Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2019-11-12 Part 2

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Well, I went to text to my wife and I accidentally hit the stop button. How great is that? the stop button By the way, for those of you the Android phones, the stop button is right underneath the window shade. So I went to the window shade to to hit reply so I could type for a quick reply and I hit stop. They should have a confirmation when you hit stop. Right? So you hit stops. Are you sure you'd like to stop? That'd be much better. Maybe there's an option for that. Does that piss me off I lost I lost my flow. So anyway, so having a good time with modern warfare, the ribbon system officer progression system, having a good time with it. They've they introduced a couple more modes of gameplay that are back they also introduced something called shoot house, which is a small sort of a shipment 1944 map, which is essentially a bloodbath. Lots of kills, lots of killing, lots of opportunity to advance your career. So pretty cool. Let's see I had a few other things on my list here. Let me take a look see doc de sleep done. Let's see COD update done. Alright, so one of the things that I used to love about going to the movies was getting to watch trailers. Now those of you to know that I'm a curmudgeon II old fart these days that doesn't seem to like anything. Every trailer was worse than the next. Every single trailer that came up. It's like, nope, nope. Oh my god, I'd rather see the movie that just had a trailer before this one. Let's see. So let me see if I can remember any of these trailers other than Hale Bruce wheelers in somebody managed to make it back to the to the stream Yeah, so let's talk about the elephant in the room. They've taken Fantasy Island and turned it into a shitty looking horror movie. I cannot believe it. So they took the banana splits and and they made it a horror movie, which, you know, the only value in that banana splits horror movie was the sheer How the fuck do they pull that off? How do you take a beloved kitchen like a banana splits turned into a horror movie? It's the approach that made that interesting. How are they going to pull that off? Now Fantasy Island? They've done I would say even worse. Yeah, Bruce wars is what's their target demographic. So listen, Fantasy Island. Even if you count the Fantasy Island reboot in the early 90s with Malcolm McDowell. You're still talking about Gen Xers and the only reason that a Anybody was tuning in to, to Fantasy Island 1990s edition was because that crazy hot chick that was in sleepwalkers was in there. What's her name? ama? ama check whatever her name is. Yeah, beautiful girl. So everyone tuned in to see her I think because it had its suffered those early 90 special effects. It was just, it wasn't good. They replaced them. They replaced that tattoo with a couple of sort of bumbling travel agents if it wasn't it wasn't a great reboot, let's be honest. And while we're being honest, you get Don't fuck with Fantasy Island. You just don't it's one of those things you leave alone. Right. Ricardo Matteo Bob and herb a village change. You gotta listen. It's iconic. You leave it alone. Listen, if you want to make money on the Fantasy Island franchise, remaster the fucking things and release them on blu ray. Gen Xers are still buying physical media, right? We're still buying blu rays we would kill to have the entire run of Fantasy Island on disk. That's how you make money on Fantasy Island. You don't hoard the property out to bloom house productions and let them turn into a shitty ass you know, millennial horror movies, so it looks so bad. It looks just terrible. And Justin I were looking at each other like what is Justin with me? To see to see Dr. Sleep? It's like what the fuck is this? Why, why why why? So go look it up yourself. Go look at that Fantasy Island reboot trailer and tell me it's not a complete mess. Yeah, yeah. So I'm I'm not excited all about that. Speaking of messes, I guess Disney plus started up today and I know some of You are all excited about that. frankly I'm not but we already know my my opinions on the matter. I'm not a Disney fan anymore to me Disney died at the end of Lion King and it's been dead ever since I don't care about Marvel I don't care about Star Wars anymore. I hate the fact that Disney owns Fox now. Right I hate the Disney own Star Wars I I don't like Disney. So the fact that they have decided to take it upon themselves to corner the market on media and release it into their own frickin streaming service that they put all these limitations on and all of a sudden I don't care you know, listen I've already made it very plain if they release Herman's head Hey Jackson what's up they release release Herman's head on Disney plus Else I'll I will subscribe. That's the only thing that Disney owns right now that I give a shit about I don't care about everything else that they fucked over. I'm tired of them remaking the movies that I care about. I'm tired. I'm old and I'm tired of Disney. I'm tired of them. I don't care about their Star Wars TV shows. I don't care about any of it. I don't care about Disney anymore. And the fact that Disney owns ship and I love that just pisses me off even more so. I like that. I like that they went on record I was reading up on some reviews of Disney First of all, I noticed that Disney plus one right the fuck down this morning too. So they brought it up and they went right down. Yeah, they think that shits easy. It's like Netflix. You know we can do it. Yeah. Well, it's a little harder to maintain that infrastructure. And you probably thought CBS all access is going to have that sort of nonsense going on too. And they actually released something people want to watch, like the stand. But anyway, I digress. I do like one of the articles that they talked about how 4k Star Wars The only way you're going to get the original trilogy and 4k was to do it on Disney Plus I'm gonna have to say that that's not exactly true now is it and it can be seen it can be recorded, it can be dumped. And so we will patiently wait for the Star Wars original trilogy to hit us net and its 4k glory without Disney plus being involved. It will happen I'm actually surprised that hasn't already happened. How long is the service that online since this morning? I am shocked and stunned that those 4k Star Wars movies are not on using it yet. They will be I say I give you 48 hours before we see the original Star Wars movie in 4k on us net available without a Disney plus subscription. And considering the limited number of devices the Disney plus runs on, and the fact that people really don't have the infrastructure for 4k movie streaming anyway, whatever. Let you let let let everybody just suck the Disney It's not a I'm out I don't give a rat's ass all I care about now is getting catalog titles restored on the on the physical media from my childhood anything after that whatever so so let's get back to the the trailers that preceded Dr. Sleep. It was some terrible looking girl movie. I'm the boss or something like that that looks horrifying. There was some Christian Bale Jason Bourne looking movie. What's that guy's name that plays Matt Damon. That looks terrible. Poor Justin's going to get dragged to see that with his wife. His wife wants to see it. I don't know why there's nothing nothing redeeming in that trailer whatsoever. What else was there? There was a handful of Justin helped me out if you're still on here. the only the only thing that even remotely scratched my interest was that new Invisible Man movie that looks like it has meager potential. And I like the twist and it's some guy pretending he's dead. I like that. They said it's a new wrinkle that I have not seen before. I'm not saying it hasn't been done before. I'm just like, I haven't seen it before. Because I liked hollow man, I liked that. You know, you guys I've talked about Kevin Bacon's hollow man movie by Paul Verhoeven. Right. he's a he's a I like him as a director in general. So I really enjoyed Holloman but you know hollow man was one of those movies like I said, I didn't I didn't I didn't really love it at first it kind of grew on me. I think Dr. Sleep will be a movie that I liked. Okay, but I think I like it more the more I watch it let's see what else was there. There was a couple of other just terrible looking trailers just just playing terrible. Like I said, every every single one of my just I wanted to hang myself. I don't like that. So anyway, so that's, that sort of rounds that out. I'll probably watch that man DeLorean just to see what what what's going on there. They said it's a little more truer to the, the original sort of Rogue One ish type feeling. Couple people I've had said it's okay that first episode, and I like how Disney is has done the right thing but not the right thing that they've done the bit where they've taken away binge watching, right? You know, with Netflix, you could you could you could get a subscription for a month, watch everything you wanted to see and then cancel that shit until they come out with another show where the next season comes out in two years. Right? So why would Why would you keep the service online? Let's say you just wanted to watch House of Cards right? House of Cards drops, you get a subscription, you burn through a modern you can't see your subscription. Hey, great. How great is that? Well, Disney will have none of that they're going to release their shows one You know, once a week, like the old days, making absolutely sure you're not you're not canceling that subscription after you binge watch whatever nice show on there you want to see. So anyway I don't know. Hey, look at it this way at least we'll get a full clean rerelease of The Simpsons on Usenet, right. Because I know that some of the early the early DVDs rips and some of the some of the content quality wasn't all that good, but who knows? Maybe we'll get it. Sure. Yeah, driving the freeway freeways been bad. I may go back to surface streets. Yeah, original trilogy feeling is what I keep hearing but then again, I heard it's been lukewarm from the reception that I've got on it for Amanda Lawrence. Let's see here. What else do I got? Fantasy Island Nonsense. Let's see. So I've been having issues with Amazon lately, you know, I'm getting this sort of love hate relationship with them. So we become so accustomed to getting our shit right away. And you can order shouldn't have it same day next day, right we get we're spoiled. We're spoiled. I don't want to seem all entitled but if I go on Amazon's website and it says, Get it today by eight o'clock. Heaven forbid I want to hold them to that promise, right? A lot. I've had a lot of failures. Are you recording

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