Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2019-10-02

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Hello everybody this is Shane Harmon row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat or radio. It is a Wednesday, October 2 2019. You're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Obviously the show is about an hour later than normal for those of you keeping tabs who listen live, a little production issue at work, so I had to stay a little late doesn't happen too often these days but overall Not too shabby. For my poor compadre, Justin is still back dealing with it, so I feel bad for him. But anyhow, so I got out late which means traffic is going to be a complete pain in the ass, which is good for you, because you will end up having more show because I'm stuck in traffic. Fortunately, I have a decent list of crap to talk about. No one's in the chat yet. It's almost been a minute I guess everybody gave up and decided not to listen. good part about coming on an hour later is a couple of different faces usually end up popping in. So I'll be excited to see who who shows up later on. All right, well, we have a show here to do for those of you who are not listening live, you don't want to sit here and listen to me vamp. So I've got tons of crap to talk about. Let's see. Are you talking about the boys? I can check that one off, and I got another line item for that. All right, so uh, I'll tell you what, it's crazy. You know, I'm the Jimmy Carter, former president in the 70s right. That's a long time ago doesn't seem as long as it has been but Jimmy Carter turned 9595 and this guy, you know, this is some crazy shit. You know, I want to talk about Jimmy Carter for a minute. So first off, Jimmy Carter is one of the few presidents Well, first off how many people has he outlived how many presidents is he outlived right before former presidents I mean, I know Reagan and Bush Senior Lisa, is there another there's going to be another one in there that he live now. I keep thinking that he's outlived a ton of presidents but maybe I'm maybe I'm off here, but he's one of the only US presidents who actually admitted to or admitted to believing in extraterrestrials aliens, right? Like space aliens, not immigration aliens. So he's he's went on record early on that he's you know, he believes aliens are real and he recently excuse me what like was like 10 years ago now my sense of time is completely work. The older I get, like 10 years ago, he had like, brain cancer or something. I mean, that guy was ready to check out 10 years ago, and he made a not just not only did he go into remission Or, or you know, he, he like fully recovered from it like there's some care Dustin here something this guy made a complete recovery from something that should have taken his old ass out like big time so and he made 95 I mean not too many people make 95 even with today's with today's healthcare system everything else he made it to 95 and he's still going strong guy looks great. He survived, you know something that should have killed his ass and he believes in aliens I'm not saying that there's a connection here with aliens but I would say that if if he made a pact and he maybe has a little bit of alien health going on it would not shock me to figure that out. So not the Justin's listening because I know he's trapped at work but we recently introduced my my friend conspiracy theory friend at work he and I recently introduced him To the Paul is dead conspiracy theory and you know he doesn't believe it of course but I know we've talked about it a lot on the show but here on the show about the whole Paul McCartney is really a look alike right so a guy that was vetted from a contest and so the the conspiracy there for those of you don't know is fantastic I'll just I'll just touch it briefly cuz I'm stuck in traffic is the real Paul McCartney of The Beatles died in 1967 in a car accident at the height of the Beatles career and it was essentially figured that losing one of the Fab Four would not do well it would destroy the Beatles and so as the conspiracy theory goes they found a sound alike look alike type scenario and replaced him and the guy that we've for the last what 40 5052 years is not the real Paul McCartney. But the goes by the name of fall not fake Paul fall right so fall has been Paul McCartney for the last 52 years. Meanwhile, the real Paul McCartney is buried in unmarked grave somewhere. Of course, there's all sorts of amazing you know, conspiracy theories only work when there's enough compelling, some, you know, sort of subjective evidence to make it interesting. And we have that in spades here now. I'll give you a couple of them. If you look Thank you. If you look at pictures of Paul McCartney 1966 1965 Hey, x men on the club is on Holy shit. Speaking of voices from the past, what do you impaired you're in Paris or something? You're talking in tongues or something that makes sense, I suppose. But welcome. It's nice to have x men of the cloth in one of our religious lyst He he and I have many many conversations offline in email discussing religion and intricacies and all sorts of good stuff. Great guy x man of the cloth. Glad to see him on. But anyway, so if you look at pictures of Paul McCartney in 1966, and then you look at pictures from in like 1968 it was a Latin I'm sorry, I can't I can't see I got the sun blazing in my eyes. And I'm in five o'clock goddamn rush hour traffic so tongue does more funny. Don't ruin my bit. Travis. Travis just showed up. And he's correcting me in my bit. Whatever. Stop it. Stop running my bit. Happy belated birthday. Thank you so much, sir. I appreciate the birthday wishes. So if you look at pictures just two years apart of Paul McCartney, aka fall, McCartney. God damn it's they're two different dudes, you know, and it doesn't take a genius. You don't need them. You don't need a generated computer forensics to look at those two pictures and go Holy shit. That's not the same guy. Paul McCartney in 1966 has a as a circle it's a circle his skull and face a circle. I mean, it is as circle as you can possibly imagine. Take a look at any picture or any video or anything of Paul McCartney Paul McCartney. Ever since 1967, the guy's face is an oval. I mean, we're not talking about a little plastic surgery can't change the shape of somebody's skull for God's sakes. So I mean, just that. Then you throw in all the other interesting circumstantial evidence that Paul McCartney is not really Paul McCartney, and you've got an amazing conspiracy theory. So we introduced Justin to that the other day, and that's always fun to dig back into that rabbit hole. Oh, yeah, it was Travis's birthday the other day, but no one cares about him. Right. I'm just teasing. I drab is actually managed to get me over to his house for over two full hours, Mr. You never can see me. I swear to God, he acts like a bitch. Sometimes he's using he may be talking you never want to talk to me on comms and staff. I went over for over two hours and we played VR and I think he and his fiance are seriously considering. So I'm going to see how many quest units I can move before December 31 2019. Maybe I can get to Oculus to put me on commission. So anyway, yeah, yeah, yeah, calm down. I got my car and auto drive, so it's letting me know. Let's see here. Let me go back to my list. Speaking of oculus, so, one of the things that came out of the Oculus Connect six conference, or Keynote was the ability the availability of oculus go applications to be accessible and downloadable on your quest. So if you'd made a purchase of an Oculus go or a Gear VR application, then you would be able to grab that same application if it exists on the quest, sort of across by scenario only they're playing it back two generations. Well, obviously, I didn't have anything that really met that criteria. But I did have Gear VR games that I made purchases for that, because they are now sun setting the Gear VR and it's been years, folks. So listen, they could have just said, Listen, we're killing off Gear VR. I hope you enjoy your purchases. Have a nice day. But, you know, listen, even though I know Oculus is a Facebook company, and I'm not pro Facebook. I have to reach out and give these guys like serious props because you're talking about a three generation old VR, right? So you're talking about the Gear VR, the Oculus go, the Rift, and then the quest right so they could have literally just turned Off Gear VR and said thank you for your patronage and we'll see you on the quest. But instead they allowed you to have a cross by scenario. And for those items that got abstracted out that are no longer going to be available or don't have an equivalent, they gave you cash back well, not cash they gave you Oculus credit. right to your account. I mean, it was literally made it there was no bullshit hoops to jump through. No voucher codes to get other voucher codes Nvidia, right. Have you ever done that hop with Nvidia where you buy a game? Right you buy a video card and you're supposed to be able to get a free game with the video card. So you get the video card and they give you a voucher which you then need to go to a website and convert that voucher into a steam key and then you can go and get the there was none of that bullshit. The second I got an email from Oculus saying you know you know we've had this go this go program this gear review Our program. And we have we have given you $22 $21 and change and $22 into your Oculus account, you can go spend it right now. And sure enough, I jumped over to my Oculus account. And there it is, you have $21 and 63 cents credit. And I'm like, Wow, that is awesome. They didn't have to do that they nobody expected him to do that. That was just literally a good guy move on their part. So as evil as Facebook is, I will give them props, the Oculus folks, the subgroup of oculus is really, really doing some cool shit. So what did I do with my $21 credit? I'm glad I asked that. So that's the situation and I guarantee anybody would have done the same thing. That's the situation where you find a game that costs too much money, and you're not willing to pay $30 for it. But if you could pay $9 for it, you jump on it in a minute, right? So that's exactly what I did. I took my $21 and see Freesat credit I applied it to a purchase of one of the more expensive games, I think, not the most expensive game. But the top, the second tier, the most expensive game, which was moss. And for those of you don't know what moss is, you essentially control this cute little rat, as you're sitting on the side of this gorgeous diorama. And it's sort of a platformer slash puzzle, like puzzle type game. And it's totally immersive. It's a sitting game, which is not too many VR sitting games, where you can just sit in your chair and control this cute little mouse, you interact with the environment to do things for like you can slow something down or you can you can move something, pull something over so that the rat can then have access to another area of the screen, that sort of thing. So that was one of the last of the bigger purchases, right. There's a couple of other 2999 titles, but moss was the one that I felt that would be a great demo. Like if I had had moss, I would have sat Travis's fiance down on the couch. And I would have strapped her up to the headset, and I would have had her play the first couple of levels of moss because it's very engaging. It's very beautiful. It's very, I'm beyond. So that's what I did with my credit. Very exciting. But so thank you very much Oculus. You didn't have to do that. And we appreciate it. Let's see. Oh, I'm going to save that one for the next show. Hang on a second. Oh, hey, a shout out of a shout out of a shout outs on toast VR at toast VR on Twitter. reached out to me I've been talking a lot about quests lately. I've been writing a lot of articles and I'll tell you guys more about those in a minute. But I've been doing a lot of plugging of various quest experiences, right because I like to write articles about, you know, this is what I would recommend you do and this is my recommended experiences. If you're looking for this or you're going to entertain it a party, you want to bring that Richie's plank experience is always a party favorite. It's always a fan favorite. And so I had written an article about these experiences Halo Bruce Wilkinson and I had included Richie's playing experiences, one of the 12 experiences, you need to get day one with your Oculus quest. And so they gave me a shout out on Twitter, which was great. It was very nice them to do that. And so I provided them with a video of my team building exercise of people playing Ritchie's plank, and a couple of other articles where I'd mentioned it just because I like I like these developers, you know, that's one of the cool things I hate social media. I'm not a fan. I know you wouldn't know by how much on Twitter but i like i like this social media can bring the right people together in the right circumstances, right? Like in the Commodore 64 days if I had, you know, saying great things about forbidden Forrest from caused me, nobody from Cosby would have wrote me a letter and said, Hey, you know, thanks a lot for supporting our product and talking nice about it doing articles, we appreciate that. Yeah. You know, social media gives it there's a lot of negativity about social media, but every now and then it shows sort of a true crack of, of usefulness and our social order, but like any other tool that can be abused, right? A knife can be used to feed or to kill, or kill and feed in that case, but yet the idea is the utility of the thing. So I wanted to make they had ended up I think they actually ended up following me, which was kind of nice on Twitter. And so I'm giving them a shout out of the shout out. And I thought it would be great to talk a little bit about you know, the Richie's playing experience and how much fun it is. The Quest version has a couple of different things that the rift version didn't have, at least when I played it over there. Different types of cases. that are sitting at the end of the plank. There's a spider cake, all sorts of fun stuff and Travis's fiance was a good sport about about spider King. So thank you very much toast VR. Thank you for Richie's playing experience I'll be excited to see what your next project is. Let's see here Oh, I talked about Jimmy Carter already let me check that one off. There's a new shield TV coming. We have no information about it and nor will my contacts and Nvidia tell me anything at all. It's under some sort of a gag order. My I want to know if I should be excited about it or not. I'm going to be honest with you. The the shield pro the 2015 Shield pro 500 gigabyte edition to me is the pinnacle of shield TV. And I honestly felt that shield TV took a step down or a step back when they released that cheaper lighter, feature less featured. Shield TV 20 17 edition, I felt that they they went the wrong direction in terms of build quality and features as the same overall hardware. But you know, they took a lot of things out, which I didn't like and it feels there's a dedicated power button, it's got a cheaper feel to it. No. So I'm trying to figure out if the shield TV this new shield TV that just went through the FCC, blue Bluetooth certification, if if I need to be excited about this or not, and my my contacts are speaking not and there have been no leaks that I know of. So I'm assuming it is an incremental refresh. So I'm not going to be excited about it. But it's worth talking about. The Shield TV, of course, being the premier, top of the line, Android TV, a lot of people a lot of people don't believe that's necessarily the case and it's a lower price for what it is. But I think for the most part, people recognize that it is the top and top shelf Android TV device. If you're going to be serious about Android TV, then that's the that's what you want to use. So I'm excited about that. And of course, if you have an Oculus quest, or plan on getting one having a shield TV is great because it supports the the low, late low, or latency streaming of oculus quest video, which is the only way you can actually see what somebody's playing while you're on the Oculus quest. So very cool there. So we'll see what happens. I wish I had some inside information. But I doubt and even if I did, I probably couldn't tell you but I can at least tell you that I could tell you or tell you that I could not tell you or something like that. I finished up finally that cnn series The movies, right, so the movies is a documentary series that was aired on CNN, where they essentially have a little time capsule pieces about different decades of movies, and the 70s 80s 90s 2000s and beyond. And of course, you know, I love the 80s when I actually enjoyed a lot of the seven These and some of the 90s but I was kind of curious, you know, based on the fact that I'm a grumpy old man now, what was I going to think of the 2000s when that particular segment came around, and I gotta say it pretty much went exactly the way I thought I just could give a rat's ass about 90% of the movies that they showed that came from 2000 and beyond. So my old man cars officially punched I can't I have trouble getting into pretty much anything anymore when it comes to modern movies. If you know me and CG, you know me and you know, these these franchises that just never fucking end and how every franchise has to somehow tie all their movies together. And I don't care about any of that shit. I just want to, you know, they don't, they don't they don't care about superheroes, secret identities. I got a million reasons why I'm not excited about films and looking back at the time capsule of 2000 and beyond. I think Kind of get it I understand why I don't care. So there's that. So now that I finished that I can now move on to something else. And so I'm juggling a couple of things right now. I'm juggling American Horror Story. Of course. two episodes of better dad new one tonight. I'm very excited. So I'm juggling those. I am juggling that new creep show. It's on that's exclusively on shutter. You know, I'm telling you what, folks, I am more and more disgusted with the amount of content owners that are out there that are nickel and diamond everybody to death. Now listen, if you got a good Usenet account, you got sonar and Plex, and you know, sab NZB running in the background. these sort of things don't apply to you. But what if you were a straight up TV consumer, right? You're not resorting to piracy or torrents or use net? What if you were just a straight up content viewer right? How screwed over would you feel right now? Because everything exciting is being brought out on its own platform. The Stan mini series CBS all access now you got to have a $9 a month pass to that. You want to see creep show you gotta have a you have to have a shutter account. You want to see this you got to go to Amazon Prime for an account you want to see that you go to Hulu for an account. You want to see this you want to see Dave Chappelle specials now you gotta go have a Netflix account. Dude, now Disney plus owns half the world's not gonna have that account. And then she goes up there. I'm just naming the big ones. That's not even the little ones like the little esoteric ones that are also vying for four positions in your wallet. It's just ridiculous. So anyway, enough of my banter. I've talked enough about that. content provider bullshit, but let's talk about cream show right. So my involvement with cream show aside from reading some of the short stories that creep show the movies were based on. I think there were three creep shows right? There were two there everybody likes and then the third one that nobody liked. And opinions vary, right? Like Chad loves the first creep show. But most me and most of my friends we love creep show too, right? The raft chief wouldn't had we, you know, Thanks for the ride lady. We talked about that all the time. So I didn't I didn't care as much for the first creep show. I like it. It's just not my favorite of the two. And believe me, I've seen creep show to like 9 billion more times than I've seen picture one. So I was interested because I've been so goddamn fickle on what I'm interested in what I like and what I'm willing to waste waste time on. I just, I just kind of put it off. Well, I kind of ran out of things to watch. Well, I've got Listen, I've always got documentaries to watch but I do like to have I do like to have some sort of a procedural or a series or something that I'm watching so I thought I would pick up the first episode. Let's see how it plays out. So the creep show the new creep show so I've only seen the first episode I think that's the only one that's out currently and creep show is that it works a lot like the at the two movies did, right? It's an anthology based show instead of three stories and every episode there's two at least there's two in the first one. And there's a comic book sort of facade to tie the two stories together. Now in the movies there was a bigger you know, the kid being chased down by the bullies. There was some sort of a bigger a bigger story interconnectivity, we've between the anthologies and this one they opened up with a comic book and the crypt keeper is not the crypt keeper is that's Tales from the Crypt but the you know the creeper I think this is named the creeper preacher, he's the creeper right? Does anybody know that? For sure? Feel bad Not knowing that But anyway, so he's a real dude in a costume. He's not some weird CGI think he's not a puppet this time. He's a real dude. And he doesn't you know, he doesn't sit and talk or anything. It's just he's got a presence and he introduced you know, he goes through the comic book, and then they drop you into one of the stories. And then when that story's over, they transition back to the comic book and and then it goes to the second story and then I haven't been to the end of the episode yet I've only seen most of the the first episode, but I'm assuming it drops you back to the comic book in the in the show's over. So it standard krim show fair. The first episode regards is it takes place in a little tiny town that's currently under like a hurricane warning. And this little boy shows up little boys like 13 or whatever kid shows up at this. This little grocery store where everybody's holed up the weather out the storm. And there's something wrong with his dad and so the sheriff and and friend go out it's a it's Tobin Bell by the way that plays the sheriff and Adriana Adrian bar Bo is the old the older lady that's at the that runs the supermarket or the whatever you call it the the general store there. So it's kind of neat to see some faces. There's some direct images to Stephen King. I didn't see anything for like George Romero, but I wouldn't know what I was looking for. But they mentioned the Grady twins. There's a handful of other I won't give away too much. But there's there's a handful of King references or hat tips that you'll see. Anyway, so the first story is these. These two the sheriff and his buddy going over to find out what's wrong with his kids dad, and it's pretty good. It's all practical effects. I've seen no CG. It's all practical. Even the stuff that they couldn't CG they didn't I I totally appreciate that. It's it's shot in that sort of old school style. I started a little slow so I was a little apprehensive. But it's it's pretty good. And then the second story is about this little girl and her family. She has a dollhouse, a very intricate dollhouse. And the the family that lives in there, starts they start the little girl action figures of little people in there and start basically moving around by themselves, which is creepy as she never sees a move, but they move anyway. And there's some sort of a threat inside this house that this family it's like this family inside the house is living the horror movie and we're seeing it happening sort of a still frame at a time. It's an interesting concept. I won't ruin it. But I know of it. And it's kind of an interesting concept. So yeah, so I'm in I'm in for creep show I'm down with that. I will continue to watch that as they come out. Like a I think we've talked about HS already, Mr. Robot, the final season of the rainy Malik. Awesome Show, Christian Slater's in there. I love that show. It's really sad that it's coming to an end. But this is the fourth and final season it starts on October 6. So I'll be bringing that into the rotation as well. So I actually have something to watch. I'm very excited about all this good TV coming, that of course the stand will be coming soon and all sorts of good stuff. I check my list here finished the movies. So I started I ran across an article that really piqued my interest. It is a 10 documentaries you must see or something like that, right? I get sucked into these vortexes of cheap, exploitive internet, you know, clickbait and I can't help but I have to click on I have to go in and look and what are these celebrities look like now it's like oh, I'm gonna click through And watch 17 ad banners go by. But anyway, so I'm missing 411 was on there, which I thought was great that sort of legitimize the list because I think that's something that everybody should know about what's going on is we've talked about that endlessly here on the show, but that was listed. There's a handful of really interesting. There are a handful of very interesting documentaries, one of which was called the woman who wasn't there. And that's the one I'm in right now. I'm about 30 minutes, and I don't know what the runtime is on it. But this whole story, so apparently, and I didn't even know any of this stuff. So it was new to me, which even makes it more fun. So this is centered around 911 be the Twin Towers attack 911 attack and this woman is a 911 survivor, right somehow she was up on one of the high floors and she apparently got out and she lost her fiance slash husband. And one of the towers and so she has become this beacon of hope. And she goes to I mean, she formed all these survival groups, survivor groups. She runs a widows groups she runs this other group. Basically she spends 24 hours a day of this woman's life is spent in support of the victims and the survivors of 911. And it's all well documented this woman's involvement with the post 911 aftermath. This woman was never at 911. This entire her entire existence and the 911 the 911 vernacular is alive. She wasn't there. She was in Barcelona, Spain on 911. Yet, she managed to create the most intricate, believable repeatable story and For years, years and years and years, propagate this story. She was on the news she met with Rudy Giuliani. This woman epitomized the the wonderful 911 survivor. She was never there. The man she claims she was married to the man that she claims was her love that drives her to do all this. As a result instead of 911 she lost her man, Dave, right? The guy existed. She did enough homework to know who this guy was. But they were never a thing. In fact, they never knew each other. So this documentary right now the documentary is just getting so we started off the documentary, presuming that this woman is exactly who she says he is. She is right. And they've got video. I mean, they've got lots of video her in pictures, newspaper articles, listen, it's a real deal. And then they are starting to talk about the good things. Friends of hers, right these people that she that bought into this. And, you know, they were literally talking about this woman was an inspiration to us, this woman helped us get by this woman showed us It's okay, this woman, you know, blah, blah, blah. And now as the documentary is proceeding, the story is starting to unravel. And the people who started off this documentary and talking about how wonderful this woman was and everything they start telling you about what led them to start suspecting that maybe this wasn't true. You've got to understand folks, this woman, this Tonya head, I think her name was she kept this lot and not a little lie, not just, yeah, I was at 911. That was I mean, okay, she managed to perpetrate this lie. It takes a special kind of sick person to be able to juggle. And turn all of those plates at the same time, keeping the stories perfectly aligned, no matter how many times you told him in front of whom, right? This is a very sick woman, I mean, to be able to do that is, there's some weird reason I want to admire her for being able to pull that off. At the same time. She's the front, so you don't want to admire right? So I'm very broad. I'm very sucked into this documentary. I'm excited to finish it up and see how the story flips. And then like when somebody has to have confronted or at some point, I've stayed away from Wikipedia and everything. I don't want to know anything about the story. I wanted to play through this documentary. And then I'll go follow up and make sure the documentary facts were correct. But yeah, I'm totally sucked into it. I got to know why she was doing it. How she managed to get away with it. You know, all that time. How did nobody catch her? After 567 but however many years it was that she managed to pull this up before she got caught. So anyway, so that's, that's a I'm very excited to Getting on that finish that documentary. Let's see, I got a couple little things. So I do have several new medium articles out. Most of them deal with the quest and virtual reality. I talk about the future of virtual reality. I talked about the the day one ownership of an Oculus quest and what you should be considering you know what sort of accessories you might be interested in, what sort of experiences I recommend. And oddly enough, somebody on Reddit posted in one of the Oculus either Oculus or Oculus quest subreddit was asking you know, I'm going to go entertain I want to take my quest over to a party or I want to take it over to my friend family and friends house. What should I what should What do I need to do? What should What should I be thinking about to do this? Shit, that sounds like a great medium article. I've done plenty of entertaining with this thing. I have some good insights. So I wrote another medium article. Regarding the holidays are coming. You're going to want Take your question your friends and your family and your family gatherings and Thanksgiving, Christmas time. Here's what you need to do. Here's what you need to bring here the considerations you need to have. here's the here's the way that you make people comfortable. Here's how you keep the action going. Here's how you keep people interested. Here's the experiences that work for different types of people you're going to run into in your family. So I'm pretty proud of that article. I like it a lot. I thought it turned out really really well. And my my future by future of VR article actually got picked up by one of the the medium sub publishers called the stand. And so they have a lot of a lot of viewership there. It's like I think the number one subgroup on on medium, so that's cool. I'm excited about that. So I've been I've been excited to get back in and do do more writing and stuff. I think it's a lot of fun. And I did some more for a couple of more videos. Couple of more. I'm actually front center on the video myself. A lot of people seem to like that. Now that I'm finished. I don't mind being on camera. As much Alex big fat guy is big. So that's exciting. What else do I got? I might be making pretty much decent time. So I want to make sure I get to everything new medium articles. Let's see, if you do have a question you are making your own custom apps, I'm dying to have more people testing my beat Saber, or my beat mapper tools applications in two point O beta. please reach out to me or come to our discord or whatever. I'd like to I'd like to have more people testing. I'd like to be able to open this sort of wide open and start plugging it in the big mapping areas, the big mapper discord servers and red it's where I think they didn't get a lot of scrutiny but I want to make sure it's really tight before I am I do that and bring that out to people. Hey, for those of you this is a this is a public service announcement. Those of you who deal with legally great video streams and Mainly I'm talking about beat Saber, of course, but there's a lot of times like for example, if you were to play Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, zombies in space land, it's got a nice at soundtrack of music. Well, those, that soundtrack, just playing in the background while you're showing off the game can get you a copyright strike or it can get your video banned in certain countries and all sorts of other nonsense. Obviously, if you're doing beat saber videos, or your or you're showing off, let's just say you're showing off hack switch stuff. If you're showing off things that that YouTube likes to smack you down for, or otherwise becomes a problem. I want to recommend a video a video an online video storage service. I'm not getting paid or anything for this called bit And there's like no copyright hits going on. It's pretty fully feature you can stream to it. It's basically the copyright free version of YouTube, right. And there's actually a couple of features in it that are actually better than YouTube. So if you're looking for some place to host items that will typically get you in trouble on YouTube, I highly recommend you check out this bit tubers com, they have some sort of weird affiliation program like Twitch and mixer where you can get paid for your streams. I don't care about that. I just want I just want to be I'll have my beat saber songs put up there without getting, you know, without the audio being removed or doing other nonsense. So I wanted to share that with you. Let's see. Last but not least, I've been I don't talk about politics here because that just tends to piss people off. And I'm not really a political show. But I've been kind of keeping tabs on things, you know, the primaries excite me the most. Because you see a lot of candidates that like God I can get behind that person. I can get by I'm that person. I can tell this guy's reasonable right this guy's not a whack job from either side of the aisle. I can get behind this woman I can get behind that guy. And so you're watching these primaries and you're in you're watching the parties to themselves alive and and you know how it always it's always works out the same way the people that you would really want to support and back get abstracted out because they're not fucking crazy enough to record and I'm talking about this is a bipartisan smack down. I'm registered a democrat but I'm willing to point fingers at both sides, folks. So I've been trying to keep an eye on who the potential candidates are. No Listen, I would vote Republican. I don't care if I'm registered Democrat, I would vote for republican if I thought the right person was was was available. There are several Republican candidates in the past that I totally would have voted for her. They actually made it through the primaries unscathed. But currently, the person that I am falling right now is this Tulsi Tulsi Gabbard, from Hawaii. She's a, she's a democrat from Hawaii. And this is a listen, I'm not going to go into a big ranks. I'm already here. People are starting to tune me out over there. But I just want to say it. The Democratic Party doesn't like her, because she has her own opinion. And she doesn't toe the company line. And quite frankly, she's not bad shape crazy enough. They want bacha crazy people to represent the platform and it goes on both sides. So they've started to already abstract her out of the process. They're trying to shove her down not letting her in debates and all that stuff. So what do you do if you're Tulsi Gabbert and you want to get exposure what people because that TV wins elections folks getting seen getting known getting recognized that wins elections. Right. So what do you do if your own party? What do you do if your own party won't give you any airtime? They won't let you debate they won't let you be seen. You go to the propaganda machine. scene of your enemy Fox News No shit. It's so great. Tolson goes over and hangs out of fox news because they'll give her a voice in the let her talk. I mean, how how not bad shit crazy is that? I mean, if nothing else, I want to support her just for that. But I actually, you know, I've I don't think I've ever contributed to a presidential campaign of any of any candidate. And that was I've only given her like two bucks votes, but I thought you know what, I can be part of this. I will I will back with a couple of dollars tentatively to reach out and, and show my support of the individual. So yeah, I mean, I've gone through her entire presidential campaign website all of her issues now listen, yeah, there's a lot of politicians or politicians you got to take with a grain of salt. But for the most part, this person aligns well, she's that she was she's a frickin combat veteran. She's You know, she she goes on fox news to listen, I like her. I like her and I know for a fact she'll never make it through just because I do because that's the people I tend to like I tend to like people that the big parties do not like so we will see. Yeah, Christian cinema got the DNC stomping all over her too because she has an opinion of her own. Heaven forbid she backs and who's not a Democrat, right? So anyway, listen, I'm approaching my Wi Fi spot. I better get off in here. Listen, I won't I promise I won't talk a lot of politics Debbie just pisses everybody off. So no politics though. This is the only time I'll talk about unless she gets actually gets the nod and then maybe we'll talk more about it. This is Shane on Monroe. passers see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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