working later hours and stuff and been running the show late so what I do over the weekend. Let's do the weekend recap if we will. Let's see. Actually not a whole lot. I got a lot of work calls this weekend. So I was called in at work a lot. And I didn't have to go in. But I spent a lot of time on the phone and on the computer and chasing chasing that for Justin understands. He and I were you and I were a bunk mates at the work of phones. But other than that I played that I've been playing a lot of the frozen path the DLC for of zombies for World War Two. You know, the closer we get to Black Ops for you know, the less that people are going to be playing World War Two. So Alex and I flipped over to the PC. We've been playing on Xbox a lot, but zombies just looks in place so great on a PC. It's so much better than on the Xbox. So we've been playing on the PC, we've been playing this for them. This fourth DLC pack the frozen path I think that's called know frozen dawn frozen. Donna's the tortured path. I'll get to that in a minute. But we've been playing a lot of that now. I see. I wonder everyone's is that a traffic of the head. Now? Everyone's second the other lane like nobody's in this lane going straight? I'm like, why not? But it looked like maybe they had some construction something up there, but maybe not. I don't know. Who cares. I'm in the lane down. I'm going to zoom me these these guys. But anyway, so um, yeah, so this frozen Dawn's pretty cool. It's a lot of underground stuff. And, you know, of course, there's, you know, standard zombie nonsense trying to find all the Easter eggs and everything. But one thing that I'm Alex notice when we got back on the PC was there's another game mode for zombies called the torture path. And so we were looking at this and was like, hey, maybe we should try the Sami. We should try this out. Well, I tried it out. And I love it. It's sort of the Horde mode for zombies, right? Everyone likes the old horde modes, where years playing waves, you know, you're not. I mean, even within the newer zombies are still playing ways. But this is like very wave centric and every other waiver so they give you something to accomplish. You got to kill all these types. You got to stop this, you got to stop this bomber from getting to his target. They got all these cool little things for you to do. And of course, for those of you who are like me that are insane for all the hidden easter egg nonsense. There's plenty of that going on, too. But the majority of the game is focused on short, quick burst waves with objectives. It's really cool. So we've really been into that. If you check out my YouTube channel. I've got videos for both the DLC for zombies, as well as this tortured path. So check it out. If you're interested. I'm a huge zombies fan. I can't wait for Black Ops for zombies. They look great. You're gonna get Mob of the Dead stuff, right? So I get to go back to Alcatraz. Alcatraz was in one of those like the third DLC pack for Black Ops three. And a lot of my friends didn't get those those map packs, so I had to play Alcatraz alone for the most part. Which sucks. I'll be happy to have all my friends playing on a core map of zombies that we can all we can all play. It's Alcatraz. Sorry, it's very overcast right now. It's them had a little bit of rain. It's very humid, but it's cooler. So yeah, this sort of weather always makes me sleepy. All right, let me find my keep lists Sure. I did have some items come on. There we go. Keep notes why they decided to call it keep notes. Alright, so I talked about tortured path. Oh, so at long last, even though it's been available digitally for some time my my pre order of Night Trap the physical copy physical collector's edition of Night Trap for Nintendo Switch has finally shipped I'm hoping to see that in the next day or two I'll tell you guys how it is that we talked about Night Trap enough but I didn't want to let you know that they are finally shipping it took them forever though. It's like what the hell man I mean I bought this thing like months and months and months ago the digital copies been out forever I guess a bunch of the steel book collector one's got put off by the the earthquake and stuff over there right the tragedies that they've had over in Japan so it's hard to get pissed off at your shits not shipping, because, you know, is Japan's under you know, that's a lot. Anyway, so I'm excited that that's coming. Speaking of things coming. Um, let me see here. Let me chop that off the list. So a couple of some new blu ray news and blu ray news. I got my Blu Ray copy of the principal with James Belushi. And Lou Gossett Jr. Big fan of that movie. And it holds up. Well, for those of you who may not have seen it. James blue, she plays sort of a hard ass teacher that gets gets in trouble on the outsides. We gets assigned to a sort of a special ed gang high school where he, you know, he's got to try to restore order. And there's gangs running in there and all this stuff. And it's not Michael right? You might not know the name. But if you were a big fan of VI, the TV series from the 80s. So the miniseries, he played Elias, you know, the two big crook good guy that ends up becoming a good guy. Well, he plays a real badass and this one, so that's cool. It's pretty good. There's, there's like, no extras on it. So you're looking for extras. There's no no commentary. I think there's a trailer but the transfer looks pretty good. It's very it's still got a lot of smooth film grain so it doesn't have that super crystal clear blu ray look, which kind of works for this. You know, it's a grungy ass High School. It looks good. I mean, if you're a fan, it's available I think for like 19 bucks, so it's not one of those crazy ass price. What's been even 19 bucks for a catalog title still seems a little high. Also on its way. Coming to a blu ray jacket near you. We are getting a full blown HDR 4k release of Superman the movie The original Christopher Reeve movie HDR of the whole bit, it's going to be a nice looking release. Of course, I'm going to have to have it because you know Christopher Reeve is my Superman you can that you can screw this new guy you can screw a Christopher Reeves dad George read I don't care about any of those Superman I care about my Christopher Reeve Superman and I'm going to get him in glorious 4k now with any luck will at least get Superman to and 4k as well. I don't know if we'll see. I'm surprised that Superman three and four actually got on blu ray so I'm not holding my breath for ultra four K's on those but hey you know what we're things have happened also recently announced for blu rays. Another one of my favorite catalog titles from the 90s single white female with Jennifer Jason Leigh and what's the other broad the hell me either Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda. Big fan of them and you know, I don't know why I like it. But I do. I like that movie. It's sort of a period piece. You know, she's running this old Mac and she's trying to sell some sort of clothing software to warn her brand is from sneakers, right. I can't remember the guys name. He was also the guy that played needle nose Ned from Groundhog Day. Right. He plays you know, a me to violator. Let's see oh Travis's here. Hey, what's up, man? It's a very quiet very quiet in here today. Everyone was taking the day off or something. So yeah. So I'm excited about that. And let's be honest, Jennifer Jason Leigh, like rubbing one out too well, listening to Bridget fun. And her boyfriend I think was Jake Weber that plays in the boyfriend. Yeah, her Robin one out in the next room. I love that. That's a you know, that's good stuff for when you're let's see how old was I in the 90s. I'm as an in my 20. So I guess whatever. You know, I'd say it's like masturbatory type content. But I think I was little old for that. Get porn proper when you're that age, right? But anyway, so I'm excited about that. I love these catalog titles coming. I really do. It's it's nice that they're still putting these things out. And I can get good copies. So I ran across. The craziest thing looking at was playing wheel of YouTube one day, and I think was we'll have youtuber I can't remember. Maybe it wasn't. But anyway, so Peter Dinklage, you know, the, the, the small person from Game of Thrones and he's been in tons of stuff, right? He's been in elf and he was in that remember he or whatever it was. We came out recently I talked about that. It was okay. But anyway, he is in a movie get this I can't even believe they made this it's called my dinner with her Bay which is all about her Bay village chase who played tattoo on Fantasy Island so this guy apparently had a wild fucking ride and this is sort of one of those sort of bio pics you know essentially it was some reported of the gotta sign the beach to go and talk to him and interviewing for some magazine and the guy gets all caught up in this survey village chase life and everything looks good. Good. Pull up the trailer look at up on YouTube and check it out. It's too bad. They should have digitally inserted Ricardo months hold BA in there huh go to been fantastic to put him in there but they got somebody else to play him which is I guess okay. But I would have loved to have you seen them take Peter Dinklage and shove them Into a Fantasy Island episode would not have been great. But now so we as a TV movie, so I don't expect you to be super great. But I'd be interested in taking a run at bed. I'll check that out making $1 99 rental office Google Play or something. You know I'd be into that. Speaking of crazy shit. So it looks like Sony finally decided to roll over and give their fans what they want it all news and this is a this is about a week old new sorry about that fortnight which I could give a rat's ass about. But if something good anything good can come out of fortnight it's breaking down Sony and the PlayStation brand from it's bullshit walling off of cross play with other platforms right so Nintendo and Microsoft made nice and they put together this big social media partnership where cross play of fortnight and you know Brothers in Arms they had the logos holding hands all that crazy sort of nonsense and of course Sony was doing their standard we're better than you you know it's oh it's the same we we believe at Sony that that the Supreme platform form to play on is is on PlayStation so we're not gonna let you play with other people which is absolutely retarded as hell you know you don't buy you're not buying a Sony PlayStation to play fortnight on you know you're buying it to play you know you know that was that her horizon whatever they would make horizon dawn and and god of war and that's what you're buying a PlayStation four you're not buying it because it's got the superior fortnight experience so relax a little bit open the gates and let's have a little bit of fun here let's play Portal nights cross platform let's play you know I don't know what else we got to play other stuff plug cross platform let's open the love let's make the love workout here they're all pretty much the same platform anyway everyone's running unity and and Unreal Engine now so Screw it. Let's open up the open up the coffers here. What else do I got so many my wife and electronics where you know how electronics are in my house anyway, right. You know, we've had a couple of very hard luck cases. Nintendo 3ds is being run under water. We've had tablets crunched in the mechanical, the mechanical mechanisms of my couch my recliners. We've had a numerous numerous amount of pratfalls when it comes to electronics between my son and my wife. And let's be honest, every now and then I get one into but for the most part, though, it's my wife and son that are hardest on electronics. And my wife has once again proven that she cannot have a phone for more than a year without doing something bad to it. So she doesn't, she doesn't know how it happened. But she now has a nice thin crack from the top right of the screen all the way to the bottom left. I'm guessing there's an impact point she threw something in her purse on top of the phone, absolutely nutty. I've watched her drop that on fucking cement, we got a really nice case that the two the two layers nonsense, right, where it's got a shock absorber on the outside and padding on the inside bumpers. It has like five times the mass to the phone. And yet somehow she's still managed to get the screen correct. So naturally, because we're so hard on electronics around my house, we we always have, you know, a surely in insurance on these phones, right? And they tend to pay for themselves in my household. But so she told me today I was on my way on my way to work and she's like, I just picked up my phone, I see this big crack in it, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, well, it was time for you to upgrade anyway. So, you know, I'll look at your phone upgrade options. And she's like, Well, can we just get the screen replaced? No, it's not an otter box. But it's something like that you know how honored by has like four layers you put on it's the same idea but the otter box wouldn't solve this problem either. If it was from a drop edge we would have this would have protected that she threw something on top of it is what happened here. My guess is she threw or Kindle inner person it dropped on top of the phone will find an impact point when I see it all though. So she's like, well, how much would it cost to replace the screen and I said, screens are like 250 to 300 bucks. Because I had to look at for one of the other phones that we had, right? And it's like, you know, the, the Samsung phones, the screen in the digitize, or the thing that actually takes your input off the screen. They all have to be replaced this one unit, that's two 300 bucks. And she's like, Well, you know, do we have insurance? I'm like, Well, I think we do but it's still 150 bucks, 750 bucks for that phone to to, you know, just get a replacement and just like, well, it's still cheaper than the phone I'm like, yeah. k I'll look into it. Well then I found out so now assuring has a new a new thing where they have cracked glass replacement. That's right. So instead of actually having to pay 150 bucks full to replace the phone with another device, right? They have an actual glass replacement service for $29 out of pocket. And I'm like, Well, shit, $29 out of pocket. Now we're talking. You know, that's the kind of insurance I like. So I got to work and wouldn't here's the funny part assurance website doesn't work on a mobile device. And it's a it's a, it's a website designed to replace and fix mobile devices. I guess if your device is broken, and you can use it to get to assure you but it seems so weird that a website dedicated to mobile device replacement or repair and warranty doesn't work on a mobile device. Just little nonsense that keeps you up at night sometimes. Yeah, Travis, usually by my hand me downs he does. And this case though, my son is he is closing in on the age where he's going to need some level of a smartphone. So we're kind of waiting out my wife's contract to be completely paid off for the essays, he'll probably get the essays she'll get my nine plus and then I'll get the 10 next year that's kind of what the direction that we're leaning towards right now. So anyway, speaking of which, up this this show probably get interrupted the guy supposed to call 30 minutes prior to showing up so I expect he'll call somewhere in the middle of the show to let me know he's on his way. So we so get this so let me continue. Not only is it a 2999 you know, copay so to speak, on the insurance, they come to your house, or your place of business and do the repair on site. So not only do we get it for 2999, we had to keep the original device, we don't have to replace it. Cuz you never know what you're going to get. And she's going to have the screen replaced. And it'll be done on site. And we don't have to go anywhere, take it anywhere. We printed a Product to Ship we were able to get same day replacement service on the glass. I was actually fairly impressed. You know, if you're paying somebody do the math for me, if you're if you're paying $13 a month over the course of a two year contract. So that's, I mean, there's somebody do this math in my head. So if it was 20 months, it would be that's a lot of money, actually. 260 bucks, plus another 2652, 54, yes, you're paying about 300 bucks over the life cycle of the contract. And if you have to replace the device, I mean, you know, and it's almost worth it to just drop the motherfucker and get another phone. But anyway, the good news is, is that because we're having it handled through insurance, any point time we can upgrade it through our edge plan, or whatever the plan is that we're on now. So we have some options with it. So I was really impressed. I mean, you know, it used to be a $99 straight replacement, if anything happened to it, you dropped it yet dumped it in the water, you crack the screen, anything was 99 bucks flat, but they raised it to 150 bucks on smartphones. So if you break the glass, 150 bucks is a little high. That's almost replacing the screen, you know, but in this case, I was very excited the 2999 scenario so we'll see how it works out. I'll let you guys know my experiences and I'll take pictures so Travis will be sedated will be as his seat he says, insatiable desire to know what's going on will be cured trying to think so I think that was the last of the items that I had on my list to talk about what else what else I've been watching like I talked about movie subtitle I've been watching you know, I've been watching Star Trek on the elliptical and up to the Menagerie and it's really great, you know, I like Star Trek The Original Series but when I was growing up, you know, when it was first run. It was spotty, right? Because I was watching it on over the air television and then as I got older I didn't want to foot for the blu rays or I'm sorry for the DVDs or the VHS and so I ended up getting SV CDs from the internet you know this is back before broadband and you were doing is taking forever to get these things so I only got my favorites right we've talked about my favorites you know a specter of the gun operation annihilate I have a handful of them that I've seen a million times I mud but there's a lot of these episodes that I've seen maybe once or twice so I'm now getting to watch those in a completely captive audience state so there's one thing about three during a show on in the background and keeping you know watching it every few seconds but to be like captive on the elliptical and watching these shows you know top to bottom you know front to back totally watching him it's totally different thing so I'm up to Part One of the Menagerie and I do remember it as I'm watching it I remembered a little bits and pieces of it but it's so great you know Spock is a you know undergoing a you know he does basically mutiny and and he gets caught marshaled in this whole bit muds, a great character and I and I've always watched I mud I rarely saw muds, women because you know there are two episodes with the hardcourt Fenton mud and it was kind of cool to see sort of the origin episodes and I look that guy up one time he said you know famous character actor from like not Universal Studios but MGM maybe he was on contract player, I think for there and he's been tons of stuff. But yeah, so good to watch a lot of these other ones that I would have normally not seen. I'll tell you what, there's this one where I'm and I can't remember the name Justin will be able to pipe in. He knows the names of all of these things. This guy knows it Star Trek. But there's this one where this there they go by this penal colony and send down supplies in the in this crazy doctor gets beamed up. And he's all Looney Tunes, and they got him strapped down. And it turns out that they've got some mind control, you know, thing on the cert, you know, at the penal colony. And the brother that they send down as McCoy sends down a chick to be with with Captain Kirk, you know, in his stead because he needs to stay up on the ship. So he sends this brunette down and I tell you what, if you would have told me that that was what's your face from the fly all the center name just jumped right out of my out of my head. Holy shit. I hate getting old. I cannot remember anything. Someone help me out here. It takes 15 seconds for somebody to get the notice in the chat. What's her name? She was in the long kiss goodnight. She was you know, she was in the later stuff that season of The Exorcist. Come on. Somebody helped me out here. I cannot believe I cannot remember her name. Anyway, the the woman that was sent with Kirk, I swear to God, it was a younger version of her had the same sort of mannerisms and the same sort of mouth and everything and one of their relatives or something. It's crazy. I was watching the end of the episode just to see if I could find out who it was nobody. Nobody's got her name. Nobody's usually Travis's in front of a couple pewter, looking this shit up. Unbelievable. But anyway, so I thought that was cool. And then there's another one where I'm taking nurse chapel, Gina Davis. Thank you. Good Lord. God, I feel I feel retarded. But I can't come up with basic names like that. But then there's another one I sent Justin a picture of it with my phone. There's another one where they're taking nurse chaplain to find some doctor who was missing in action on this planet surface. And it turns out that he uncovered some robot, some robot Do you know some robot and the doctor became a robot he transferred is bring that seems to be a common theme. This is like the second time now in Star Trek, where the concept of transferring a human brain or human consciousness into a robot comes into play. What does the aforementioned I mud I wanted Android body? I'll be young forever, Captain. But yes. So. So in that in that chick that was down there. The other robot My god, I mean, there's a lot of decent looking women in the Star Trek series. But her name was like Andrea or something, the road and she was saying she was the doctors assistant or basically is love slave, I think. But she was like, super hot. And the outfit she got it, they got her and I can't believe that passed on 60s. tv. But yeah, and you watch that sort of thing. You think she's either dead now? Or you would never recognize her and align them you know, thank you for having a muffler on your motorcycle. You're so cool. No helmet, no protective gear. You're dead man. You're working for giving us a bad time as supervisors going to keep them safe. So why are you searching for the fly on your computer while you were supposed to be taking an adjuster calls you son of a bitch to put you on report so yeah, I've really been enjoying my Star Trek time so Justin convinced me so I've been talking about so I'm looking pretty good I was telling you guys the my body starting to shape up a little bit in every area except for the spare tire. Right? The The hardest part of it for any man to get worked out. So I was talking to Justin Justin used to lift and he was the vision of perfect health apparently before he got married. So he was telling me I need to do these oblique exercises with weights. So I went out on this weekend and got myself a a 40 pound weight dumbbell set that let me you know, it's it's interchangeable. It's not just a free, you know, 25 pound weight. But I can I can adjust so I can work my way up. So I need to get that out of the car. today. I lifted my wife's car, I need to get that out and put those together. I'm going to start doing that at night. When I get back from my workout at the gym. See if I can start getting rid of some of this. This roll around my midsection. Justin assures me that I can get rid of it. I mean I'm almost to the point now. And I'm not a vein kind of person. But I've actually considered maybe going in and having it sucked out. You know, having a little light bow down there and getting that tidy up because if I could get rid of this midsection I think this is the last 20 pounds it's rolling around in my midsection if I could get rid of this and I could get down to like 191 95 I'd be really happy with I think how I look so I think it's sort of the last leg of the race is to get rid of this this midsection nonsense so I'm hoping my starting to be able to see the veins poking out of my arms. That's creepy. Yeah, Travis likes likes to call me a sick or dying man. I look like I'm dying of cancer was the name of the guy with in first blood. When when Sylvester Stallone goes to check out like the last guy alive and it's true. And his wife is there and she's hanging laundry black lady and she's like cancer brought back from name eight him down to the bone. I can lift him up up the sheets. That's how I that's how I every time I hear about Travis. I think I'm the guy that she he could lift off the sheets. She's never seen me the skinny is that great. I'm actually getting all skiing. I don't want to be unhealthy. I don't think I'm unhealthy. My bloodwork says. Otherwise my blood work says I'm fine. So in December I'm going to get another shot of the blood work and we'll see we'll see where I end up. I'm I'm excited. The good part is is if I if I ever get off my dead ass and go back to martial arts. I should be able to ramp up pretty quick and I could go from my third degree then I could be Travis's contemporary cuz you know he's a third degree black belt that's a that was a that would have been a very difficult to obtain in my previous condition. But now that I'm all skinny and shit, I could probably pull it off off to get some muscle mass though to do push ups and stuff but I think I'd be all right if I ever you know vibrating up getting back in I believe my instructor will be nagging me I told her I'd be probably back in October when I think I hit my target weight but I didn't my target weight yet. So I'm still good. Well, listen, I'm getting close to home and I don't want the Wi Fi to kick over and kill my call or kill my show. So I think I'm going to sign off now. This is Shane Armand row pastor. See radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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