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Hello everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It is October 26, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. You have had a false start there for a minutes. I am plug my phone in, because I was down to 6% and Android Auto took over and kick me off the show. So so we're starting over again. How's everybody doing? The S O is here. It's been a long time brother since you've been on the channel during a live show. I guess being an earlier show today helped you out that's a good deal. Let's see. Well I got a ton of crap Are you back where you out for a little while. get deployed to Afghanistan or something? Or what was what's up Oh, you saying the show's back on again. Yeah, that was nutty stuff. But I've got to I've got to like great hardware things to talk about that a really cool I'm actually on my way to cosplay got out of work an hour early today. And I thought it'd be a good good way to start the weekend off a little bit early. I've been putting in a lot of hours. So I thought it'd be nice to maybe start the weekend off just a bit. And I'm on my way to Costco. So we'll have a couple extra minutes on the show I'm going to go up to the the one off the I 17 so that's a decent little trip hopefully traffic will be lighter them. And then tonight after the festivities it is haunted house night. My son and I are going to the 13th floor which is you know, one of these premium haunted house they say it's a you know, nationally famous this 13th floor. But don't all haunted houses say that they're like, nationally recognized haunted houses, I don't know. But I got a really good deal. like two months ago, I bought tickets early. And I was able to get the ticket and a fast pass for a really decent price. And I got to secure the time that I wanted everything else. So these hundred houses are crazy. The last year that we went, we also went to 13th floor last year. The The line was literally that's a good hour and a half long. I mean, it was like waiting in line to see to go to like the turn, you know, the transformers, right? Or something at Universal Studios was nutty. And so this year when I saw that was the option for the Fastpass. I'm like well you know what I'll pay the extra few bucks on to stand in line for an hour because I watched that Fastpass line move along just fine. And if that wasn't enough, not only do they have the fast past, but then they have like Uber Fast Pass, which is like walk in. You know, you don't even stand in the short line. Unbelievable. I heard that the the Hey, Bobby Smith, what's up, brother. Welcome. And welcome to the show. So anyway, so I'm looking forward to actually going and 17 clock maybe being in the door at 710, you know what I'm saying. And yellow is a good time last year. So we'll give it another go. Let me see what else is going on. Before I start talking the hardware stuff, can't think of anything in particular, I've been pretty sucked in the last few days with playing with these new toys. And I can't wait to talk about him. So I shot a video. Some of you who are part of my regular social media network probably already saw that I'd posted videos about this raft power file hub, but I'm like, really, really excited to talk about it and share with you because it's, it's one of those things that, you know, you're kind of think that maybe you invented it in your head. And it's like, Man, you know, if we could get this, this would be really cool. And then you find it and it's even more cool than you thought. So let me give you the little use case, right? So the idea here is, is that you got a family you're out on vacation, right? Let's say you're on the vacation of a lifetime you're a Disney World you're spending five days at the mouse Mouse land and everybody's got a camera right so some people have a phone still you know people use their phones and God forbid they use a tablet but I'm I am a I am a point and click kind of guy if I had any sort of real sensibilities I would be a you know a, you know, an SLR guy but I'm not so I'll use a point and shoot and for me to me a point and shoot is the perfect the perfect camera and I'll tell you why it shoots better pictures than the cell phone. Now listen, mobile devices have gotten really good at shooting pictures and unless you as long as you're in a almost perfect environment a mobile phone will take just as good of pictures as a point to point and shoot camera but let's be honest your mobile device is really an ideal scenario device when I'm taking pictures and I'm driving through Arizona and there's a bear up a tree 50 feet away my cell phone is going to take a really shitty picture of that bear now my point and shoot my you know my my Sony's point and shoot that's got 20. It's got 20 x optical zoom. I can get right in that fucking bears lap from 50 feet away. And it looks good. Right. It shoots an excellent picture. So if all you're doing is shooting for Facebook, or shooting a quick photo of opportunity mobile device, no problem. But if you're on a vacation of a lifetime, dare I say you're a Disney World and you're shooting pictures with a fucking tablet. Fuck you, man. Get a goddamn camera. These points you cameras don't cost that much money. And they will take better pictures they will take better prints who prints anymore, right? Someday you're going to want to print again believe so I've got a point shoot. My wife has an identical point shoot the same Sony bottle takes the most beautiful pictures. I'll talk about it sometime if you want. But then my son gets the hand me down which was the last generation of the same Sony camera right so my son's got a point shoot my mother in law who was with us on the trip even has a camera I've got you know. So we got between the four of us. We got four point shoot cameras that all run off with SD cards right now. I know you're thinking SD cards are cheap. So why not throw 128 gigabyte SD card in your camera. call it a day. How you should be able to shoot all five days at Disneyland on one single SD card. You'll run out of juice in the camera before you run out of space in the SD card. Now that's great. That's all well and good at a micro SD cards. Like 30 bucks tonight. I'm sorry, a regular SD card. 128 gigabyte regular SD cards like 35 bucks. Even if it's not on sale, right? So you get a couple of those. Forget about I'll get to them. That's 6070 bucks. No big deal. I'll change them out. Life is good. But what if you want What if you want a faster card, right? So those of you who us who are you know, semi professional or you know are you know, amateur connoisseurs of photography know that you can buy really really fast SD cards it will shoot you know multiple shots, you know quickly and let you shoot shoot continuous shooting, things like that. If you've got a decent camera in the field, and you're doing anything other than snapping photos of opportunity, a fast SD card is on your is what you want. And the faster and the higher quality the smaller they get. Right. So if you want to really fast SD card, it's going to be small and it's going to be expensive. So now you're talking about maybe needing to dump that SD card while you're in the field while you're out at the theme park. You know you need to get rid of that, that that card and you know how it is your cards can be corrupted. You could you know drop your camera. I mean there's a number of different things that can happen. Especially if you're taking pictures that you want to keep, right. So I've always thought how fucking great would it be to have a little tiny portable device that you can stick in your pocket. It's got like a super cheap, you know, hundred and 28 gigabyte flash stick, you know, USB stick, or even a small external hard drive. Right that you could dump those pictures right on site. You know, I know I know, new cameras have Wi Fi connectivity or phone. So now you can dump the pictures from your camera to your phone. But the way my camera and phone talk to each other, it's still a little bit clunky. But what if you could get you could take a little device out of your pocket, turn it on, stick your SD card from your camera in there, have your wife be able to access the SD card on her camera so she can post on Facebook. Have your phone be able to access the cameras SD card so you can post on Twitter. What if your son wants to post upload a video to YouTube, right? All of these things become a little more pain in the ass if you don't have a means of sharing media wirelessly like that. So for me my dreams to take the SD card out of the camera, stick it into a little box, push a button and have it dumped to a cheap mass storage device. And then be able to get to that mass storage device from my phone so that I can share pictures with my friends or whatever high quality pictures I took with my camera. Not my phone. So I searched. I searched this last time I went on a big vacation. And I found something that was cool. But it was very expensive. It was sort of a portable photographer studio device. It had a little like six inch screen, you upload your SD card in there. You could copy something to a flat a bigger flash media. And you can actually preview your pictures, delete the ones you didn't want, you know, they turned out blurry, whatever it was like 800 bucks or something like that. It's like That's ridiculous. That's not that's not what I I don't like $800. So I decided to look again. Of course, coincidentally after I got back from my big vacation, my last vacation over the holiday. And sure enough, there was a device called the wrath power file hub. Now the model I'm looking at the WD 007 Now I could sit here and talk forever about it. I'm going to talk a little bit about it. But if you really want to break down to see it in action, how it works and just how cool it is check out my video it's on slash Shane Armand row, that's my channel and check it out. It's fun to see an action. But so this device works a bunch of different ways. So let me just quickly run it down here. First of all, it's a 5600 milliamp battery. Now that's not a lot, but it's enough to get you buy yours, you know, stranded somewhere, you know, quick charge on your cell phone, it's useful, which means that that the devices self powered. Now that's a big thing, things like, you know, card readers and things like that you couldn't really plug a an external hard drive into it. Because that would require more juice or more power than maybe your cell phone might have. I know you're thinking, right, you could hook up some sort of an OT g card reader up to your phone. But then you could use a hard to a little hard drive because it takes too much power. So having its own power sources is useful. Alright, so now you can also in addition to having it power your phone, you can also charge it you know, of course via USB C plug, right, they've joined the the future using micro USB C. And then it also has the standard, you know, USB a, or whatever the hell you call that the standard USB plug. So now not only can you charge it through that micro USB arm started the USB C. You can also use it as a card reader, right. So you can plug in a cable, plug it into your computer, your laptop, whatever. And now you can read any media that's plugged into the SD card slot or any external USB device. You plug in, like, say, a portable hard drive. So now it acts not only as a battery, but now it acts also as a card reader or a USB reader. Next, what else will it do and also acts as a wife point, right. So I could plug in an SD card, I can plug in a USB drive. OK, I can then access it through any wireless device. My phone or my tablet, my laptop in acts as a Wi Fi access point. It has its own built in web servers. You can go in manipulate your pictures, copy files, between SD and the USB mass storage device, copy files from your phone up to the device, right. So you can dump the pictures you took on your on your phone as well. So all that happens without any sort of app installed on any device. Right? That's basically built in a cool is that yeah, if you have an android or an iOS device, then you can actually download the RAF power app. And it gives you a more of a thick client more rich experience for interacting with the hub also through Wi Fi. Nope, nope. cables, no wires. Nothing. No plugging it into your phone. None of that nonsense. It also acts as a Wi Fi bridge. Okay, so you know how it is. You're at the hotel, they want 995 a night for Wi Fi per person. Yeah, right. So if that's the case, or maybe you can even buy Ethernet an ethernet cable in your room. Or maybe the Business Center has Ethernet plugged free for high higher speed internet. So using this device, you can also use it as a bridge so I can find a Wi Fi spot. So let's say let me give you a better example. Right, because usually they don't charge you per person for Wi Fi. You buy it and then everybody gets the code. Everybody in your family's using the same code. But let's say you get one of these draconian hotels where it's like one device per connection it happens or the Wi Fi in your room next door to your mother in law who bought the Wi Fi so you want a daisy chain of her Wi Fi her Wi Fi is got five four bars. years has two bars because the way your room is whatever so what you could really use some sort of a booster so you use her Wi Fi connectivity to connect this raft power to and then it will provide Wi Fi access to the internet for five other people. Not bad if you have an ethernet jack right if you have an Ethernet plug some so till still have them you can now plug the device into that and it acts as a Wi Fi access point directly coupled to the wired network. So now five people can get on that same shared connection over Wi Fi not through a plug very nice and for some odd reason. And not sure how why this is but it is and I read I was reading reviews and I'm like people lost their minds. This thing will also act as a full blown router. So let's say let's say that your you know your net gear at home takes a shit right and your kids are crying for internet you don't want to go out and pick up a new router or you got to send you got to call Cox because the router you know you rent the router from Cox whatever you can. Now you can take this raft power file hub plug directly into your modem and it will become a wireless router. In fact, people know people in the reviews on Amazon for this product actually use it as a home router all the time. Full time not as an emergency backup is a full time router. And that is that right. But now let's talk about why I'm really into it. What I what I've always dreamed about was being able to pull two devices plugged in my cameras, SD card plugin, a mass storage device that's really really big. push a button and have it dumped the SD card to it. Holy shit. It does it and it does it well. Right. So you pull the device out of your pocket, you know, and maybe you have 128 gigabyte flash stick on there. Right the pictures to your lunch. You're sitting at Disneyland, your Space Port America, whatever and you got your camera you pull the SD card. Now you plug it in, you push the button it should it dumps the contents movies and pictures all down to 128 gigabytes mass storage device. Then you take you take your SD card out, put your kids SD card and dump all his pictures. Take the wife's camera, dump her pictures, take the mother in law, dump her pictures, right and now you're all set. You're ready to go for the afternoon. nice fresh clean you know you can reformat it in your whatever empty out and you're good you got a safe backup of your pictures. All is well all without needing a laptop all without needing a computer all without needing to run a bunch of wires everywhere. It literally is as easy as it sounds. And it's it's magic. It's magic to watch it work. Now listen, I understand that you can fit almost full blown computers inside of a memory stick. Now I get it but there's a magic especially for those of us old enough to remember when it took a frickin You know, it took a you know, a room full of computers to do this nonsense to be able to take this little box out, plug your SD card in and have it don't safely do another device. It's it's amazing to see. Sorry, I've got a video of that. If you want to see all of that working. It's there on my on my YouTube channel. So it's a very cool device. Now the other device that's been sucking up my free time and I don't have much time to talk about. So I'm just going to give you a little teaser. The other device I want to talk about is the CCE the 64 Mini That's right. You know the NAS classic the SNS classic. Blah, blah blah, right. So everybody is putting out a classic, you know, a new classic little device, right PlayStation is going to have one Genesis is going to have one. Everybody's going to have one. I'm a computer boy, I grew up with computers, not console's. So of course, I've talked a lot about the Raspberry Pi and turning it into a PC or turning it into an old Commodore 64 running a media games off of it, whatever. But the idea that somebody actually came up with it put together an actual classic Commodore 64 little tiny, cool looking Commodore 64 that has a bunch of built in games and all that stuff. That's very cool to me now originally, and most of you who are probably in on this chain of information, probably remember that the problem with this device Now listen, most of these devices are hacked to shit right. The meds classic has enough memory to put like 500 FPS games on it with full menus and the whole bit. So for 60 bucks. You don't just get the the shitty 30 games or I mean there's more than not, they're all shitty games. But you had 30 games on there. But if you really want to hack an open, you can insert a whole bunch of Morgan's the the the 64 Mini when it shipped, did not really have the ability to play your own Commodore 64 games. And let's be honest licensing on these sorts of products is a bitch. So it has it comes with 64 games. Well, let's be honest, maybe 10 of them are games you want, right. But if you can have your own game rooms on there, write your own game disk images. Well, that might be something well up until recently, you couldn't run your own shit on it at all. And if you did want to run your own stuff, you had to do this weird thing where you could only put one file on the USB and had to be named a certain way it was all it was a bunch of nonsense but as of recently a new firmware drop for the 64 Mini that would allow you to actually properly access a whole plethora of games on a USB drive that's when I decided I needed to have one so I got one I got it last night I put it through its paces also on my YouTube channel you will see a couple of good hours probably split into segments I didn't see how YouTube if YouTube stitch them together but I did a whole bunch of play through lots of different disk images lots of different types I ran all sorts of batteries tests on it and I'm ready to give you my results but that will have to wait for the next show I in the meantime if you really want to see my play testing and what kind of things I put it through you need to go and check it out so check out my videos on YouTube yeah Bobby you may not be as forward to playing happy playing jump man as you might think you are and you'll you'll learn more about that on my next review my next show with the review or if you go and look at I think my last video the last video on my YouTube site will show you my YouTube channel so check that out but I'm willing to I'm going to render you my full my full report on the next show and I may have a surprise to go along with that so all right I'm gonna let you guys go wow was only 22 minutes I'm a good time this is Shane arm and real passive. You see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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