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Topics: Family Videos / Assassin's Creed Odyssey vs Witcher 3 / Samsung vs Google / Some Horror Movie Talk / Death of Google Plus Hello there everybody. This is Shane R. Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me, passenger seat radio, October 9, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Yes, yes. What is it? Tuesday, right? It's Tuesday. I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a passenger seat review today. What's going on everybody? Yeah, I didn't have a show yesterday. I really didn't have anything specifically to talk about. I didn't have anything particular to talk about today either. But I thought, you know, we don't want to go too long between shows. And then I thought, you know, I could talk about the new Assassin's Creed I can tell you about projects stream from Google. I had a couple of items to talk about. So I thought, screw it. Let's get on the channel. Let's get on the screen on the show and talk to my homies. little late little late I'm late meeting at work but went pretty quick. So let's see who's going to be first on the chat or one minute in I predict will be will be will be the first one in followed by Travis and possibly Alex. JB Lopez wow 720 seconds in nice Hey Are you Are you new first time first time live listener Good evening Welcome aboard I'm trying to look at your avatar here the sons of My eyes hurt for me to see is that like a pool ball? Is that what I'm seeing? I can't really tell it will logo they're very small on the phone I gotta say I'm gonna come to a stop here I can take a better look at the phone. See we got going on that and see what the logo is here. Is that a is that a clock? Can't tell. I can't It doesn't matter. Welcome to the show. It's oh hey. Yeah, it's grown monkey fat. Yeah, I've always wondered if you were gonna drop that moniker. I'm not sure where grilled monkey fat came from. But it always it always. conjures up horrible horrible images in my mind to whenever you whenever I see grill the monkey fat I somehow I remember video masters of course of course yeah I always every time I see that name i think i think of chilled monkey brains right from from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom right I'm sure the monkey brains and then I think okay so then it's got to be grilled monkey brains This is what goes on in my head a machine readable share with my favorite Whopper my favorite love Whopper avatar. I love that the Whopper icon Yeah. Did you have a machine readable Did you hear me talking about the war games commentary Speaking of which, very cool the the behind the scenes stuff that was on that was on that commentary. Very nice. Speaking of which, let's talk a little bit about right of course, you know, whenever this one my brain goes, my brain goes in crazy places. Girl monkey fat children. monkey brains then it becomes grilled monkey brains and then it just goes downhill from there so let's see I thought I had a couple new blu rays come in that was going to talk about what was that I got the principal right i don't know if i talked about that I got the principal in my House on Haunted Hill came in and then I got in on this this family videos I think I've talked about this site before but I'll pass it along again because I'm a big fan family so what happens is is they work through so I'm not sure exactly what what they do but here's here's what I here's what I think. So family video run some sort of rental agency for discs. Now I don't know if they provide discs to Redbox but essentially they have like secondhand movies for sale so about once every other month or so they they have a big blow out of blu rays, DVDs, movie or a TV on DVDs, TV on blu rays. And every couple of months they have some really good sale. And so the last batch that came through, I picked up oh Jeffrey dolls. And hey man, and so this last batch, I picked up the new Jumanji, I picked up rampage right to Dwayne The Rock Johnson movies. I picked up cocoa my family loves that movie. I I don't like digital animation. But it does have the guy that plays Javier from modern families. One of the voices and I love that guy's voice. it cracks me up every time I hear it. And then I got a fourth movie Ready Player One. So I got all four blu rays. And I do believe that Coco even came with the DVD and I got all of those movies shipped delivered for $24 blu ray. Nice. Right now the digital copies weren't in there and that sort of thing, but I don't care anyway. So it's like the greatest way ever to get us disk and they're in great shape. They weren't him. They're perfect condition. The only thing that you have to do is take off the little rental rings that are on the inside of the desk, but they don't leave any real residue and they peel off real easy really good good stuff I highly recommend I've done a lot of business with them. So if you're interested in getting good deals on physical media that's the way to do it. Let's see here just catching up catching up to the war games episode today. Thanks for happy death day. One of my first movies I've really enjoyed about right wasn't happy death day like one of the great like the more modern great movies I mean, I find it very difficult. These days to find movies that I like you know they're they're not making movies for medium and we've talked about this the CG nonsense we're 90% of it shot on a green screen you know I yeah you know the new predator movie they take things and instead of like doing them right they keep I don't know they keep looking him up It makes me crazy but happy death day was just plain fun you know it was it was great um so I do recommend you may not have heard caught up or whatever but that blown house movies or bloom house productions who they're the ones that made that happy death day they also made a movie called truth or dare not nearly as good as happy death day so don't get too excited but it's definitely worth a watch on the I would go out and buy the disc blind but I would check that out it's got the same sort of feeling to it in terms of you know, it doesn't take itself too seriously but it's still pretty good. I liked it and the other one machine readable if you have not yet seen it, which you probably have, cuz I was raving about it when I first saw it is the babysitter, the babysitter. Great movie the first half and you don't know what the fuck is going on. You're going Why am I watching this? I mean, I know I my penis is watching it because the chicks really hot and you're thinking that kid is so lucky to have a super high babysitter and I can't believe he's not making a move honor and the kids like 14 and she's 19 or whatever. Yeah. Truth or Dare. Sorry. Madonna. digging, digging, digging, digging. But yeah so check them out to I would recommend the babysitter over Truth or Dare if you had a if you had a you know, choice between the two but they're both pretty good. Another movie that's getting pretty good press that I haven't had an opportunity to look at was Nicolas Cage is Mandy. Hey, now Javier is in the house. The man who's trying to decide whether he's going to get his f7 upgraded to a an iPhone. What is it access you're looking at, or the new pixel Three and you know i'm i'm an Android guy so I'm trying to force them over to the pixel a but you know I get it you know yeah he needs it for work and you need that sort of reliability factor and is seven is chewing through battery like my knock through you know power cables i get i get it he's looking for the right answer you know he's not he's not nearly as platform fierce as I am so xR, the XR of the pixel three seconds one to make sure that the pixel three looks sweet as hell I gotta tell you i have i've been busy as hell at work so I haven't nearly had the opportunity to keep track of what sort of nonsense Google is up to these days. Um. But yeah you know I'm a Samsung guy you know I used to be I used to be like Javier there I was always interested in the most pure vanilla Android experience but you know what, ruin it for me when the pure Android the Google phones right the pixel phones or whatever they're supposed to be. Peace and Love, Peace and love. been, you know, no crazy shit. Verizon turned around and lock the boot loader, right? So it doesn't matter. Even if you buy a, you know, a Nexus device or a pixel device, you still get a lockdown fucking phone. So it's like if how many be locked down and mice will be locked down by Samsung. And I do you know, listen, I used to be an anti touch with guy Hey Brian Holton. I used to hate touch ways I used to hate the Samsung experience. But I'm telling you, I I have they have made leaps and bounds. The seven i thought was pretty decent. The six was okay. The seven was decent. Oh yeah, that's back when it was still called them. Car talk. I don't think there was ever a passenger seat radio episode that had the radio at the beginning. I thought about bringing that back honestly, because you know, I thought it was sort of a neat hook where I could start the show with a song those of you who are not longtime listener. Like like 720 seconds over there they are in the early days when this show was called car talk before I realized that goddamn NPR had a show called car talk and I didn't want them coming down on my ass like named capacity radio which quite frankly I like passenger seat radio betters a name that I thought car talk was anyway but in those early days I would open up every show that part of the song right usually songs that either nobody likes but me or that I thought would be interesting that you know people would find a sec hey I know you liked army of lovers or a teens or whatever the hell else that was if I was going to do it. Now I would bring up I would do covers right because I've been in this weird mode the last couple years where I'm hunting down covers of my favorite songs and not just like cover covers, but like enhanced covers, maybe a little dance remix versions of a Or, you know, you know, high, you know, high BPM workout versions, that sort of thing. I like that I like that. So anyway so speaking of which I guess we need to talk about the elephant in the room so we knew it was coming. And quite frankly, I'm surprised it didn't come sooner. But Google has decided to shut down google plus, which is the only social network that I can honestly say I've ever loved. I loved what they did with Google Plus, I was an early adopter. I was a staunch supporter, I worked with all of the different things that they brought up. I love their event planning and their pictures sharing and all of these things that I really felt that they did everything right. The circles I love circles. I loved communities I liked I liked the way that I felt I could separate an easily post to various environments. Various circles and topics and everything I loved I love the way Google Plus data invitations the photo sharing I loved everything I loved I you know when I I always love things and it's like that's how I would do it if I were going to make a social networking group or social networking service it basically would have been Google Plus and I did I still found that tutorial and what I was fat you know back from the fat days and I look like I hadn't slept in like a month on that tutorial I still have that video it's up on review lagoon I think on my YouTube channel review login which by the way is like certain I remember I was always telling you about that desert net site that Mark Cuban the website where you start reading a story there and next thing you know you're four hours into the rabbit hole. That's how the review lagoon channel is on YouTube. That's where I used to run the review login website. The website still there and I post to it occasionally, but there was a point in time I was really big into review lagoon and tons and tons and tons of videos. Some good stuff up there I mean you can get lost on that review looking channel I still do and I'm the one who wrote the name the damn thing so anyway so Google Plus is got 10 months left they're letting everyone get their data off and everything rumor on the street is that Google Plus actually was this giant security breach right apparently the Google Plus API's allowed some nonsense to go on and in light of everything Google tried to kind of rub it under the rug which I do not approve of by the way I don't like sweeping security yeah things under the rug so I didn't like that but why is this guy coming into this lane How are you guys doing God the guy cross like four lanes of traffic to get up what's with people people are you crazy so I'm very sad very upset about Google Plus leaving, you know I yeah. I was using it to support my teacher students, sexy Dimmick, photos and posts. So um. Although lately the last I don't know four or five weeks I guess I have been trying to increase my Twitter presence and I gotta tell you I don't like Twitter at all. I really don't. I mean I'm using it, but I don't like it. So you guys, I think I told you guys, you know, since I had my ass incident I've been taking these long hot bath well, that long, like 30 minute Bad's every night and very nice hot water to try to keep the swelling and stuff that so now I love my baths so much. There's nothing wrong with my ass anymore but I still want to take the bath so this this I can't remember the name of the doctor. Something or another. They got these bath salts and oh, oh. I love my nighttime bath. So Anyway, so I've, what I've been doing is, is I've been conditioning myself that while I'm in the bathtub. I yeah, I use Twitter, right? So I've been trying to follow some you know, you know, follow some people do more tweeting, put cross post my stuff from Google Plus Twitter post some of my older stuff, right? Something like my Witcher three video my holding out for a which are video, you know, cross posting some stuff to Twitter, trying to get myself condition to like it and, you know, spent five weeks I still don't like it. I don't. It feels chaotic and messy. It does not feel I don't feel in control. I don't feel like I can post to a topic right when I post a Google Plus I can post to a topic, blu ray, you know, teach, you know, to teachers, students sex, a dynamic, you know, media, TV, media and music, that sort of thing. I feel like I've got a an organizational means on Google Plus. And you know, I don't know I don't like I don't like Twitter. I just don't. I don't like the way it works I just don't like it but I'm trying to use it because it seems like that's the only one I don't like Instagram I don't like Snapchat I don't like other nonsense of I tried and I've been trying to really look into read it right? Because everyone keeps telling me Amy read. It's like forums you know, you used to have the Monroe world forums, you should do something on read it, read it, read it, read it, read it. It's like every time I go to read it. I find I don't really like it. But in terms of like circles, right? terms of isolating and current compartmentalizing my posts, and you can post to your own profile. So it's like it's like Google Plus. I guess so now I'm trying to use some of my bath time to get into read it and go in and see if I can find anything interesting in there. So I joined the blu ray subreddit, I joined a couple of others subreddit. And, of course, part of my, my biggest. So what about forum? It's like, well, just open support forums, go back to doing forums. Everyone loved the forums. Well, one, it became nonsense on the forums. And then people kept hacking the forums and kept getting it shut down and doing attacks against them. But quite frankly, one of the greatest things for me regarding social media is the ability to find something right, so I'm poking through feed Lee right, so that's what I'm using instead of Google Reader. That's what I've got my Samsung's Bixby button assigned to is feeling so I popped up and feely. I scroll through all my stuff and say oh hey I want to share this right well to share to a forums a huge pain in the ass, right? So it was very easy. To share to Google Plus choose where I want to post it to share, boom, done Twitter, same thing, but you don't have the little circles or anything. So it's hard to it's hard to compartmentalize that. So there's no good way to do it to a forum. But read it, I have to say, right? It's got their shit together when it comes to sharing from Android. So if you're a member of 10 subreddit, and you want to post something from your news feed directly into a subreddit, it's just as easy as using Google Plus. So I'm over there at dark uni. You know, that's my nickname over and over on Reddit. And of course, I'm Shane Armin row. One word on Twitter. You want to follow me there? Of course I've got the YouTube channel channel Monroe YouTube channel. So that's it. That's all I'm going to do. I'm not I look back at Instagram. I don't like it. You know, of course, I'm not touching Facebook either. They're like cut my deck off than to go to Facebook. So that's it. That's where I'm at. So as Yeah, you can go look at the old Monroe world pages over at the archive there's a lot of them in fact that I found one that was great and I can't remember the year but I gotta you know, I posted on Twitter I did I ran across an old website and I think it's still pulls up in the Internet Archive It was like this is what my website looked in like 1998 and I gotta say, it's, it looks pretty damn good. I mean, that's back before you know everything moved to WordPress and everything else. So there's some cool stuff in there flash animations right at some flash on there, and it's good stuff. Sorry, that's where I'm at Twitter Reddit, maybe and then that's probably it. I don't know what else to do. So good. Goodbye Google Plus, sorry to see you leave you lasted longer than I think. We're going to so I guess I take what I can get and Williams pinball tables are available on Xin pinball. As of today I've had good reports and so I'm looking to support the Nintendo Switch that will be my platform. The big fish table is available for free on all platforms as I understand it, so on Steam, you can get the pinball table for free on the consoles. And on switch. You can get that table for free. And something I learned from a developer diary that I was watching have said pinball is they have of course, excellent table recreations of the Williams tables, but they also offer as sort of enhanced mode a Zen pinball mode for each game where they put like Zen pinball elements things that are too fanciful to actually appear on the real table like on big phasers actually like a full 3d rendered fisherman fishing on the table medieval madness has a dragon flying around all sorts of stuff so I'm excited to see that and listen I was sad that pinball arcade got the license pulled out from underneath them and I'm really pissed and I have to buy all these tables again but at least the tables are going to be available they'll be available on switches work which is where I want to play them so I will take it with what I can get machine readable has a comment here on on Reddit Have you seen I like read it because it is the least social media like I came from us. net and forums read it is what suits me best. I get it. I get it. Listen, it. It definitely feels like a big giant forum. And there's nothing wrong with that. As long as I can post the way I want to post I think I'll be okay. Eventually moving to sort of a Reddit scenario. Don't think I can live on Twitter I just can't I I'm trying to like it you know cuz you know a lot of my social you know my lot of my my friends in my circles you know my my peer group or on Twitter but i i don't like Twitter but we'll see how it goes so yeah friend me up or whatever the hell it is on Reddit follow me or whatever and then I'll follow you back and I'm going to try to adopt ready we'll see what I can do I make no promises I even looked at a couple of those weird those weird social networking is what's that one maybe somebody knows there's one that's like all texts like an ASCII it's like being part of a BBs I can't remember the name of that beings with a e i think what the hell's the name of that thing he not Evo or EV or something like that there was one that I joined as like nobody on it but it's all text it was like all antsy was creates kind of creepy Yeah, you know, I haven't seen a lot of political stuff on on Twitter, but it looks like a lot of nonsense, right? So I follow a few people, but it turns out to be basically just advertising. regurgitation is what it seems to be on Twitter. There's not it's not really conversational. It's more like a news feed, which is what Chris Hedges says that he used for, but I've got news feeds, I've got feed Lee. I've got every possible source of news and information but I want what I want is a social network, something that I can discuss and share and comment that sort of thing. So maybe maybe read it will be the solution. I don't know. I'm sorry to see Google Plus. So anyway, um, so yeah, so I'm looking forward to this and pinball tables. I'm excited about that. The Williams pinball tables for zen, even though they're not releasing any of my favorites, of course. You know I don't know why they came with the beast well yeah I know medieval madness yeah yeah yeah I run the big fit you know you know big fish and what's the other ones that they're releasing the getaway yes okay I would much rather had high speed or high speed to and then there was another table I camera with the other one was but the other ones just like hey give me the Give me that give me a good Williams tables I mean what do they do holding those back or what I don't know anyway Yahoo groups yeah right that's funny i think i think Chris Odom still uses Yahoo he was only the Yahoo pipes remember that sort of like your own programmatic build your own feed thing I think he's still using that i mean i think the API is still alive so I don't know who knows yeah turn it is a look at he's going anywhere it's popular enough that it's like yeah if I get On Twitter I'm probably safe but read it's just the safest Twitter maybe more so so we'll see what else do I have to talk about um let's see why I do want to talk about Assassin's Creed Odyssey so you know this is what you guys pay me for us to try all these new games out until yeah what I think so let's talk about that so Assassin's Creed Odyssey just came out and it is using the Assassin's Creed origins engine right and let's be honest so if you're looking for the short short version Assassin's Creed Odyssey is Assassin's Creed origins 1.5. So if you're looking for something radically different, it is not. Okay. So let's start with that. But what is it so take origins skin it with Greece. Right Grecian, you know Grecian Athens blah blah blah Skinner with that fix a couple of the shortcomings with origins right because there was a few there was a few minor niggles inside of oranges. It was a pain in the ass, and then tighten up a couple of areas, right? And then add one or two, not necessarily gimmicky but low value add to the origins title, and that that's what you got. What you really have is a is a rather extensive DLC package for origins. Really, that's really what it is. Now, that doesn't mean it's not fun. Well, I loved oranges, Javier. Mr. Javier understands don't you Mr. Happy he knows all about it. So I liked origins a lot It was sort of what I you know, we called it Obama which you're you know, it's sort of the ghetto you know, socially economically feasible, which are free version. And you know, part of the problem with these assassin Creed games are where Witcher three in my humble opinion had a much more rich storyline more much more rich characters. There's not a character inside of either of the assassin Creed games that I played, you know, origins or Odyssey but I give a rat's ass about hey Travis What's up? However in Witcher three the whole game was filled with characters you could really you really understood and you got behind and you know you could you formed an attachment to them. I don't give a shit if anybody inside of Assassin's Creed dies. I really don't. And the stories you know, literally everybody I came up to is the same story. Right. So I'm playing Cassandra right. So you can play a man or a woman in Odyssey. So that's one of the changes and so of course, I'm playing Cassandra which happens She reminds me a little bit of Keri Russell I wouldn't be surprised to find out of any kind of model her off of that so before she's hot right and she comes She almost has a little not an accent but almost like a not a speech impediment but she's got a little something going on there maybe it's just an accent but you know if you're gonna have to look at a character for 30 hours you might as well have a hot chick you know that's that's my thoughts on so but yeah every time you turn around it's like I see you could use a mercenaries help? Is there anything I can do for you? I mean, that's like 90% of the people you come up to and it's the same lines it's the same oh you know these bandits stole from us Can you go kill them please and that's what you're doing here off killing bandits again and Ellison Witcher three was not above having basic fetch quests and some basic get, you know, doubling back sort of things, but these are really blatantly obvious and they're all over the place 90% of the quest that you do. And in Assassin's Creed feel like fluff right? Even the main quest is really, really thin on storyline or in my opinion, I felt the main question Witcher three was considerably better. But it's the same game. Listen, if you love to origins, you're going to love Odyssey there's some great new feature. So let me tell you what's new about Odyssey that I thought was is worthy of bringing in two things that do things that I feel are worthy and one of them is icing on the cake and I haven't once seen it come into play yet is they've added an RPG type scenario to your ship. Right so you actually get to own a ship inside of Odyssey you can you can staff it with crew with crew members that you find along the way and your quest and you can improve it so you can build on the whole you can add you can add new emblem so you can do things that actually improve the quality of your ship which is cool i like i like that but i Me to build the boat twice and I played for like you know 20 hours now so there's not either I haven't got to the boat quests yet or it's like it's just a gimmick it's cool i like it but now what I really enjoy what I've really enjoys a new like people hide and seek thing they got going on. So inside the game you're going to find this cult I'm not going to tell you a lot of details about it. So I don't want to ruin a storyline for you. But you will be exposed to a cult. And there's no there's dozens of cult members all over the continent. And one of your sort of goals is to expose the cult members. Now you get this screen filled with unknown cult members. And one by one, you expose them by finding clues to the identity of the cult members. Once you find enough clues, you can then unmask the cult member and then they appear on your maps and you can go hunt them down and kill them. tidying up right kill the cult, you might even find some if you are in town, you might even find them in a cul de sac. I had to steal that I love that and you never get to use that the word cult in anything but really it's really fun It adds a new little you know dimension to the thing it's a new little hide and seek new little thing to find and completion it's nonsense right? So I like that. Well, listen, I'm almost home I don't want the Wi Fi to kick in and ruin the show I'm going to leave you here this is Shane arm and row pastor see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care of it.

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