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Topics: Treasure World Hot Spot Hunting / McRib is Back! / Arby-Q Sandwich / License Plate Musings: Junk Car/SS/Honk/Froggin / Magazine and Lips / The Warriors remake? / Disney DVD 2 Blu

Morning everybody

this is Shane Armand row, you’re in the passenger seat with main passenger seat radio


yes that is toy box a

euro pop band knockoff of the more well known band awkward responsible for the Barbie Girl song Hey everybody, it is Thursday morning you’re with

me on my 13 mile commute to work this is passenger seat radio.

Well, forgive me if I clock out in the middle of this, my

wife and daughter have been fighting this I

don’t know what the hell it is a lot of people got it though if I didn’t know any better. I think was Captain trips for those of you who are Stephen King fans. You know what I’m talking about. But anyway, yeah. Yes. So I’m trying, I’m in fighting

catching this flight two weeks, so I’m hoping I’m not getting it this morning I

woke up my throat was on fire fall. It was swollen shut you know standard deal.

So if I go horse in the middle of this. You’ll have to forgive me.

Hey, what’s up everybody, I got so much I got a laundry list to work through here this morning, see if I can get through it before I get to work.

Let’s see, first of all.

So the good news is that the

greatest news on the planet today’s top story. McDonald’s returns the McRib back into circulation.

Now the McRib

sandwich. For those of you who are smart enough, never to go to McDonald’s or maybe haven’t been to McDonald’s in the last few years, you may not know what the McRib sandwiches. Let me paint you a relatively accurate picture

of what the McRib sandwiches,

take some fatty mechanically separated

pork fat bothered me Miss little meat in there, mostly pork fat

soak it in barbecue sauce for God only knows how long.

Put it on a bun with some

pickle and onions and you have the McRib sandwich.

It is possibly know I’m going to go with it. I’m going to say it’s the most disgusting sandwich. I’ve ever put in my mouth and I haven’t been one of my mouth and 20 years because that’s how long they’ve been trying to make this sandwich stick

you know one comedian said, Hey, I know, let’s just put on bread

and see you, somebody will buy it and that’s exactly

what I mean that’s the most accurate depiction I can come up with. It is literally the most disgusting sandwich on the planet

tops anything it tops anything

I’ve ever had. So the McRib sandwiches back only for a limited time and it’ll go right back under the rock from where it crawled but yeah when I saw the sign. It’s like, you know, it’s like they’re bringing back baseball. It’s like now this is the grim. It’s the worst thing which regards

ever made and you

know I all I can figure out is that some processing plant will pay somebody hundreds of millions of dollars. It will take all this nasty fatty worst cuts to the meat possible off their hands, you know, like they do with nuclear waste sorry yeah what to do with nuclear waste they pay somebody to take it. This is what I figured going on here there’s a there’s a port plan somewhere processing facility at the end of the day, there’s just piles and piles and piles of

pork they say, Hey, we need someone to take this off our hands hundred million dollars a steak. Who wants it, and the amygdala will take will break back with my grandma

my grandma same race.

Yeah, well I’ll pass on the McRib sandwich. Yeah, I don’t know, but they said though there are some people who absolutely adore the McRib sandwich every time it comes back, you know, it’s like the Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s everybody can’t wait for the Shamrock Shake to come back and these people can’t wait for the McRib sandwich to come back. I’m telling him one bite out of this and you’ll never go to McDonalds again if you want to get on a diet right now you want to get ready for your New Year’s resolution to lose weight one McRib sandwich and you’re good. You will never eat fast food again it’s disgusting. It’s disgusting. It’s almost as disgusting as how Arby’s makes the RB Q. Now I haven’t worked at Arby’s for 30 years. Okay. Not that long 2020 years 20 something years it’s been I’ve worked at Arby’s where the RB q back then you’ll notice that the RB q only surfaces every now and then I’m assuming that’s when the statue of limitations runs out from the last time that they had the barbecue sandwich. Okay, so if you’ve been to Arby’s you know they serve. Fine. You know, thin sliced beef sandwiches like a French dip only their whole menu is made up of sandwiches concocted from this wafer thin me now here’s the cool part they actually get the roast and cook the beef roast right in store. I can tell you some great RB stories but there’s a big slice where they slap them eat a banana slicer legitimate meat slicer, and they slice the beef thin and they put that be front of your car. So it’s actually you know it’s fresh, it’s going to be. Now there’s a term called turf ke Rs. When you cut a piece of water you cut something the that you cut out of, you know, when you saw through a board, there’s a small amount of sawdust right essentially sawdust that comes down. That’s the stuff that’s the area that the blade took up the call that curve.

Well, there’s curve when you cut me now it’s not nearly as much as the blades a lot thinner, but there’s still what’s the word I’m looking for Lievens

when you cut

roast beef all day long on the slicer. There are Lievens the equivalent of meat saw does if you were

somebody said, you know, we’re throwing away pounds and pounds of this. I’m speculating on this part folks know Arby’s assuming

somebody came up with someone who’s sitting around said God we’re throwing handfuls this stuff every day. Can we do something with it can be like make product out of it

and somebody said What a great idea. Let’s take it soak it in barbecue sauce, put it on a bun and serve it up as a barbecue sandwich.

That’s exactly what they did the time that I was there when I worked at Arby’s so you can’t see me over something actually saw they had a Craig catching the meat underneath the saw blade

all of those Lievens get thrown into a pot.

This could be over the course of days the pot grows with this meat Lievens once the pot gets to a certain height, they dumped barbecue sauce into the bowl into the into the pan. They mix it up and they let it sit like overnight or a day or two, so that it gets nice and saturated.

They then take that and scoop them into little white plastic single serving cups those Styrofoam cups that way when they want to make a barbecue sandwich, they were little fridge, they pull out one white, little container a slap it on the sandwich they close the sandwich. Well, they nuke At first, I think if I remember right, but then they throw it on the button and it is thrown you know they wrap the button throw down the chute. There’s RB q. So,

the meteor eating

in this case is days if not

a week or more old this mean it’s really disgusting when you think about it,

so I’m assuming that the only way that this McRib sandwich keeps coming back is that they’re doing this on a larger scale. There’s a processing plant looking to get rid of pork Lievens and so they pay McDonald’s to take it and then the Dallas tourism makes a profit on it by selling the grip sandwiches, I don’t know. I mean, I just said, I’m assuming, but how nasty that sandwiches is right up on on par with the BBQ so I’m very

happy that that’s back this is some

interesting observation and over the Thanksgiving weekend we went to McDonalds. This is how I knew the McRib was back so usually don’t go to McDonalds. It’s not my excuse me fast food choice

that goes to Arby’s and burger anyway so we went to McDonald’s because it was sort of like nobody in the house wanted to cook for this particular meal. This is only gonna get fast foods. Okay. Where do you guys want to go. So they all decided on McDonald’s, which is fine. I can find something to McDonalds. Not a big deal but so we went to McDonald’s and this is in Irvine essentially Irvine Orange County, you know, California, and we went to McDonalds. Now, I don’t know, melons is liking your town. My McDonald’s is not staffed without, shall we say,

attractive, you know,

poster child people you know it’s not an area near type scenario. My, my, McDonald’s looks like sort of a refugee camp pretty much you have Hispanics working there you’ve got trailer trash working there you know

you’ve been to McDonalds. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t

Don’t make me have to sound racist for me to get this point across to you, McDonald’s is not exactly the pleasure dome to go visit. Well, except for the ones apparently in Southern California. I went into southern California to the Southern California McDonald’s unbelievable they have like super hot chicks working the registers. I mean

you know that that the news for a trend where hot skinny chicks

with you know ample but smaller racks have their shirts buttoned over their and it’s really tight so that one button between their is pulled really taught you know I’m talking about popular look for those that can pull it off. Well, these chips and adults could pull that off and that’s exactly how they work, super friendly super nice beautiful attentive, you know, I mean if this has been a I’d be the only way it could have been a better experience. I’m teasing happily married man, but I do like to look at people and watch people and just see you know the cast of helping me at McDonald’s that just blew me away

stuff from Southern California trumped by McDonald’s, they were using their that’s how I found out about the Maghreb being back in that oh my god so disgusting. Hey, you know, college a comment occasionally on license plates

ages ago a friend of mine Airborne Ranger sniper for the Airborne Ranger. By the way, I applied for a plate called a sniper 72 or something like that. That was kind of like his persona. I’ve got dark uni as my persona that I’d play video games with or you know uses my my username or handle or screening whatever the you want to call it. So that’s kind of my deal will His will. Sniper 7272 was part of his unit number or some like anyway. So that’s how he always went by and the guy was actually a sniper he protected our country well

so he applied for a license plate that said sniper 72. He was denied and since then I have been watching the license plates that do get approved

because some of these just away that they will let these in but not lead in sniper 72. So in the past I’ve mentioned license plates like white devil. Yeah, how does how does that get in. So I saw one the other day that I had to share it. I actually got a picture this one I’ll post it. This one is w n na space be space SS want to be SS now me me is my age, but when I see SS

right i think the s and the you know Secret Service wasn’t essence doesn’t mean Secret Service. I know that another. But I don’t remember what SS stands for. But essentially, it’s the secret police SS so some mess your life, but this is one of bss

i don’t know i don’t know how you get away with something like that but I’ll post that for him. Steve other interesting car type information that I’ve managed to acquire I’m parked at frys electronics down in May. Some and I come back out to the car and there’s a car parked across the aisle from mine and it’s literally a car made from job. It’s a car that is literally

is possibly the most disgusting car scene. If the mic rib were to come back as a car, it’d be this car so I took a picture because I’ve never seen anything like it before or since

and I doubt any of you have ever seen anything like it either.

So I knew I had to share with my listeners this interesting find no other comments. Not really. Other than the fact that are you kidding me

now another little car deal I saw a car. I got a picture of it.

These written on the

on the back windshield. You know, sometimes they say, you know,

honk if you support cancer, you know, or honk if you, you know, survived cancer right you know you seen those you’ll honk if you know you believe in Jesus, whatever, Paul. If you love Jesus. I’ve seen that

so that went through a phase, not as good as the Got Milk got sand got whatever got ferret like me. Um, but popular face so then it’s like, I saw one ages ago that said Honk your horn

like there’s not a steady stream of hawks going on behind that car

but this one I thought was I think somebody dropped the ball on this one

it says honk I’m. That’s exactly what it says on the back of the car honk I’m.

What is that anybody care to hazard a guess on how that one came about,

I don’t know, man. The more I watch people, the more I think we’re headed for another

large natural disaster to purge the population and start over again. Mother Nature’s got to be you know

what was it, how did David Warner stayed in board games sometimes nature just starts over

does not over again maybe with the bees this time.

Yeah, that’s what’s gonna happen. We’re all gonna get wiped out in place by bees

don’t want you to think that I only see a weird crazy this guy

you know I’m big classic

video gamer right Pac Man Frog or Donkey Kong etc etc.

Well, this guy had a license plate that said frog

frog and not like frogging the frog in and on the back of his window. He actually had like a cartel to that said frog in it. It was like in the frog or font in green. Now, I don’t know if this guy’s a fan of frog or the video game or if just happens to have an affinity for frogs. I’ve seen both so I’ve been fooled before but I know this is pretty cool doesn’t beat the guy that had the asteroids car tattoos on the back that was freaking cool

there’s a forums threads somewhere about that search for like asteroids car tattoo, you’ll probably find it.

But yeah, so I thought this was pretty cool right you don’t often see good video game references on cars anymore. Those transformer tattoos, which won’t see car stuff.

So those of you who listen to the show. Read the forums, whatever you know I’m a pretty big Nintendo DS fan. Well, a game came out we reviewed it or at least discuss that called treasure world now treasure world has an interesting concept, the Nintendo DS is Wi Fi capable, so you’re able to hook up to Wi Fi spots and like surf the internet, stuff like that on it. Well, somebody kind of built a game around the concept of you get things for your world by by by searching for and finding stars and the stars are actually Wi Fi spots so you can take your DS

load the game up, put it in find mode and drive around and every time I find a hotspot is that to be unsecured Just give me anything that has like an SS ID, it’ll read it and add an item to your inventory based on, I don’t know, something I haven’t looked the algorithm over closely. But essentially, as you drive, excuse me, or walk around or whatever you get stars based on on access points. So I when I first got this game. I started driving back and forth to and from work, taking different routes back and forth so he get more Wi Fi spot that’s very addictive. The game itself. I don’t even know what the hell. The game is all I know is I want more Wi Fi spots. I want more stars. So when we went over to the coast

for the holiday weekend both my wife and I had RDS is out up on the dashboard. As we were driving around so we get the best signal possible and we were scarfing down Wi Fi signals from here to Orange County and back and we scored big

but it’s really funny it’s it’s

really a testament of how either one, the sign of our times or to them. My wife and I just really begins to see these two DS is up on the windshield, you know, underneath the windshield pulling down Wi Fi spots. I took a picture. So I’ll share that with you as well.

Yeah, very addictive concept for they would have parlayed that into a more interesting game.

My wife seems like the game says, kind

of like Animal Crossing I don’t know. All I know is I want more Wi Fi spots. That’s all I want. I want more Wi Fi spots and I want them now.

So there you go. That was

crazy. I’ll tell you something else bait. By the way, about that if you’re a big treasure

world fan. It seems that the old clunker

DS fat, you know, the original big Fallon, they released it seems that has a better

signal pick up

than the DS Lite or the DSi has because whoever’s card was in the DS because my wife broker DSI over the weekend while we were there on the way back. She was if she wasn’t gonna be able to get my five spots. Well,

I said, we’ll just use Brian’s because we gave Brian or old clunker DS. You know, it’s pretty durable can survive a couple of falls

and I said just use his I mean it’ll be good enough to get you signals, it turns down

that that one actually gotten like

significantly more signals, then the DSi did so take that for what it’s worth. If you’re a treasure world treasure hunter and you’ve got a DS fence sitting around throw your game in there and drive

around with us. If you get any more.

Alright, man I’m never gonna get through all this stuff.


my wife’s a teacher. Right. She teaches high school and she teaches the kids that are a little more unruly leavin most get it. Remember Welcome Back, Kotter it’s kind of like that. No. But anyway, so he’s it. It never fails to astound me what she comes up you know what she brings home to the dinner table about things that are kids do. So one of her students, that’d be funny to take a magazine cover with like a big head shot on it, cut the lips out and put his own lives behind it and talk

through it, that the pictures just cracked

me up and for some reason I wanted to share them with you. So I’m going to post those pictures as well.

I just have a rundown as magazine and lips and what else you’d say,

yeah, my daughter and I were talking about movies. In general, the other day and she was saying I introduced her and a friend of hers to the movie The Warriors 1979, as I recall, Michael bag James remark. I mean, tons of people that you’d recognize if you watched it, but they’re all like 1819, years old. Anyway warriors great movie and there’s this one scene of course that’s been lampooned

and everybody knows about where

one of the rival gang members has these beer bottles on his fingers and he’s Clank them together. He’s like, Whoa

command to

right so apparently my daughter and her friend do that all the time. I haven’t already get glass bottles anymore but

anyways we were talking about let’s you know

I might let them remake that movie. You know, I’m not a huge fan of remakes I think that, you know, they should leave art alone and be like somebody repainting and reimagining the Mona Lisa, you don’t

with that and

the warriors to me was kind of one of those movies where it’s like you know so dated that

a lot of people will watch it because it’s kind of like 70s gangs, but it’s like I might let him do that.

And she goes, No like what I mean that’s I can you mess that up. Yes, it’s very simple. Dad, listen carefully first Shiloh booth would be in and I’m like,

and now.

Now, we can’t have Shiloh booth and frickin warriors and she was and you know the you know the chick that played the they pick

up Megan Fox and when

the warriors. Please don’t let it remake the


which is absolutely right, Shiloh Bluefin frickin megan fox would be in that movie. And then I’d actually have to have somebody down and kill them

for ruining a great movie.

Hey, for those of you. We talked a long time ago and I kept you guys in the loop about the the

the HD or the red to blue program that Warner Brothers was working. This was essential if you remember right, Warner Brothers back the HD DVD format for the longest time instead of blu ray new blu ray one. So to help people out Warner Brothers said, Listen, you send us the sleeves of your age DS and a couple of bucks to compensate us for our costs and pay shipping and we’ll send you the blu ray equivalent of the HD that you bought it was very nice of them and the prices were reasonable. You know, I got Blade Runner, you know, the five disc edition of Blade Runner for, you know, seven bucks,

essentially. So that was a good deal.

And they recently did this program again called DVD to blue where Warner Brothers is trying to entice you to upgrade your DVDs to blu ray and these are not good deals they they took a good idea. And someone said let’s make a lot more money on it. So essentially, you know, they’re asking you to pay a bugs and send them you know your proof of your DVD and pay shipping and they’ll give you the DVD blu ray for a buck. Oh, it’s like well these things like 999 and the stores right now. So why on earth would I want to pay you destroy my DVD case or whatever and pay you shipping to get something I could go out to the store and get for $1 more it doesn’t make any sense so red to blue Warner Brothers. It’s a pass on. It’s like, good job, you guys. Thank you for supporting your customers DVD the blue, not so much. Well Disney’s got a new planet. Now this can be a really good deal if you work it out right

Disney’s got a deal called. Let me see. I wrote wrote it down here Disney upgrade to blue dot com Okay,

so essentially is what you do.

This is a lot better.

You go to their website you find all the Disney movies you own that they’re offering on on blu ray DVD you select the DVDs and you print an order form they ask you for the proof of purchase.

I think what they essentially one is that little proof of purchase box cut off your sleeve, I’d be okay with that you cut that out. You fill this out you mail it in and they send you the blu rays so quite a good deal. And essentially, I’m sorry. They don’t send you the blu rays. What am I thinking about I’m thinking about that I’m in the parking lot. I need to go to work, they send you a coupon instead of sending you the blu rays they send you a coupon by email. So this is a pretty quick process. The second they get these things they can issue an email of certificates, they give you $8 off your blu ray so it’s more or less what Warner Brothers was doing so for they’re saving a lot of money by not actually shipping you product, they’re giving you a coupon a bugs off. That’s pretty good right because if you if you work it out right you can pick these movies up on sale for 1617 bucks so you’re paying about eight nine bucks for a blu ray which is about what you should be paying so Disney to blue

a Disney upgrade

to blue dot calm, so check that out.

Well gang. I’ve got one or two more things that will have to wait until next time, I’m at work. I got to get in


Remember, Pastor she radio dot com. Come visit our forums, etc. etc. This is Shane Armin

row with Pastor see radio saying we’ll see you next time.

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