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hello everybody this is shane armin row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it's march 25 2019 year on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show well i had the week off most of you know been listening in went to vegas for the week actually only to actually only till thursday to be specific dancing and get out of the parking garage here to be exact only till thursday saturday to thursday was a very nice trip yeah so normally i would give you a full detail hey javier what's up man yeah you are first nice nice you're on that cafe wi fi huh for javier stuck in a no name no verizon town so he's screwed on some cafes wi fi right now so yeah vegas was absolutely incredible i'd like to go into more details but I can't you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and all that sort of stuff. Let's just say that uh, when you're a couple and older couple of some cash in Vegas and you don't have any kids with you, and you're there for many many days the world opens up to you just a little bit. So while I cannot go into detail of what happened in Vegas, I can assure you that it was an amazing trip. But I do have a couple of notes I can talk to you about though about Vegas just can't tell you all the fun stuff on the on the way over. You know it's a it's about a four and a half, five hour drive especially now that the Pat Tillman bridges in place and you don't have to worry about driving right through Hoover Dam every time you want to go to Vegas. I took a nice rock to my windshield. You know my nice brand new record took a rock to the wind. She In the corner and I heard something hit but you know the bugs and everything. Hey Justin, what's up? Both Justin's are and who else came in? half years in Justin's in Justin K and Justin Justin mace right that's very nice so anyway I'm a few minutes later my wife's like was your windshield always cracks I'm like what know hey Travis so I looked down and I've got this little crack in the bottom I can see the spot where the rock hit right Well that sucks and she's like I'm sorry I'm I was not your fault you know it's we got glass covers. That's why you know you live in Arizona. You're a fool not to have glass covers I'm just saying. So within by the time that the valet it had the car and we got the car back, the crack is almost up to the top of the glass. It's about, I don't know, five eighths of the way up the glass now so I got this nasty big giant cracking my windshield. However Friday I'm going to get that done. So you can probably be assured that there's going to be an early show on Friday, probably about 10 after one because I have to be there too. So my leave work about one o'clock. So put that on your calendars. You want to hear another show on Friday. We'll probably have that for you a little bit early for those of you who liked the show earlier than later on, so that was the first step that was the first little bit of excitement was the crack windshield. But you know, say lovey, we stayed at the Plaza we love the plaza. It's a it's a it's cheap, but like I said the last trip we had it's it's clean. There's nothing creepy running around the toilet flushes Well, there's plenty of hot high pressured water. It's not much more you can ask for for room. This time we ended up in the the north tower which is the one closest to Fremont, which is really nice. We wanted. We liked the South Tower. But the South Tower, it's always a trip to get anywhere, right? Unless going you're going to the ballet, or you're going to the parking garage, in which case the South court towers, South court. That was a full pot just in Southport tower. The South Tower is closer to that. But anything else you want to do you want to go to Fremont? You want to pick up a limo service or a shuttle or something? You definitely want to be in the north tower. So we got in the north tower, which was nice. However, it turned out that our room was right at the end of the third floor, I think was third floor. Yeah. Right at the end of the third floor, which that's great because you don't get a lot of traffic going by you right. If you're at the end of the hallway. There's less people coming in drunk at two o'clock in the morning. So we thought we were in paradise. Turns out, however, that we were also right next to the goddamn staff service store. Yeah, so the third floor service door was right outside our room, which means from about 5am On about every 45 seconds I didn't time it but I'm just taking a guess that every 45 seconds clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk. That was basically every you know that was the morning that we woke up and since we were going to be there for multiple days my wife said we gotta get another room. So I ran down there and you know I'll come back at one o'clock we'll let you know what kind of rooms we have great, great great. So I go so I go down the aisle go back at one o'clock right? I letting my wife sleep the next day, Saturday was a big day. So Sunday. We were We were dying on Sunday morning. so loud and obnoxious spending so I let her sleep. I sat down in the lobby I got some July to they got this coffee and gelato place there. The Plaza has a nice sugar free chocolate. It's pretty it's pretty tasty. Got a cup of coffee, little America now. And just sat down there and hung out till one o'clock I went back and like, hey, in case one o'clock, what can you give me? And she's like, She's like, do you want the two queens? Or do you want the king? And I'm like, No, we want the king. We don't have any kids this time. So we'll take the king. And she's like, Okay, I'm going to put you in the South Korea, South Korea or the South Tower. Sorry, the South Korea towers of building that we frequent a lot downtown. It's part of Maricopa County, blah, blah, blah. Hey, turbo, what's up, man? so it tends to stick in my head south quarter. And so I'm like, Oh, we were just having a really good time in the north tower. Aside from the noise and she's like, Yeah, but they're going to be construction starting on Monday. You know, you probably don't want to be in there and say, God damn it. Okay. So let's take the South court or South Tower Damn it, the South Tower. So of course they gave us a new room that give us like 20 minutes to move at that what the hell is that nonsense so i go up wake up my wife and we go to the other way over to the other room and it's still to queens and i'm like what the hell man whatever whatever i'm fine with the queen but my wife likes to stretch out she isn't like touching her in the middle of the night so she preferred was you would prefer to king but didn't work out that way we got another set of queens so yeah so otherwise the hotel event was fairly eventful there was i do have pictures of me playing a knight rider slot machine fantastic i love i love those themes slot machines and of course knight riders fantastic yet little bodies and devon's on the spinners it's great i got a i got a short video clip and i got a couple of pics of me me playing some night right i paid we were in vegas for like five days and we we gambled $2 $2 on that night writer slot machine so that was cool it's pretty need what else was going on there that i can talk about there's a there's a couple of restaurants that there's a chain there i don't know i think there's three of them called blueberry hill restaurant if you're looking for a really great break i think any meal would be great there we went last time when we went with chad and his his family his wife rather and my family we all met there and we had breakfast there and so we went back there again was very nice i like the food there oh my diet so you guys are probably wondering you know how far along do i stray when we're on vacation and outside of drinking some booze which most of you know i'm not a booze guy i don't drink a lot of booze in fact the last time i drank was probably two and a half years ago but you're in vegas you're over 18 you know things like that come up so there was a little bit of drinking involved but not a lot to be honest with you felt like a lot more than it was but i did have I did fall off the wagon one time. And that was pasta. So where's this place called? I think it's Chicago Joe's. It's great. Listen, if you're in Vegas and you're staying downtown, you got to get this place to try. Let me let me see if I can I guess that's on my phone. Hang on. Let me see if I can pull the place. I'd like to give him a proper plug. Because we had a really good time there. Hey, let me see if I got this here. The the Yeah, Chicago Joe's. I Italian restaurant. Yeah. So if you want to look it up, it's this little it's this little brick house. I mean, it literally it's like somebody's house that they made into a restaurant right? And the food is really Hey, Bruce fillers in the food's really good. It was really tasty. I had spaghetti and meatballs first past I've had in a year and a half. And it was really it was really really tasty. I didn't end up finishing the whole plate though. So my study was not pleased with me later by the way, it was not pleased with me at all, for eating anything out of my established norm It was not pleased with that. But otherwise I had standard stuff, you know, grilled chicken salad, you know, low fat dressing, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah. I stuck to my guns for the most part. Yeah, yeah. So there was that that was memorable. We did go down. By the way, I think we talked I talked about it on my last, my Last Vegas trip. We went down to that place that had the big giant, praying mantis made at a junk it was some sort of a container area that they made this big kind of shopping center out of out of like shipping containers. So we weren't able to go in there because there's no outside booze. A lot of my wife had, you know, brand new, fresh giant drink. We got off Fremont so we couldn't go in. But we said next time we come we should go down there and see what that's all about. So we did go down there. It's really really cute. If you have a chance to go down there. It's neat. They've got a ton of front little shops and little restaurants that have some sort of an open air arena down there, which I'm assuming they do probably some hippie concerts. The whole place looks hippie, right? So, if it looks like comes right out of Portland, Portland, Oregon, I thought of my daughter ally who lives in Portland that's like, you know what, Christina would love to be down here in this little hippie paradise. But they did have a really neat magic shop there, which I thought was cool. You know, there's some guy in there, you know, selling magic tricks. And, you know, he was willing to entertain us and, and show us up, you know, let me enter. Is that just an aggressive, passive aggressive movie, just thank you very much. Appreciate that. So my son likes magic tricks. So he showed us this card trick. It was really cool. And so we ended up getting them a little magic card pack is just fun. It was neat. It was a neat little distraction from the other nonsense we were up to. Yeah, I didn't go in the zip lines this time. Didn't go didn't do the Coming over duty gonna hit me hit me man screw you didn't do the Walking Dead didn't go to any shows. We did find out though that the Golden Gate right across the street from the plaza. If you go in there on like a weekend evening where all of the the blackjack and craps tables and stuff are down there. They have dancing girls down there. They have girls that mean they don't get naked or anything but there's girls down there dancing and it's pretty hard to sit there and they're just dancing while you're gambling. Of course, we weren't gambling. I was amazed. They have some really, really attractive dealers there. I mean, so we went through a couple of different times. Because when the South Tower, if you cross the street, you go into the Golden Gate through the casino entrance, and you walk right by all those tables that you pop right out on the Fremont experience. So if you're going to be if you're going to take that walk Anyway, you might as well go see some girls dancing on top of tables. And so it was like we went in a couple of times, like, wow, I mean, they've got some really good looking dealers. I wonder if these girls are any good at actually, you know, being dealers. They're just there for I can. So that was kind of fun. Let's see if there's anything unusual on Fremont that was worth reporting. The guy with the big giant Donald Trump penis wasn't there. I was kind of sad. had a couple of really good bands. It was St. Patrick's Day weekend, right? And so the bands during the weekend, especially on Sunday, there were there were a lot of really good bands, cover bands. I think there were four total there was one on each end of Fremont. And then there were two, you know, as you were going in between. And that was really neat. I like I love live music. My son likes it too. I enjoy live music a lot, especially like if there's covers and covers are interesting and it was neat. We really liked the Hennessy's pub down there at the end of Fremont right across from the heart attack grill. They have they have good like Irish food and my wife had the Prime Meridian at the was at a primary was like a prime rib dip. I had some I had like a lettuce wrap burger and something I could have on my diet is good. It was a lot it was it was really neat. different group of people it wasn't so many kids this time is it was around Christmas time. lot more adults a lot more drinking going on. Currently there was any like super interesting little sideshows going on in there. For the most part was the same people you know, the guy that looks like he's all made out of metal. There's the guys that make those Star Wars metal signs. Those are really cool when they were going to end up getting one of those. But I'm making interesting crap out of corn stocks, you know, it's all kind of the same. The same group of people that were down there before. Same girls dressed up as showgirls hoping to get tips you get pictures taken with him. If you are super Heroes this time around it's a Deadpool and also Spider Man and the all these costumes like really really bad right? I mean they don't even look like they spend any money on any of them. It's fantastic. It's fantastic I love it yeah yeah yeah so the weather was really nice didn't have to wear a coat but it was cool enough to where you weren't you know you weren't roasting alive is good. We did end up going down to get was the name of that place. It's right next to the frys electronics down there. We never been in the frys electronics either. Down there, it's got a big, you know, they'll have themes attached to them. The fries there has like a big giant slot machine on the front of the building, working one I mean, it shows things you know, reels rolling, so I don't know, pull it, pull a lever anything but in the this the the anti car you know, sort of the stanchions outside, down here. They're like big cement balls. in Vegas. It was stacks of Big fake coins it was it's pretty cool I took a couple of pictures of it we went there because so my I got a new watch right I got the Samsung active watch the new watch they just released and I expected to charge it on my ass 10 phone. Well, it turns out that it works really great in practice, but there's a very exacting place that your watch has to be on the back of the 10 for to charge and I frankly found that I kept knocking or bumping it and it wasn't being charged. So because it's supposed to be you know, a little q i friendly. I thought that if I got a Samsung, a Samsung q i charger flat one that I could just throw the watch on and have a charge. Not true. It turns out that there's only the flat what's it called the thin there's a Samsung fin pad that Apparently will charge this particular watch. Otherwise you need the little adapter that it came with or you need to buy a separate adapter to charge it with which kind of sucked. I was kind of disappointed with that you know that was a big selling point of the phone and the watch to me was like I just dropped my drop my watch on the back of the phone and it does charge if it's in exactly the right spot. So have two phones together charge a lot better. We actually did top my wife's phone off a couple of times with my phone. some reason her battery dies a lot more frequently than mine does. So we ended up going to frys to look for a charging pad. I was just going to get another one of those dual pants like the one I was talking about before that has like a phone one and a watch one and I know for a fact that that one charges this watch. That's what I have at home. Unfortunately did not have any they were out of stock so I just I spun the wheel and bought a pair it was a two pack of the flat chargers. And they were great on phones. I mean that was perfect to have in the room for my wife to have her own pad me to have my own pad. It was really nice unfortunately just wouldn't charge the watch. Which is way too bad. We went in right nearby there is a little shopping boutique, we went there as well. So this is interesting. So we parked in the parking garage there we were going to bath and body works. Justin knows why but I can't tell any of you isn't a great to be on the inside Justin and know all the all the cool secret stuff. Well, I can't tell my listeners. So we went to it was a bath and body works, right. And as I got out of the car, we were having trouble deciding where it was right. So I thought I pull up a map. You know, when you go to shopping areas, Google Maps will zoom in and let you see the shops and your relative location of them. Well, as soon as I brought maps up, I got this notice saying hey, you've been selected to try our new augmented reality walking map system. I'm like, All right. So take some screens. shots and it's not perfect technology, which is probably why it's still in beta. But it was really cool you know, as you're walking, it will show you anything cool. Hey Jeffrey dolls and what's going on. Mr. Sooner news, don't you Mr. Sulu. So yeah, so it's pretty. I mean, you guys have seen the articles I mean there's nothing new I can tell you about this augmented reality maps other than it was really cool looking. So you would hold the you would hold the phone up and it would turn the camera on and it would scan around you and look for a point of reference it and understood, in which case it was a shop right across the street that once I pointed at that it's like ah, we know where you're at now here. Let's put these arrows up. And so that puts these arrows up over the map to show you exactly where to go and where to walk. how far it is. It was really it was only I got some pixels sharing with you guys. I got some pictures of that. Very, very cool. Like I said it didn't quite get us to our destination. But it got it got us close enough that we could see it but it was kind of London just sort of like out of nowhere so welcome to the augmented reality maps like way cool. So that was neat. So let's talk about the not so great part of the trip. I you guys know I share the good things the bad things with you the things I can't share of course. So the trip well it was simply a once in a lifetime experience hopefully not but well it was a once in a lifetime experience when we got back we were not we did not have as good of a time so we came back on Thursday we picked the dogs up from the borders. And we got back about 233 o'clock on Thursday. And so we get in you know my wife's always panic that one of the rats dies while we're gone that's happened once or twice we've had we've gone on vacation to come back and for some reason the rat dies on us. So we get back and you know we got the dogs running around and cats are coming out to rare at us and the whole bit and we Notice that Luna are black and white cat. Pretty pretty princess his or her nickname right? her full name is pretty pretty princess. She goes by Luna but she prefers pretty pretty princess. She typically likes to punish us like a lot of cats do if you go on vacation leave them alone. They like to go and hide somewhere to punish you and you get back. So every time we've come back from vacation Luna has been hiding somewhere and she comes out whenever the hell she feels like it. So it was we weren't shocked that she wasn't greeting us. Meanwhile, you know, the other cats even the rabbit is running around his cage like Hey, welcome back. Meanwhile, you know, Luna is probably hiding in the closet somewhere saying Fuck you, you leave me I leave you fuck you. So we wait a few hours and just show up and it's like, Man, that's kind of weird. Usually she's out by now. So we start doing some looking around that listen, we got a couple of storage rooms and they're they're loaded up with crap and it's really hard to see behind a bunch of stuff. So we just As soon as she was still hiding around somewhere, so give it a couple more hours. And now we're really starting to get concerned. She's almost always out by now. So we start looking more and deeper and deeper and deeper, and we just can't find her. She's just not in the house. So now we're starting to get a little worried. You know, at this point in time, we're concerned that she's hiding somewhere in the house and she's heard. That's why she hasn't come out. We've had cats that are sick or dying. And that's what they do cats that are hurting, sick, they hide somewhere they, they find some place where they can be snatched by predators, even though they're in a house with no predators. It's just the way it works out. So we were concerned that we just couldn't find her and that she was hurt or dying or dead somewhere in the house. Because quite frankly, there was no way she could get out. You know, we were very Careful because of the animals. But all of our cats are indoor cats. And anytime that we leave the door open for any point time, we're always worried about the dogs getting out. So we keep really good track of the door and it's open times. And with regards to the location of the cats, when we left, so we're sitting, you know, running scenarios to our head. When we left. Luna was just laying in this cardboard box, it was her box in the living room just laying in this box, just looking at us, like whatever. So we both visually remember seeing her in sandbox. Now normally, if she's going to shoot for the door, she hides underneath this little stand next to the door so you can't quite see her and she sits there and stairs and waits to get out. But in this case, she was just lounging in the box. So we're like, you know, even if she did get out, she's fat as fuck she has one big we call our soccer ball. That's our other nickname soccer ball, big round big round cat with these little tiny feet. So even if she got out, right, we have a three you know whatever's legal in Glendale three and a half foot fence in the surrounding the entire front yard. And we know for a fact she didn't get out of the gate because the dogs would have gotten out of the gate. So we know that she couldn't have gotten out of there. And she's so fucking fat. How would she even have gotten over that fence? So we're, we're just sitting you're clueless, right? So we're concerned. So it's like, maybe we should start putting up signs and stuff. Maybe we need to, you know, maybe we need to consider her consider the fact that she must have gotten out. So of course we start. We start hanging signs up in the neighborhood. I run across a woman who's changing out the signs on the local light poles. Her cat's been gone for three weeks and she has no clue where her cat is. And you tell she's like totally destroyed. She's like you're all the places that you need to go look, look at this straight or look at this last pets of Arizona, look at this, you know finding rover, she gave us all of these sites that listen you need to go to all of these, go to this Facebook, go to this Facebook group, post your pictures there, go to this, go to the humane societies page go to all these different places. Post Do you know do this this this so we kind of benefited from her knowledge and wisdom on the on the fact. So we do all of that. And Saturday morning I decided I'm going to go and so we did some research Friday night and house cats for whatever it's worth. Cat sitter, indoor only cats. When they get free, they freak out and they end up within a two and a half to three house radius. Nine times out of 10 right. They get freaked out and they go hide somewhere and they say you know some ridiculous percentage of cats are very easy to find. If you you know if you go out and beat around the bush You know literally go and look under you know go to your neighbors asked to go on their backyard look under their patios, the cats probably there so that gave us some renewed hope that she's nearby. So I printed a bunch of you know half page flyers and you know that basically said hey, where your neighbors from down here? We think our cats lose she's probably hiding and one of your yards Would you please take a look? If it's okay call us and we'll come will come and search the backyard for you if you're okay with us doing so. You know, if you happen to you know, if you've seen her anything, just let us know. And so I walked around the two and a half house radius three house radius, knocking on doors talking to the neighbors that were home and leaving Signs for those that weren't asked them to take a look. So one of the things that we were suggested to do was to go to the Humane Society downtown Maricopa County. Animal Control is really what it's called. And register a register last pet, fill out the paperwork check frequently at the pound to make sure it's they only hold them for three days before they put them up for adoption, right? They can't afford to keep them there forever. So they suggest going down there every couple of days, going down and registering doing all this thing. So they didn't open until 11 on Saturday, so we we hold ourselves down there, right and we had to, you know, take a number wait in line, I hate I hate animal shelters and pounds, it just breaks my fucking heart to be around animals that are discarded or forgotten or lost. You know, there's a couple of talking about having to put their cat and they got this, this this Siamese cat in this carrier and they're talking about how much it costs to put her down and up. I mean, she was sick fortunately not that these guys were scumbags and just wanted to kill their cat because there's incubators. For them, but it's just it's heartbreaking to sit in that situation, right. And we had to sit there for like, I don't know, half hour, 45 minutes, waiting for our number to come up, right. In the meantime, I'm searching, you know, I'm, unfortunately had to log into Facebook to join that straight our group and so I'm checking. And one of the things that the Maricopa County has this last pet interactive map. And this is this is really neat. So you're able to go up to that map and place a little pin on there saying you've lost the cat, you found a cat, you lost the dog, you found the dog, put a picture up. So you can put that right on there. And it kind of updates in real time, you know, so that's like the the most quickest way you can find something if there's something to be found is on this interactive map. And so I had been watching it like every six hours or so, since I found out about it and there were a couple of you know, found cats in our area and then obviously not ours. So We finally get, we get called up and they're like, Yeah, well, let's let's go ahead and do this and fill this out. And so my wife's doing all the paperwork and you know, working with the lady there. And so I bring up the, the interactive map, go to my neighborhood, and there's a blip on there that I didn't see prior to. It was a found cat blip, and I tapped on it. And a picture came up and it's like, that's her. It's her. I mean, the picture was there was only one picture. And it wasn't enough. She wasn't in a position where I could see her telltale markings. So she looked like a lot of other black and white cats. But it's like, God that sir, I'm looking at my honey, this is it. We she's here. We've we found her. This is her. And I hold the picture. I mean, she's like, Where is she? I'm like she's at this, this Arizona shelter over on Hatcher. And so I'm like, go ahead and finish what you're doing. I'm going to Whole them and see if I can get more information at least find out if the marketer chain is there right? If we can you know we can get that then that's a pretty much a definitive plus she's super fat and she's got these almost grotesque nipples. That was something we that is just a really good indicator. I've never seen a cat with nipples like her. I don't know what that's about. But anyway, so I call up and I'm trying not to be too excited, right? Because I'm positive this is her I mean, the picture. It looks like her the markings on the legs were right. But that you know, but that's very common that the partner chin would be definitive. So the woman picks up and I'm like, I'm calling about I see you got it. There was a cat found. They said she's there. I'm almost positive that's our cat. Can you can you verify a couple of markings for me and we will be sure that that's her. And they're like, What was she was she spade and I'm like, yeah, of course we get all of our animals are fixed. And shows. Well, this, this animal says that doesn't show A status of spade. I mean, so what does that mean? And she goes, Well, you know, they, when they, they, they do an X ray when they bring them in or something, and they they check the status of that. And this doesn't say that she was spade. And I'm like, I mean, we know what she was spade. Can you can you check this chin marking, you know, and she's, I said she's fat. I mean, you wouldn't you wouldn't believe how fat this cat is. I said, I mean, that's another distinguishable characteristic. And she's like, Well, I didn't do the intake. Let me let me talk to somebody about the intake. And let me see if I can get more information for you. So I'm like, I know it's her. I mean, I know it's our cat. I know for a fact that's our cat. But you know, before we go traipsing over there and get false hope I wanted to be as sure as possible before I told my wife and she goes, she goes I talked to the the intake people and that cat passed away this morning. Like Shit. And I'm like, can you? She goes like so what about the space? So now I'm like, all flustered. I don't even know what to I don't know what to do and I'm like, I'm like so is there Can you tell me anything else about her? And then she did say that the report actually did say that the cat was obese, you know morbidly obese and I'm like, God damn it, that's got to be her. So, we drove over there. I told my wife I've said, you know, it's her. Let's, let's go over and make sure so longest 25 minute drive ever. So we drove over to Hatcher 19th and they're like, give me a couple of minutes. We'll we'll bring her I will bring her will get a room setup for he will bring her into a room and you can, you know, take a peek. And so she, she came in and, you know, she came out and said, Yeah, we're ready for you. So we we went in there and is like, we knew right away. She was covered in a blanket, just her head was out. And it was it was her, obviously was her. And it turns out that that she'd been attacked by a dog is what they said. And somebody had either broken it up or found her or something. We don't have a lot of details. But she, you know, she was alive after the attack and she was brought into a vet, I believe. And they, they, they, they, they did what they could and they brought her to the, to the shelter. They they thought she was stable. There was a lot of damage. I mean, she she'd been hurt, bad, but they but they thought that she was stable. That night, that was Friday night. And so that Saturday morning they'd plan to to take more, you know, and look at it little closer now that she would be stable. But they came in on Saturday morning and she was she was gone. Must have been worse injuries internally than they thought. So that did not mark an end to the most amazing Vegas week in Vegas vacation possible. So that sucked. That was not good. Not good at all. So that was the negative part of the trip. And then of course, my son was with my grandpa or with his grandparents with my parents have been Washington. He came back on Sunday. And we did not tell him that she was missing or that she had been found. We decided to wait until he got in and got to tell us his stories and and you know, and then we we gave him the bad news. So on a side note, not that there's anything good about her being fired. attacked by a dog and killed. But there's something sort of positive came out of it. So when we got this cat three years ago, our existing female cat shimmy she fucking freaked out and she never recovered. She became almost feral in her behavior. She wouldn't go to the litter box, you wouldn't go eat. She would piss all over everything because she was scared shirtless to this other cat. And so we got to the point to where we had that we tried to set her up with a safe location. We tried to set her up with a safe location. We tried to get her her own litter box. Donna's truth is that she would get up on top of the desk and sit there and piss all over it. It was it was really bad. It was almost to the point where we had to get rid of her. And we didn't realize that it was the other cat. It was Luna. That was really causing her so much terror. So what we ended up doing was is to keep the other animals away from her even animals that she was fine with before Luna got there, like tofu and the dogs she would not put up with any of them she was just a fucking wreck. So we ended up get this we ended up buying a screen door front door screen door, putting it over our movie look entrance and basically making her a Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter cage and so she has been living in our movie Nick isolated from the rest of the family in this with this screen door, you know, for by nine four by 12 maybe I guess it's probably for by 12 room with their own letterbox around food or own water her own purge her own everything. Because of Luna because Luna terrorize the shit out of her apparently. And we can At home, and we didn't know that Luna was gone yet. The cat had already started to change shimmy head and she was raring to get out she wanted out of the room, she immediately start rubbing all over me she became a completely different cat. And that seems suspicious does but we thought maybe we were just gone and even our presence nearby and changed her behavior a little bit. But in reality, it turns out that you know, Luna was the Antichrist for her and now she's a completely different catches running around the house. She's sleeping with us, she's running around the kitchen. Totally different cat and, you know, we, I feel bad that this other cat came into her house because that's really what we were talking about here. Right. Luna came into her house and, you know, factor over for three years. That's kind of sad, not that Luna. She died because of that, but I mean, who we really understood the dynamics of that relationship. You know, one One of them could have been adopted pack out, you know, we could have rehearsed one of them. So, we kind of we lost the cat, but we sort of got a cat back if that makes some sort of weird sense. And of course, you know, the end of vacation always sucks. I got to go back to work. I don't want to go to work. She has to go back to work. She doesn't want to go back to work. My son's home, he does want to go back to school. It's a new semester right? Or spring breaks over with all the kids are all freaked out when they go back to school. So the last couple of days of vacation are never good. And the cat scenario didn't help one little bit. So yeah, the universe likes to balance itself. You can't have the most amazing weekend Vegas to not come home is some problem, apparently. So. Well, there you go. Here's caught up as I can get you I believe on the whole Vegas trip. Back to work today. So, before I left, I don't remember if I talked about on the show, but most of you probably know I've had a, this tailbone thing going on for the last year. And everybody, everybody that I talked to you about it by PCP in the ER, not the ER, but the urgent care doctor. It's like, Well, you know, it's the tailbone. not much you can do about it, just, you know, try not to sit on it, sit on a donut, take painkillers, there's nothing we can do. So, every time that I'd seen somebody and talk to them about it, though, was always in pursuit of something else, right. So I decided to to make an appointment with my PCP. Who was gone by the way, so I had to see somebody else which is probably good to have a new set of eyes on my ass. weird enough. So I went in and, you know, he's like, drop your pants. Let's take a look. And he's like, so he starts poking around back there and of course, he finds the spot that hurts like fucking hell when he pushes on it and He's like, he's like it's not your tailbone. He said, he said, I see something going on down here and I'm like, Well, I did have a pull an idol system back there. And he's like, yeah, that's exactly what we're talking about here. He's like, this is a this has to be assessed. This isn't your tailbone. I'm going to send you to a general surgeon. Have you look at that and get that looked at and possibly removed. And all that going fuck yeah. Finally, I've been I've been in pain for a year sitting on fucking donuts like an elderly dude. You know, like a hemorrhoid suffer right? And he's like, yeah, yeah, here let me give you something for the pain like I go into Vegas man. Is there anything we can do about the pain? So it gives me this? Let me tell you what it is. I'm almost do to take another one. Every 12 hours. You see it's a Meloxicam Meloxicam and it's a it helps. I mean, it doesn't fix it completely. But it's the most relief I've had from pain in a year. So we set I called up I called him the general surgeon he said can you know basically as soon as you get hooked up with this morning at eight o'clock so my first day back and got to have a late day going and which is always nice, slept in a little extra half hour, whatever. And so I go down there, and it's close to the house, fortunately, which was nice. I'm like totally incompetent staff. I didn't I didn't care for his office at all the doctor himself was fine. So he again dropped the drawers there's no there's no graceful way to do this. By the way, just drop your pants lean over, seeing Moon River and river ever serve time doc. So he's like, well, this isn't it says I see the location where you probably had one priority. I'm like, Yeah, he's like, well, I don't see any inflammation here. I don't see anything that indicates upon idol says to my great. Well, the other doctor said that that's what this was. He's like, Well, no, here feel this. I'm like, Yeah, yeah, I feel it, Doc. Thank you. That's that's the spot. You got it. He's like, that's your, that's your tailbone. That's, that's inflammation of the cartilage down there. And you're going to need to go see an orthopedic surgeon to see what we can do with that. And this is fucking bullshit, you know? No matter and I said this before, they're just fucking guessing man. I don't think any of them know anything. You know, like I said with the kidney stone, right? You talk to one doctor, it's caused by fucking soda. You talk to another doctor. It's caused by the water. Talk to another doctor. We don't have any fucking clue because nobody knows anything. Everyone's just fucking guessing it makes me crazy. So now I got to spend $45 and to find out that the original diagnosis that everybody was telling me was actually right and is the tailbone. And we're going to send you to the orthopedic surgeon. So then Okay, so to add to the incompetence and the whole nastiness this morning. So after my examination, he's like, why don't you go wait in the waiting room and I'll take care of getting your referral, taking, you know, doing up your referral and everything. So I go out there and there's this family of Hispanics. I'm not saying Hispanic is a racist thing. It's just happens to be. I've seen this more times than not. There's a family of Hispanic people out there. And the kid has a phone this kids like four years old, he's got a fucking smartphone. The volume on this phone is fucking cranked up, not just so you can hear it. It's loud. It's reverberating through the waiting room. And itself, some fucking kids show blaring out of the phone. And they're speaking Spanish almost at the top of their fucking you know why they're talking they're saying it at the top of their breath, because the phone is overpowering their fucking conversation. course I immediately have to tweet out and talk about how in a fucking appropriate is for your kid to be listening to a show out loud with no headphones on this waiting room was like the size of a car so it's like you couldn't even escape it pisses me off so then she calls me up there and she's like here's your referral here's your paperwork baba baba ba right okay so is the referral over there now when can i call these every time that i get a referral i'm supposed to wait until later that afternoon to call i'm like when can i call i want to go see this guy asap so when can i call for the one guy call about the referral can i call now so what what insurance you on i'm i'm on segment is like no you call right now you call right away i'm like great so i call the number on the referral and they're not open or something i get voicemail so i leave a voicemail turns out that that's not even their main office phone number it's like they're some medical insurance office sub office of there's i can't even believe that message actually even got through so i get a call back Under like, you know, you called our math or not math them, you called our medical insurance pillar and I'm like, Oh, well I just called the number they gave me on the referral. And they're like, well, we don't see your referral. And I'm like, Yeah, I talked to them as I left and they said it was already over there. Let me go take a look around real quick but now we still don't see it. So we can't do anything until we have your refer. My great. Do you want me to send you a snap? I can I can take a picture. I got the referral right here. I'll take a picture I'll send it right on over to you know, no, it has to come from the doctor damage. Alright, well, whenever you get the referral, give me a call back. So annoying, whole thing's annoying. So anyway, so that was my morning, get to work and of course have 2000 emails to go through. Ended up being close to 600 by the time all of a sudden done but got through all that got immediately got right back to work. So very fun putting forward to another long week except for Friday when I get to leave early and go have my glass replaced on my car looks a mess. So I got bugs splattered all over I went to the carwash they can't get the bugs off something have to go like two or three more times. I'm almost telling folks I'm going to let you guys go. I don't want the Wi Fi to kick in. And hope you enjoyed the show. Good to be back live and probably two more shows this week. I don't know we'll see if I got anything to talk about. This is Shane arm and row pass. You see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody. Transcribed by

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